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September 08 2013


Dinner Party Download: On the new video game "The Novelist" about Writer's Block

May 31 2013


Absorptive Augmented Actuality | The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

Jeri Ellsworth returns to The Amp Hour to talk about her time at Valve, the unfortunate end to her employment there and the phoenix of a project rising from the ashes! The castAR from Technical Illusions! http://www.theamphour.com/the-amp-hour-147-absorptive-augmented-actuality/
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April 10 2013


Behind the Bits: BioShock Infinite Spoilercast | VGRevolution

Hello again! We're back with another episode of Behind the Bits, with Brandon Carey and Javy Gwaltney joining Marc to discuss Irrational's http://www.vgrevolution.com/2013/04/behind-the-bits-bioshock-infinite-spoilercast/

August 22 2012


Increased Chances

By Chitlins, Whiskey & Skirt Huffduffed from http://www.internotes.ch/2012/04/increased-chances

June 07 2011


Oregon Trail 13 Commercial | Role Playing Public Radio

Let’s face it. American made video game RPGs suck. Stupid games like Fallout and Fable lack the beauty of tentacled chaos demons and incoherent storylines that only a Japanese RPG can deliver. But now, the Japanese have taken the American classic, The Oregon Trail and made it better…with chaos nose goblins!

Red State Vs. Blue State: The RTS | Role Playing Public Radio

America is divided in two camps, the red and the blue. This cannot stand. Take control as the leader of either side and fight for control over the fate of the USA! Build legions of soldiers, from rednecks in pick up trucks or disgruntled suburban teens. In the end, only side will prevail. Will it be yours?

Comedy | Role Playing Public Radio - Part 2

During the holidays, we got together to record some classic fanfiction for your enjoyment. First off is Tom reciting Doom: Repercussions of Evil a classic story of horror and rocket missiles.
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