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February 06 2014


Larvarius - The Cloud Episode 17 - 05.02.2014

Tracklist: Greg Gow - Flashover (Original Mix) Minor Dott - Back In Black (Original Mix) Unkwnow - (Nombre Desconocido) Nile Rodgers vs. Eats Everything - Do What You Wanna Do (Eats Everything Haus Rework) Mendo - Everybody Love (Original Mix) Nakadia - Flying Blue (Original Mix) Marc Marzenit - Run Wild (Original Mix) Christian Smith - The Exchange (Original Mix) Chus, Ceballos, Oscar De Rivera, DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos - Blowin Minds (Original Mix) Sergio Fernandez - DNA Repair (Original Mix) Coyu & Ramiro Lopez - Y.E.A.H. (Original Mix) Dave Stewart feat. Martina McBride - Every Single Night (Eddie Amador Club Mix) Rafa Barrios - Festivulus (Original Mix) Rafa Barrios - Killing Zoo (Original Mix) Metodi Hristov - Earth (Coyu Edit) DJ Roland Clark - Whuup (Original Mix) Melody Stranger - See Me (Original Mix) Gershon Jackson, Byron Stingily, Mike Dunn - Father (DeepShakerz Vocal Club Mix) Nader Razdar - Day Or Day (Original Mix) DJ PP - Groove You (1977 Mix) Jorge Montia - Back To Basics (Original Mix) Reset! - I Need You (J Paul Getto Remix) UMEK & - Sweet Harmony (Original Mix) Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, Joy Malcolm - Let Me Know (Manuel De La Mare Remix) Larvarius Feat. Don Goliath - Give More (Larvarius Escoplo Mix)

January 02 2014


Larvarius - Live @ Larvas House 01-01-2014

Tracklist: Veerus & Maxie Devine - My Beat (Original Mix) Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - If You Didn't See Me (Eddie Amador Remix) Elio Riso & Ramon Castells - Free Hugs (Hector's No Me Rompan Los Huevos Remix) Vlada Asanin, DJ PP - Counter (Original Mix) Shafunkers - Tamiko - Ricky Ryan Edit) Ben Sims - Freaks (Bens Sims New Version) Vlada Asanin, Juan Ddd, Johan Dresser - Mexicana (Original Mix) DJ Wady & Tony Verdu - Claps Up You Dancing (Original Mix) Patrick M - Spelling (Anthony Attalla Remix) (larvarius.com.ar) Riva Starr & Rssll - Hand In Hand (Technasia Remix) Ben Sims - Love, Hurt (Original Mix) Adrian Hour - Take That (Original Mix) Roger Sanchez - My Roots (Alexei & Carlos Kinn Remix) Bonus Underworld - Born Slippy (Nu Remix) + Zicky - She Wanna (Larvarius Live Mush Up) Timo Mass - Pulsate
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December 25 2013


Larvarius - Noche Buena Techno Session 24-12-2013

Larvarius - Noche Buena Techno Session 24-12-2013 Tracklist: Butch - Desert Storm Harvey McKay - Hard To See (Original Mix) FrameON - Seaside (Aaron Lee Remix) Pig & Dan feat. Rachel Lyn - This Is Not Love (Original Mix) Tiga Vs Audion - Let's Go Dancing Nakadia - Signs Of Happiness (Original Mix) Broombeck - Two Faces (Original Mix) Dosem - Rumbo (Original Mix) Adrian Hour - Take That (Original Mix) Roger Sanchez - My Roots (Alexei & Carlos Kinn Remix) Sidney Charles - About Jack (Sonny Wharton Remix) Jay Lumen - That's It (Original Mix) Kiko - World Cup (Jerome Sydenham Remix)

December 14 2013


November 24 2013


Larvarius - The Cloud Episode 16 (23-11-2013) Show

Larvarius - The Cloud Episode 16 (23-11-2013) Show Tracklist: 01 - Larvarius - Intro The Cloud 02 - Alex Mine - Re Question (Original Mix) + Superchumbo - The Revolution (Acapella) 03 - Topspin & Dmit Kitz - MBBM (Original Mix) 04 - Angel Stoxx - I Like My Beats (Original Mix) 05 - Chus & Ceballos - Nobody Freaks Like Us (Original Club Mix) 06 - Kaiserdisco - La Caballa (Original Mix) + The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Studio Acapella) 07 - Carl Cox - Avenger (Joel Mull Space Mutation Mix) + Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (Acapella) 08 - Karlos K Sound, Raul Rios - Ondano (Original Mix) 09 - Gershon Jackson, Byron Stingily, Mike Dunn - Father (DeepShakerz Vocal Club Mix) 10 - Antonio Marchante - Padaleco (Original Mix) 11 - Falomir! feat. Raoul - Make U Dance (Dany Cohiba Remix) 12 - Jon Flores - Bugaboo (Original Mix) + Arty feat. Chris James - Together We Are (Almost Studio Acapella) 13 - Benny Royal feat. Mr. Eyez - Get Down With Thiz (Hazzaro Remix) 14 - Kiko - World Cup (Kiko's Revisited 2013) 15 - Robi Dubplate & Vir-T Rodriguez - Analog Cheers (Original Mix) + DJ VISAGE - GEIL ORGASM 16 - Kiko - World Cup (Kiko's Revisited 2013) + BLAZE - MY BEAT (Acapella) 17 - Rene Amesz - Release Yourself (Original Mix) 18 - Fran Lk & Kentosty - Ketholar (Sonny Wharton Remix) 19 - Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau (Sonny Wharton Remix) 20 - The Temper Trap - Sweet DisTorsion (Oscar L Tech Mix)

July 19 2013


Wie entwickelte sich die Berliner House/Techno-Szene ab ca. 1995 bis heute? (25.6.2013) | Berlin Mitte Institut - House & Techno Party Blog, Soziologie elektronischer Tanzmusik, EDM

House & Techno Party Blog, Soziologie elektronischer Tanzmusik, EDM http://www.berlin-mitte-institut.de/podcast-entwicklung-berliner-house-techno-szene-ab-ca-1995/

January 12 2012


Kompakt Records Xmas Mix: Jan Eric-Kaiser

Today we have a special exclusive Christmas mix from our own Jan Eric-Kaiser! Jan-Eric Kaiser went through the classic school of Cologne bars, private parties and small events. The resulting variety in music, as well as the impact of regular attendance at Total-Confusion has defined and still keeps on influencing his style until today.

July 11 2011


Red Bull Music Academy - Video Archive - Mizell Brothers

The name Mizell may not set bells ringing in every household, but to those of us who devour the small print on the backs of record sleeves, they're legends, a family that has made its mark on music as firmly as any alive. Larry, Fonce and Rod between them penned the famous early hits for the Jackson 5, ushered jazz and funk breathlessly into each other's arms, complete with synthesizers, and also penned the odd disco hit, but their impact was most definitely felt in jazz, where they produced the groundbreaking early '70s work of Donald Byrd, introducing the synthesizer to his sound and laying down tracks that have inspired samplers down the years. They also found time to help put a man on the moon, but that's another story. Recently the Mizells have been working with both bleeding-edge producers 4 Hero and Madlib, as well as being part of our very own A Class Of Its Own recording session... http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/video-archive/lectures/mizell_brothers__sky_high_brothers/

June 24 2011


CLR Podcast | 121 | Ben Klock

Berlin born DJ, producer and label owner Ben Klock is back on the CLR Podcast with a brand-new, exclusive mix. Without any doubt one of the most hardworking and significant characters in techno´s recent history has recorded another one of his deep and thrilling, hypnotic and groovy sets, which additionally announces the physical release of his remix for Emptyset "All Together Lost", due on Monday, June 27th. Furthermore he will play on CLR´s "All Together Lost" night at Amnesia / Ibiza on Friday June 24th, together with his fellow Berghain resident Len Faki, Mathew Jonson (live) and Chris Liebing. Since the opening of the legendary Berghain in Berlin, Ben Klock has held a monthly residency at this style-defining club and has been influencing the unique sound of the place as much as he has been influenced by playing at this so-called temple of boom. He has released his productions on Ostgut Ton, BPitch Control and his own label Klockworks. His debut artist album "One", as much as his famous "Berghain 04" mix still stand out as some of the most sensitive and extraordinary works in this genre. He has remixed artists as diverse as Kerri Chandler, Martyn or Depeche Mode and has become one of those often and widely praised producers of our time. Please enjoy this CLR Podcast 121 with Ben Klock in the mix!

June 02 2011


Lara - Philadelphia Swamp Techno

Philadelphia's Lara (AKA DJ Pos) has graced Deep Foc.us with our first exclusive mix taking you through a journey of what Lara describes as "dark, humid, and dubby techno." If you dug the "Kowton – Ssg Special Mix" we posted a few weeks back, you'll feel this - no doubt. RAIME – “This Foundry” (Blackest Ever Black) INSTRA:MENTAL – “Let's Talk” (NakedLunch) BYETONE – “Rocky [Soft]” (Raster-Noton) KASSEM MOSSE – “Untitled B2” (Workshop) SHACKLETON – “Death Is Not Final” (Skull Disco) MILTON BRADLEY – “Motor City” (Do Not Resist The Beat!) LOWTEC – “Untitled A1” (Workshop) LEVON VINCENT – “Woman Is The Devil” (Deconstruct) WIREMAN – “Armour” (Prime Numbers) CLARO INTELECTO – “Contact” (AI) ANDY STOTT – “Brief Encounter” (Modern Love) SZARE – “Untitled B2” (Horizontal Ground) STEREOCITI – “Waiting For Your Call” (Mojuba) RHYTHM + SOUND – “Mango Drive” (Rhythm + Sound) http://deepfoc.us/mixes/lara-philadelphia-swamp-techno/

April 28 2011


Trackwerk Guest Mix - Cez @ PopYourFunk

1. Joy O – Jels (Hotflush) 2. Norm Talley – The Journey (Scott Grooves Rmx) (Third Ear) 3. Ben Klock – Goodly Sin (Robert Hood Rmx) (Ostgut Ton) 4. Daniel P – Discomadley (Cabinet) 5. Chicago Skyway – Heaven (Aroy’s Edit) (M>O>S) 6. Rick Howard – I Won’t Lay Back (Instrumental) (Rush Hour) 7. Omar S – Here’s Your Trance (FXHE) 8. Ricardo Miranda – Urbanism (Rush Hour) 9. Rare Earth – Happy Song Or Dance (Rated X) 10. Bruce Ivery – Bruce Falls (Stilove4music) 11. Kerri Chandler – Syntax Error (Deeply Rooted) 12. Earth People – Dance (Underworld) 13. John Heckle – The 4th Dimension (Mathematics)

April 27 2011


John Tejada - Conduit Podcast #20

http://conduitpodcast.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/the-conduit-020-john-tejada/ It’s quite exciting to have the legendary Los Angeles producer/DJ John Tejada drop a mix for our series. It’s one he made exclusively for us that focuses entirely on his Palette imprint. Any Californian worth his weight in salt and of a discerning ear will tell you how much of an influence this guy’s music has had on their own. One of my favorite things about this series has been that guys even older than me are still going strong with their passion and devotion to the craft, and Tejada is a founding influence out West who has been going strong since the days of KDAY on the AM down in the Basin. My own connection to him stretches the divide between my days as a hawker of digital music with those of my vinyl selling days, but it stretches even further back to my days of living in Hollywood. Back in those days there was lots of obnoxious trance as well as hardcore, which I fully enjoyed, but Tejada was always that one guy who showed the promise of unmitigated techno and even the joys of well done drum & bass. I didn’t know him then (and barely know him now), but thought he still might be around later down the road. One reason is that he’s never wavered, nor has his label, in constancy of purpose. You can also hear that quality on Tejada’s recent remix of Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause’s “Wolkenreise” and also on his recently announced album for Kompakt due out this summer. In the meantime, this guy ain’t goin’ nowhere and should continue be an influence for years to come. Without further ado, we give you John Tejada. - Sean-Michael Yoder

January 21 2011


Nihal Ramchandani - Hotflush Podcast 12

Tracklist: Neu! – Im Glück – [Astralwerks] E.M.A.K. – Traumreise – [Universal Sound] Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Sine of the Dub [Hyperdub] Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord – Synergistic Perceptions [Fathom] Demdike Stare – Regolith – [Modern Love] Shackleton – The Rope Tightens (Badawi Remix) – [Skull Disco] Genuine Fraud – Dark Matter – [Unreleased] Unknown – Untitled – [Unreleased] Raime – This Foundry (Regis Version) – [Blackest Ever Black] Sandwell District – Feed Forward Test Session – [Sandwell District] A Made Up Sound – Rear Window (Shattered) – [Delsin] Marcel Fengler – Shiraz – [Ostgut Ton] Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Victims – [Hyperdub] Badawi – More Schnitzel – [The Index – forthcoming] Scuba – Ruptured (Surgeon Remix) – [Hotflush Recordings] Boddika – Boddika’s House – [Naked Lunch] Al Tourettes – She Shimmers – [Unreleased] http://somebodyhastodoit.blogspot.com/2011/01/nihal-ramchandani-hotflush-podcast-12.html

December 24 2010


Kompakt Records Xmas Mix: Jan Eric-Kaiser

Today we have a special exclusive Christmas mix from our own Jan Eric-Kaiser! Jan-Eric Kaiser went through the classic school of Cologne bars, private parties and small events. The resulting variety in music, as well as the impact of regular attendance at Total-Confusion has defined and still keeps on influencing his style until today.

December 16 2010


BIS Radio Show #551 - Superpitcher (Part 2)

12. WB's - Riders in the Storm - 13. Nebraska - Lights Out - 14. Q - The Voice of Q - Philly World Records 15. Metro Area - Atmosphrique - Environ 16. XX - VCR (Four Tet Remix) - Young Turks 17. IVF - Celine - And Music 18. RVDS - Dreams EP - Terpsiton 19. Roman Flügel - How to Spread Lies- Dial 20. Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter - Playhouse 21. You and Ewan - Eidolon - Magic Bag 22. Superpitcher - Black Magic - Kompakt 23. Deekay Jones - New York New York - Glass

BIS Radio Show #551 - Superpitcher (Part 1)

1. Elli & Jacno - Mad Affair - Celluloid Records 2. David Bowie/Brian Eno - All Saints (Instrumentals) - EMI 3. Barnt - Collection - Magazine 4. - Pop Ambient 2010 - Kompakt 5. - Pop Ambient 2010 - Kompakt 6. - Pop Ambient 2010 - Kompakt 7. Cologne Tape - Render 2 (Magazine Edit) - Magazine 8. Rebolledo & Daniel Malosco - Colt Seavers - Comeme 007 9. Pachanga Boys - Power - Kompakt 10. Pachanga Boys - Speedo and Boots 11. Superpitcher - Joanna (Piano Dub) - Kompakt

November 27 2010


Trackwerk Scott's New Arrival Mix

Tracklist to follow soon.

November 24 2010


Louche Podcast 029 - Ryan Crosson

Another third birthday present in the build up to the big one this Saturday; an exclusive Visionquest podcast mixed by Ryan Crosson. The mix is a perfect taste of what’s to come this Saturday night, when we host the hotly anticipated UK debut of Visionquest. A beautifully constructed mix, organically flowing though ambient electronica to groovy minimal house, washed with eerie vocals and soundscapes. It epitomizes Visionquest’s sound, and its a real pleasure to put this one out.

October 19 2010


Helmut J - Spring Day

Into : sample from The Wizard of Gore Terence Fixmer – Electric City (Function Remix) Xpansul, Imek – La Salud (From Karaoke To Stardom’s Remix) Exercise One – Narrating (Jeremy P Caulfield & Elon Remix) Brendon Moeller – Mainline (Robag’s Relokk Tokk Mikks) Artech – Minimalesk (Boris Brejcha Remix) Kane Roth – Souspicious Mind (Maetrik Remix) Alan Fitzpatrick – Mouthwash (Original Mix) Gavin Herlihy – Underneath The Wind Machine (Original Mix) Minilogue – Doiicie A (Original Mix) Loco Dice -La Bicicletta (Original Mix) Mutant Clan – Persuader (Original Mix) Infusion – So Soon (King Unique Dub) King Unique – 2000000 Suns (Original Mix) Fergie – Break-In (Original Mix) Mike Mind – Resonate (Hobo Remix) The Sunquake – Fairytale (Alex Long Remix) Mark Broom, Dustin Zahn – Leave Me Alone (Edit Select vs Gary Beck Remix) Samuel L. Session – Inner City Dust (Part 1) Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension (Stephan Bodzin Remix) Freeland – Mancry (Gui Boratto Remix) Max Cooper – River Of Gold (Original Mix) Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) Outro : sample from the Wizard of Gore

September 05 2010



For FACT’s 180th mix, we’re very excited to present a session by mysterious Swedish duo Skudge, the pair behind some of the year’s most talked about house records.
Tags: mix fact techno
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