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February 04 2014


Prospects for Immigration Reform in 2014 | Radio Times | WHYY

Prospects for Immigration Reform in 2014 February 3, 2014 Guests: Michael Matza and Peter Spiro In last week’s State of the Union address, President Obama exhorted lawmakers to fix the country’s broken immigration system. The House Republicans recently released a set of core principles on immigration, focusing on “dreamers” and the ways that undocumented immigrants can live in the country legally. States have forged ahead independently and have implemented their own initiatives to address the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are living within their borders. Will 2014 be the year in which the United States can successfully tackle immigration reform? In this hour of Radio Times, we are joined by MICHAEL MATZA, The Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer on immigration, and PETER SPIRO, the Charles Weiner professor in international law at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. They’ll discuss state and federal efforts for reform, the debate over whether legalization should include a path to citizenship, and what’s happening in the Philadelphia region. Share this story: Share a comment: Please keep your community civil. All comments must follow WHYY's terms of service; WHYY reserves the right to remove any inappropriate comments. See also WHYY's privacy policy. http://whyy.org/cms/radiotimes/2014/02/03/prospects-for-immigration-reform-in-2014/

February 02 2014


Consciousness Talk by Eric Schwitzgebel

If you’re a materialist, you probably think that rabbits are conscious. And you ought to think that. After all, rabbits are a lot like us, biologically and neurophysiologically. If you’re a materialist, you probably also think that conscious experience would be present in a wide range of alien beings behaviorally very similar to us even if they are physiologically very different. And you ought to think that. After all, to deny it seems insupportable Earthly chauvinism. But a materialist who accepts consciousness in weirdly formed aliens ought also to accept consciousness in spatially distributed group entities. If she then also accepts rabbit consciousness, she ought to accept the possibility of consciousness even in rather dumb group entities. Finally, the United States would seem to be a rather dumb group entity of the relevant sort. If we set aside our morphological prejudices against spatially distributed group entities, we can see that the United States has all the types of properties that materialists tend to regard as characteristic of conscious beings.

January 04 2014


The car industry - Rear Vision - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Governments everywhere are confronting the collapse of the global automobile market in different ways, with loans, bailouts and sometimes cold rejection. Rear Vision looks at the history of the car industry in Australia, which has always relied on government support, and in the United States, where the Obama administration is trying to work out whether more government aid could make its car companies viable. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/rearvision/the-car-industry/3148330

December 16 2013


A Taste of the Past:Episode 72 — Hot Dogs

This week on A Taste of the Past, Linda explores the history of the hot dog with Bruce Kraig, Ph.D, author of 'Hot Dog, A Global History'. Bruce has traveled the world tasting hot dogs and shares some very interesting variations including Korean batter-dipped dogs. Learn how the frankfurter found its way into American culture, where it got its silly name from and how it helped define our 'on-the-go' meal philosophy in this country. http://www.heritageradionetwork.com/episodes/1782-A-Taste-of-the-Past-Episode-72-Hot-Dogs

October 03 2013


Day of the Drones - Books and Authors - Browse - Big Ideas - ABC TV

This panel examines the moral legitimacy of using drones as killing machines as well as for the surveillance of private citizens. http://www.abc.net.au/tv/bigideas/stories/2013/09/30/3856807.htm

September 18 2013


Hoaxilla #134 – ‘MKULTRA’ « Episoden « HOAXILLA – Der skeptische Podcast aus Hamburg

Hoaxilla #134 – ‘MKULTRA’ Dieses Mal beschäftigen wir uns mit dem geheimen CIA-Projekt “MKULTRA”. Im Rahmen dieses Projekts wurden von 1953 bis 1970 nicht wissenden US-Bürgern Drogen verabreicht und überall in den USA Experimente zur Gehirnwäsche durchgeführt. Was ist Fakt und und was Fiktion an dieser furchtbaren Geschichte? Wir haben recherchiert. http://www.hoaxilla.com/hoaxilla-134-mkultra/

August 13 2012


Medienradio 059: Netzpolitische USA-Reise

Tags: podcast usa

February 24 2012


The perils of Farmville: A look into the social gaming phenomenon | Radio Times | WHYY

December 05 2011


Pacific Drift: King Drew Dental Clinic

If healthcare has become a luxury in the US, dental care is an extravagance. More than the color of your collar, teeth have become our nation’s clearest indicator of where someone’s from and where, exactly, they are going. In an example of the type of story that’s less and less common on local radio – the news feature – Ayala Ben-Yehuda spent a morning at the emergency dental clinic at King Drew Hospital in South LA to illustrate the human drama and social tragedy of bad, painful teeth. http://transom.org/?p=4363

Pacific Drift: Sam Stern Rough Sex

Pornography rates right up there with Hollywood as one of Southern California’s biggest and most influential industries, yet stories about it are often completely off the mark. Coverage of "the industry," talks hyperbolically about money and morality; coverage of "the workers" portrays them either as sexual superbeings or the Helpless Victims of Bad Men. http://transom.org/?p=4363

Pacific Drift: Botanica Sacrifice

Charles Guelperin, aka Baba Funkee, is a santero, or faith healer, at a local Hollywood botanica. Botanicas are something that you see all over Southern California – little shops that sell religious trinkets, statues, candles and herbal remedies – but that few outside their target market ever enter. http://transom.org/?p=4363

Pacific Drift: The Uses of Fear

More and more, abstract and ever-present fear defines us as a society. This montage made up of a mafia executioner, a horror film director and a hypochondriac explores a few different uses of fear and how we are all held captive by both others and ourselves. The story illustrates a style we were organically developing where linear narrative was discarded (and sometimes very purposefully undercut) in favor of a linear progression of ideas and emotions. http://transom.org/?p=4363

November 07 2011


RN Rear Vision - 26 October 2011 - Stirring the Pot: the Tea Party Movement in US politics

The Tea Party Movement and its contradictions: the story of a street protest movement with elite origins, a maverick movement with loss on its mind, an outsider group with insider claims, a non-political organisation with clear party connections. Did the Tea Party Movement come into being in February 2009? Or perhaps in response to the civil rights movements of the 1960s, or in the 1840s, or maybe during the French Revolution . . . And what of its claims to a connection to the Revolutionary War? As the US moves towards its 2012 Presidential Elections, the Tea Party Movement remains an influential not-quite-third-party force. On Rear Vision today, we try to get a handle on its origins. Guests: Jenny Beth Martin, Cofounder and National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots Clare Corbould, Historian. Larkins Fellow, School of Philosophical, Historical & International Studies, Monash University Corey Robin, Associate Professor of Politics, Brooklyn College, New York. Author of The Reactionary Mind. Geoffrey Dunn, Investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. Contributor to the Huffington Post. Author of, The Lies of Sarah Palin. Further Information: Corey Robin blog - (http://coreyrobin.com/) Geoffrey Dunn on the Huffington Post - (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/geoffrey-dunn) Tea Party Patriots - (http://www.teapartypatriots.org/) Publications: Title: The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin Author: Corey Robin Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2011 Title: The Lies of Sarah Palin: the untold story behind her relentless quest for power Author: Geoffrey Dunn Publisher: Scribe, 2011 Music: CD title: Music of the American Revolution: The birth of liberty Track title: Track 1: The Brickmaker's March Artist: American Fife Ensemble Composer: trad Publishing/Copyright: New World REcords, NY, 1976 CD title: Soundtrack to Liberty: The American Revolution, PBS TV Series Track title: 'Johny Has Gone for a Soldier' Artist: James Taylor & Mark O'Connor Publishing/Copyright: Sony Classics CD title: We'll Never Turn Back Track title: 'On My Way' Artist: Mavis Staples Publishing/Copyright: ANTI/ Shock Records, 2007 http://www.abc.net.au/rn/rearvision/stories/2011/3340112.htm

June 07 2011


The Third World's War

Public Lectures and Events: podcasts - Podcasts - LSE Speaker: Professor Niall Ferguson Chair: Professor Michael Cox This event was recorded on 24 November 2010 in Old Theatre, Old Building Although never a "hot" war between the superpowers, the Cold War was waged partly through a series of proxy wars in Third World countries from Guatemala to Korea to Vietnam. Although a great deal of attention has been devoted to a select number of U.S. Interventions in the Third World, there is an urgent need to see the "Third World's War" in perspective, showing how successful the Soviet Union was in pursuing a strategy of fomenting revolution and how consistently successive U.S. administrations behaved in response. Professor Niall Ferguson is the Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs for the 2010-2011 academic year. http://www.lse.ac.uk/resources/podcasts/publicLecturesAndEvents.htm#generated-subheading9

May 17 2011


Area 51 'Uncensored': Was It UFOs Or The USSR? : NPR

Area 51 is classified to the point that its very existence is denied by the U.S. government. Journalist Annie Jacobsen says it's not because of aliens or spaceships — but because the government used the site for nuclear testing and weapons development. http://www.npr.org/2011/05/17/136356848/area-51-uncensored-was-it-ufos-or-the-ussr

April 30 2011


April 28 2011


Diane Ravitch: Standardized Testing Undermines Teaching : NPR

Former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch explains why she was once an early advocate of No Child Left Behind, school vouchers and charter schools — and what changed her mind. http://www.npr.org/2011/04/28/135142895/ravitch-standardized-testing-undermines-teaching?ft=1&f=1013

March 13 2011


The Next Hundred Years - RN Fora Radio - 23 December 2009

Ever wondered what the world will look like as we enter the 22nd century? Will the US or China dominate? Not many of us will be around to experience it. Forecaster and geo-political analyst and author of The Next Hundred Years George Friedman will let you know in advance what the world is in for. What sort of world will your kids and grandkids grow up in? http://www.abc.net.au/rn/foraradio/stories/2009/2768746.htm

January 16 2011


What makes a great teacher?

Discussion and panel with audience comments about "their favorite teacher" and why.

December 05 2010


The Sixth Crisis: Iran, Israel, America, and the Rumors of War — Dr Dana H. Allin at the LSE

Dr. Allin will speak on the tangle of Middle East crises: Iran's growing nuclear challenge, the impasse on Israel-Palestine, and the consequences of both for President Obama's efforts to recast America's relations with the world's Muslims. This event marks the publication of Dr Allin's latest book The Sixth Crisis: Iran, Israel, America, and the Rumors of War. Dana H. Allin is Editor, Survival, and Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Affairs at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London. He is also Adjunct Professor of European Studies at the Bologna Center of the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), The Johns Hopkins University. From http://www.lse.ac.uk/resources/podcasts/publicLecturesAndEvents.htm
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