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February 27 2014


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February 16 2014


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February 14 2014


The past, present and future of email

It’s been around for over 40 years and is something we all use but take for granted. Email, it may not be as sophisticated as some of our newer social technologies, but in 2013 it’s estimated that there were over 2.4 billion users worldwide. But as the volume of messages increases what does it mean for the future of our already bulging inboxes? http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/futuretense/the-past2c-present-and-future-of-email/5237670

5by5 | The Prompt #35: Rage Quit the Vibrate

Myke, Federico and Stephen celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking some heat about baseball and talking about smelly iBooks, Myke’s Pebble and Flappy Bird. http://5by5.tv/prompt/35

February 13 2014


Jenn Downs is Still Standing Up | Ladies in Tech

This week we welcome freelance UX consultant, Jenn Downs to the show. Jenn shares what she’s learned since her first talk and how she got started speaking. (She even wrote an article about it, too.) She tells us how important it is to watch yourself on video even if it sounds like the hardest thing ever, and how she got over her fear of public speaking to get up on stage. About Jenn For the past 6 years, Jenn Downs swung her way through the jungle at MailChimp from support to tech writing to UX Design Research. But in January of 2014 she was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and left MailChimp to start a family business. She is now the Business/Tech Manager for Carpenter Koby Downs in Atlanta. Never one to only do one thing at a time, Jenn is also a freelance UX and email marketing consultant and a mentor for Code for America. Outside of being web nerd, Jenn is also a songwriter and plays bass and guitar in a few bands in Atlanta. http://ladiesintech.com/podcast-jenn-downs/

February 10 2014


On The Road To The Self-Driving Car | On Point with Tom Ashbrook (NPR)

No more dumb cars, the Federal government decreed this week. Or at least, no mute cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday it will soon require all new cars to talk to one another. Share location, speed, direction and more, electronically. Vehicle-to-vehicle – “V2V” – communication. Right behind that comes the next frontier: self-driving cars. First they talk to one another, next they drive themselves. The auto industry, Google, and the law are all gearing up. This hour On Point: on the road to the world of the self-driving car. Source: http://onpoint.wbur.org/2014/02/05/self-driving-cars-google-x-computers

The Crossover #5: Coding as Pottery

January 9, 2013 at 9:30pm • 1 hour 24 minutes Dan is joined by Christina Warren and Brett Terpstra to discuss creativity, software, writing, tech, industry, and more. http://5by5.tv/crossover/5
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