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February 26 2014


February 21 2014

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February 20 2014


February 18 2014


January 19 2014


HatchetJob.com : HJ106 - Why how you practice affects how good you'll get

HatchetJob.com - a videogames podcast about more than games http://hatchetjob.libsyn.com/hj106-why-how-you-practice-affects-how-good-you-ll-get

January 10 2014


Ausgrenzung durch Outing - Homosexuelles Leben in Estland und dem Baltikum: MP3 online hören - dradio.de - Europa Heute - Audio 215852404

Ausgrenzung durch Outing - Homosexuelles Leben in Estland und dem Baltikum - MP3 online hören. http://www.podcast.de/episode/215852404/Ausgrenzung%2Bdurch%2BOuting%2B-%2BHomosexuelles%2BLeben%2Bin%2BEstland%2Bund%2Bdem%2BBaltikum/

January 09 2014


Your Lean Eating Support Team


Your Lean Eating Home Page

January 04 2014


play Weekend Confirmed Episode 128

Weekend Confirmed returns for another episode with Garnett, Andrew, and Ryan. Borderlands 2 lead writer Anthony Burch and special guest Adam Sessler join us to talk about Gearbox's upcoming sequel, the surprisingly good Sleeping Dogs, and the changes made to FIFA 13. http://www.shacknews.com/article/75655/weekend-confirmed-129-borderlands-2-sleeping-dogs-fifa-13

play Weekend Confirmed Episode 126

Garnett Lee, the two Jeffs, and Andrea Rene bring the Weekend Confirmed goodness this episode, with Darksiders 2, Sleeping Dogs, and Papo & Yo topping the menu of discussions. http://www.shacknews.com/article/75350/weekend-confirmed-126-darksiders-2-sleeping-dogs-papo-yo

December 28 2013


Resume Update 2010 - Part 1 | Manager Tools

loved the video resume comments! Another fine cast and I loved your comments on the video resume.   If I may relate some personal experience... In my previous career working in television production, part of my hiring process required candidates to submit the equivalent of a video resume - in this case, a show reel (or demo reel as it's called in North America) of their best work.   This was an (ideally) under 10 minute DVD with samples of what the candidate considered their finest work. In fact, most hiring managers for these jobs would weight their decisions more toward what was on this reel over the paper resume.   (For obvious reasons - the quality of the work is the most important factor) Even then - with professionally produced reels put together by people who do video production for a living - most reels were never finished by the hiring mangers.   Fairly or unfairly - if the hiring manager didn't see what he was looking for in about 90 seconds, out popped the DVD and in went the next one. I can only imagine what hiring managers must do when such video resume style reels aren't a requirement for the job and are submitted alongside (or instead of) paper resumes.  At the very least it would demonstrate that the candidate isn't considering what the listener/manager wants or needs, and who hires someone like that? (As a funny aside - one time I got a demo reel from a candidate who presented a piece of work on it that was mine!  He'd made one very minor change and passed it off as his own.  That made my day.)         http://www.manager-tools.com/2010/08/resume-update-2010-part-1

December 27 2013


Z! - Episode 155: Talk mit Alex: MP3 online hören - Z! - Zeitgeist, Entwicklung, Technik - Audio 1591579

Z! - Episode 155: Talk mit Alex - MP3 online hören. http://www.podcast.de/episode/1591579/Z%21+-+Episode+155%3A+Talk+mit+Alex/

Getting Things Done - Teil 01: MP3 online hören - Z! - Zeitgeist, Entwicklung, Technik - Audio 1556927

Getting Things Done - Teil 01 - MP3 online hören. http://www.podcast.de/episode/1556927/Getting+Things+Done+-+Teil+01/

ZMP 55 Work_Life_Balance – Diktatur im Unternehmen? Teil 1: MP3 online hören - Zeitmanagement - Audio 2075699

December 21 2013


Technical Difficulties 060 - Family Videoconferencing

Gabe and Erik talk about all the fun ways to video conference with your family over the holidays. Show notes at: http://technicaldifficulties.us/episodes/060-family-video-conferencing

December 06 2013


December 05 2013


November 26 2013


2011 Lecture 3: The Stoic Way of Life | University of Oxford Podcasts - Audio and Video Lectures

Third lecture in the 2011 John Locke Lecture Series http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/2011-lecture-3-stoic-way-life-audio

November 25 2013


Paul Barry on James Packer - Books and Authors - Browse - Big Ideas - ABC TV

ltrev : 11 Nov 2009 11:48:33am I get the impression that Paul Barry is politically passive in a poor-little-rich-kid kind of way. Perhaps it is just irony or sophisticated understatement.I think it needs to be argued at a political level the merits of individuals controlling so many resources. I have grave doubts myself.I do not regard gambling as a legitimate business not even as entertainment. Poker machines, lotto and now gambling advertising on TV are signs of predatory and useless money making (that one gathers has been emulated by the banking system to the detriment of the world's monetary system). If the money we squander on pets, alternative medicine (entertainment medicine), and organic (?) food is moral obesity then gambling is moral cancer.The Italians voted as Prime Minister the person who controlled their media. How stupid can a population be? No more stupid than any other it seems. We get the media, and therefore the politicians, who permit such things, that we deserve.I have no patience for the mega-rich who plainly do not understand the financial system and even less for those that flirt with scientology. Are these people addicted to scams? Which brings me back to my first point - I have grave doubts about the merit of individuals controlling so many resources. Reply Alert moderator ozzierobert : 13 Nov 2009 3:11:42pm Stating that the mega rich do not understand the financial system (FS), does not explain how the mega rich use the flaws in the FS to further enhance their wealth. I do agree about the merits of individuals controlling so many resources. But what is the average Joe mend to do about this, as the political voting systems are flawed. In this country you can not even vote for the PM, unless you happen to reside in their particular electorate. Reply Alert moderator Felix : 18 Nov 2009 4:54:44pm Australia elected a Prime Minsiter that controled the media as well - and still does. Guess those that voted for him are just as 'stupid' as the Italians? Reply Alert moderator http://www.abc.net.au/tv/bigideas/stories/2009/11/04/2733187.htm

November 24 2013

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