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January 11 2014


Chang-Rae Lee Goes Back to the Less-Than-Sunny Future | The Dinner Party Download

Pulitzer-nominated novelist Chang-Rae Lee has been named one of The New Yorker’s “20 Writers for the 21st Century” but his newest book, “On Such a Full Sea,” is set in the future. A dystopian future to be exact, where the city of Baltimore has been converted into a labor colony where Chinese Americans produce food for the wealthier classes of society. While Lee insists to us that he is, in his own life, a sunny sort of person, he clearly knows how to create a fictional world that is simultaneously dark and beautiful – so we asked him to name some other alluringly twisted images of humanity’s possible future. I’m Chang-Rae Lee. My book is set in the former Baltimore, 150 years from now, and Baltimore is quite different. It’s a labor colony filled with workers who are of Chinese descent, brought over to produce fishes and vegetables for an elite charter class, partly because this world that they live in is pretty much poisoned beyond reckoning. I should note that “On Such a Full Sea” is also a love story, and though bleak, I hope contains a hidden beauty in a world that’s gone wrong. So here’s my list of three other dystopias that I think are bleak but still quite beautiful. “Blade Runner” The first film would have to be “Blade Runner.” Ridley Scott directed it in 1982. I’ve watched the movie probably 10-15 times. The lead investigator, Harrison Ford of course, sets out to track and destroy wayward androids in the strange city that’s dripping with dark liquids and neon lights. What makes it so cool is that it feels absolutely like a logical extension of all the things that we know today. You know, the ubiquitous ads, the sense of mobility and flight –  and then, of course, the idea that what’s human will be pushed forward, and maybe backwards, in certain ways so that we’re never quite sure who “we” are and who “they” are. All dystopian stories originate in what we fear now. It finds its expression in that future landscape.   “Melancholia” The second film is a movie by Lars von Trier called “Melancholia.” That came out a couple a couple of years ago. Basically this rogue planet called Melancholia is on a collision course with Earth. But what’s cool about this story is that, again, like all dystopic visions, it’s really about a current anxiety. It’s a very private one. It’s about depression. It’s not just that the world is ending; it’s that there’s been some desolation inside the psyches of these people, and therein are the worlds that are really colliding and being destroyed. In “Melancholia” the character’s concern is this feeling like she doesn’t belong in this world. I think a lot of depressives feel that way. They have a dystopic sensibility and perspective. A lot of people do who aren’t “normal” or of the mainstream. I’ve always held that immigrant novels can be read as dystopic novels. They describe what’s here, but the what’s here for those particular newcomers is like entering a strange and brave new world.   “To Build a Fire” Last but not least is a short story by Lack London. A very famous one called “To Build a Fire.” I don’t know if you remember this story from 7th grade or 8th grade, but it’s a fantastic story about a lone trekker trying to get back to the camp where his fellow trappers are. The problem of course is that it’s very very cold. The temperature starts to plummet 60-below and 75-below. We’re given all his desperate attempts to light a fire. The first fire gets him warm, but then it’s suddenly put out. He begins to realize that he’s got to light this other one, and he can’t quite do it. What I love about this story is that it feels as if we’re watching him on some distant planet trying to simply survive, but the thing about it is, it’s our planet. We realize how close we are to life and death. I’m actually a fairly sunny person. I don’t walk around the streets looking for, you know, all the potential ways in which we might find our demise, but I think in my dreams and at my writing desk, all those anxieties that I’ve been trying to ignore come back to me. I think that’s what focuses me sometimes. It wakes me up. It makes me feel in a strange way alive to think about all that menace that our landscape is full of. http://www.dinnerpartydownload.org/chang-rae-lee/

January 02 2014


this episode

Podcast #3 - You Gained a Level! Mon, 20 May 2013 06:27 Tagged: studio_xia game_design podcast video_games In this episode we talk about Phantasy Star 2 and other super-grindy JRPGs; the evolution and applications of "levelling up" as a game mechanic; the disconnect between story and gameplay; and what relevance these things might have to designing an educational game.0:43 - Old school video games on the Wii2:30 - More intutive? Or I'm just more used to them?3:45 - Despite my nostalgia, old school JRPGs are super grindy, segregate story from gameplay5:30 - Spoilers for a 24-year-old game6:00 - The feeling of progression9:00 - Regular death vs. plot-relevant death10:30 - Why subject yourself to random encounters?11:00 - The browser-based JRPG engine I'm working on13:55 - I'm not just randomly wandering around, I'm EXPLORING the BIOSYSTEMS LAB while leveling up my chosen team!16:00 - Wizard 101, and why are MMORPGs so repetitive18:40 - The Guild drama IS the story!20:30 - Can't we just watch this story as a movie?21:15 - Why stories, and games, have to END23:00 - Learn Chinese: the JRPG24:40 - Keeping players engaged through five years of practicing a langauge25:00 - Design constraints of edu-tainment. Subgoals.26:40 - Balancing the game part with the learning part28:00 - Limitations of what can be learned in a game format29:00 - There are only so many fruits you need to know in Chinese!31:00 - The effort/payoff ratio of designing custom content33:30 - Begging your friends for nails in Farmville34:30 - Leveling Up is such a powerful game mechanic36:15 - Leveling Up is a meaningless overused gamification strategy37:30 - But does it let you kill stronger monsters?38:30 - Silicon Valley ran that idea into the ground39:30 - Why leveling up in Bejewelled is pointless40:15 - What does leveling up simulate?41:45 - External rewards Comments: Al Billings Mon, 20 May 2013 19:04 Link? Is there supposed to be a link to an mp3 file or somesuch? Jono Mon, 20 May 2013 20:19 D'oh.I just added the missing link. bankuei Mon, 20 May 2013 23:30 Hey Jono do you think you can email it directly to me? The hospital network won't let me get it from here. satyreyes Tue, 21 May 2013 04:56 I enjoyed this one! (It helped that I knew the source material.) Especially good was the bit about gamification that lets you "level up," and how this doesn't necessarily replicate the sense of progression that makes leveling up a compelling mechanic in the first place. That in turn made me think that this kind of gamification should come with an actual game attached, one in which your level actually does have an impact. It would be interesting to play an actual RPG, with writing and everything, where I leveled my characters by exercising.Games about fruits falling off tress automatically made me think of Frog Fractions. Have you played Frog Fractions? It's a Flash game, a love song to old computer games. I can't say too much about it without ruining everything. Don't give up; use your head. Jono Tue, 21 May 2013 18:09 Bankuei: The file's too big for my email client, sorry. :-(Satyreyes: Yes, I played Frog Fractions! Sushu's brother John showed it to me. It is *amazing*. I learned so many... uh... facts... about fractions. Yes, that's it. Hide Comments | Register to leave comments | Permalink http://evilbrainjono.net/blog?permalink=1231

December 23 2013


The Broadcast Clock | 99% Invisible

There’s a term that epitomizes what we radio producers aspire to create: the “driveway moment.” It’s when a story is so good that you can’t leave your car. Inside of a driveway moment, time becomes elastic–you could be staring straight at a clock for the entire duration of the story, but for that length of time, the clock has no power over you. But ironically,  inside the machinery of public radio–the industry that creates driveway moments–the clock rules all. At NPR’s studios in Washington, DC, there are clocks everywhere. Big red digital clocks, huge round analog clocks. There’s even special software and time calculators, where 60 + 60 = 2’00. (All Things Considered director Monika Evstatieva during a live broadcast in NPR’s Studio 2A. Credit: Julia Barton) Each show has a ‘clock’, a set template, from which the show almost never varies. Every show that broadcasts—or aspires to broadcast—in the public radio system has a clock. This is the All Things Considered broadcast clock, which NPR and stations across the country refer to on a daily basis: It’s actually a pretty cool piece of visual design, but one which functions best when it is never seen. This template is used twice every weekday: ATC Hour 1, from 4:00:00pm through 4:59:59pm ET; and then for ATC Hour 2, from 5:00:00 through 5:59:59pm ET. Here’s how it works: at the ‘top’ of the hour, there is a 59 second “billboard,” which announces what’s going up in the program. Then there’s five minutes for the newscast, which is itself divided into two segments (“Newscast I” and “Newscast II”). Then there are the “blocks”–A, B, C, and D–which is where the stories and interviews (or “two-ways”) live. Segments can’t run long by even a second, because most of the local stations are automated to cut off the national program where the clock says they can. These times–the dividers between the sections on the clock–are called posts. You have to hit the post. Nothing can go wrong. Though, of course, things go wrong every day. (When Julia visited ATC, a live interview segment accidentally got wrapped up 35 seconds early. Then it was on Monika, the director, to figure out what to do. Credit: Julia Barton) Taking care of the clock is so ingrained in the director’s psyche that a common side effect of the job is waking up in the middle of the night fearing that you’ve blown the post–these are called “director’s dreams.” To cope with the anxiety, ATC directors make their own cheat sheets to help them memorize every queue of every hour of broadcast.Visit any studio that does a regular live feed with a broadcast clock and you’ll likely find a cheat sheet one somewhere in the studio. The director’s cheat sheets at ATC  have been used so much that they’re in tatters. They have since been laminated. (Note the correction in the “Top Cast” in the upper right. It’s not “1:00″, it’s “:59″) When NPR began in the early 1970s, show clocks were much less regimented–or they didn’t have clocks at all. One of the early champions against the fixed clock was Bill Siemering, a founder of NPR who helped design the network’s overall sound. He came up with the name All Things Considered (original title: A Daily Identifiable Product). Siemering wrote the mission statement of NPR, which is enshrined in the halls of NPR (note the text on the walls).   (Credit: Interior Design) Siemering liked a clock that was more free-form, because it allowed for spontaneity and unpredictability. But spontaneous and unpredictable does not always make for compelling radio. Done wrong, and you wind up with laughably bad “Schweddy Balls”-grade public radio. When Siemering left NPR in the early 1970s, NPR chose to have more subdivided clocks. The constraints forced the shows to get tighter, which some say makes NPR stronger. One person is Neal Conan, former host of Talk of the Nation, who maintains that the earlier, freer days of NPR were not as halcyon as some may remember them.  These days, podcasting allows for shows such as this one to be free of a post, and go on for as long or short as is fitting for any given story. Reporter-producer-editor (triple threat!) Julia Barton visited NPR’s old headquarters at Washington, DC, where she spoke with ATC directors Monika Evstatieva and Greg Dixon, and former Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan. Julia also spoke with public radio’s patron saint, Bill Siemering. Many thanks to All Things Considered Executive Producer Chris Turpin and the other powers-that-be at NPR who gave us unfettered access to the shop during Julia’s visit. (Note: Julia visited NPR while they were still at 635 Massachusetts Ave, NW. They have since moved to 1111 N. Capitol St.) More network clocks! And more! And more! Music: ”Io, Apollo, And The Veil”- Metavari, ”The Wind Up Bird”- Tunng, ”Standard Error”- Orcas, ”Paintchart”- ISAN, ”Snow Tip Cap Mountain”- The Octopus Project, ”Black Blizzard/Red Umbrella”- The Octopus Project http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/the-broadcast-clock/

December 14 2013


This American Wife

CONTACT Eric Martin - Producer/Co-Hostyachtrock.tumblr.com Paul Jay - Hostpauljay.tumblr.com Jen Goldberg - Co-Hosthttp://girlsgonegoldberg.tumblr.com/ Ned Hepburn - Co-Creatornedhepburn.tumblr.com Contact:podcast@thisamericanwifepodcast.comDonate RSS FEED EPISODES ARCHIVE: #70 - David Nadelberg of Mortified, Dwayne Perkins November 4, 2013 "Mortified" - David Nadelberg is the creator and producer of the show "Mortified", a nationwide stage show, television show, and now movie (www.mortifiednation.com), where grownups get up and read terrifically embarrassing writing from when they were kids. We also learn the shocking truth about the host's own mortification. Dwayne Perkins is a comedian, and the author of "Hot Chocolate for the Mind." He is very nice and helpful. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #69 - Bounty Killer Cast and Crew, Nick Antosca October 4, 2013 "Nature's Bounty" The new movie Bounty Killer features an all-star cast, and also some surprising connections to our host. The truth comes out in in interview with director Henry Saine, costar Barak Hardley, and producer Colin Ebeling. Also, writer Nick Antosca is working on the upcoming JJ Abrams/Alfonso Cuaron series "Believe," and tells a story called "Rat Beast" from his book "The Girlfriend Game." It will freak you out real good. Listen Now >> #68 - Allie Goertz (Cossbysweater), Danny Lobell August 28, 2013 "That's Amore" Danny Lobell (RISK!, This American Life) loves pizza, and he has some absolutely incredible stories about his love of pizza. Allie Goertz (aka Cossbysweater) is a singer-songwriter loves nerdy things, and has some absolutely incredible songs about her love of nerdy things. Love and pizza goes together like peanut butter and chocolate, as you are about to hear. Listen Now >> #67 - Sascha Rothchild, Margot Leitman June 11, 2013 "Fallow Period" - First up, Sascha Rothchild, author of "How to Get Divorced by 30," and known for her appearances on a radio show and television series that is apparently called "This American Life" (??), and Margot Leitman, author of the new book "Gawky: Tales of an Extra Long Awkward Phase," indulge the host's desire to really dig into that time of the late 80's and early 90's that they all grew up in. Listen Now >> #66 - Joel Hodgson, Peter Mehlman April 23, 2013 "Guys Who Got Their Start with Jerry Seinfeld" Two brilliant men who happened to have gotten their big break working for Jerry Seinfeld. Joel Hodgson is the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Learn the surprising true story behind the creation of the show, and so much more. Peter Mehlman wrote many of your favorite episodes of Seinfeld, popularizing the phrases "yada yada," "spongeworthy," and "double dipping." WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THIS EPISODE? Stay with us. Listen Now >> #65 - Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, special guest Joel Hodgson March 29, 2013 "Robots of Mystery and Science" This American Wife is back from hiatus with a very special episode. Joel Hodgson created the iconic television series Mystery Science Theater 3000. And he got by with a little help from his robot friends. Interviews with Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) and Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) on man and machine, with a little bit of insight from Joel. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #64 - Janie Haddad Tompkins, Best of 2012 December 27, 2012 Hollywood stories from "Janie and Aaron Does Hollywood" co-host, and actress extraordinaire, Janie Haddad Tompkins. Plus some of our favorite moments from 2012, including a story from Kelly Carlin, and some good advice from Superego and singer/songwriter Adam Cohen. Plus, a sneak peek at our imminent web series, featuring dubstep superstar Drillbit. Listen Now >> #63 - Julieanne Smolinski, Dave Ross, Eric Klinenberg, Michael Cobb, and Sandra Daugherty November 1, 2012 Happy and horrible stories of single life from writer Julieanne Smolinski, This American LIFE contributor Eric Klinenberg, author and professor Michael Cobb, and comedian and Moth winner Dave Ross (with Sandra Daugherty). Stay with us. Listen Now >> #62 - Sara Benincasa, Maggie Serota, Faith Salie October 18, 2012 This week on the podcast, good advice from comedian Sara Benincasa (Agorafabulous) on sex and other human activities, Maggie Serota (Low Times podcast) on breakup songs, and Faith Salie (PRI's Fair Game with Faith Salie, WNYC's Relationshow) on getting yourself out there. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #61 - Robert Greene October 3, 2012 This week on the podcast, bestselling author Robert Greene ("The 48 Laws of Power") reveals the Art of Seduction. Plus stories of his collaboration with 50 Cent, and a peek at his upcoming book "Mastery." Stay with us. Listen Now >> #60 - Dan Harmon and Erin McGathy September 18, 2012 This week on the podcast, compelling new tales from Erin McGathy (This Feels Terrible) and Dan Harmon (Community, Harmontown) on dating and relationships. Stories of how they lived apart, how they met, and how they came together. It's funny. It's adorable. Don't miss it. Listen Now >> #59 - Dan Harmon and Erin McGathy, H.R. Giger and Shunt McGuppin from Superego, Robert Greene, Julieanne Smolinski, Sara Benincasa, Anna David, Maggie Serota, Faith Salie, Stacey Grenrock Woods, Sandra Daugherty, Dave Ross, Eric Klinenberg, Michael Cobb, Kate Bolick, and Adam Cohen August 30, 2012 "Good Advices" Quite possibly the biggest podcast of all time. Public radio advice from Faith Salie. Sex tips from Stacey Grenrock Woods and Sex Nerd Sandra. Sad songs from Maggie Serota and Shunt McGuppin. Dating advice from Sara Benincasa and Anna David. Seduction tips from Robert Greene and Adam Cohen. Going solo with Eric Klinenberg, Julieanne Smolinski, and Michael Cobb. Feeling terrible with H.R. Giger, Erin McGathy, and Dan Harmon. Stay with us. Listen Now >> Extrasode 1: Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter of Superego, Thomas Middleditch August 20, 2012 This hour on All Things Ill-Considered, Melissa Block presents a sneak preview of next week's very special "This American Wife," with a segment featuring a pair of nationally renowned advice columnists (Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter). Also, Robert Siegel interviews acapella dubstep sensation Drillbit (Thomas Middleditch), who has been setting the YouTubes on fire with his surprising new multimedia experience. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #58 - Gigi Levangie Grazer, Julian Tepper August 8, 2012 "The Books of Summer" Gigi Levangie Grazer is a bestselling author (The Starter Wife, Maneater) and screenwriter (Stepmom). She tells tales from an amazing life, and talks about her new novel, "The After Wife." Julian Tepper tells the story of his first book, "Balls." Hold on to your unmentionables, it's This American Wife. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #57 - Anna David, Jillian Lauren, Stacey Grenrock Woods, Christie Nittrouer, Laura House, and Vanessa Marshall July 20, 2012 "True Tales of Lust and Love" This week, stories from Anna David's live monthly storytelling show "True Tales of Lust and Love." Funny, harrowing, sexy tales from Jillian Lauren (Some Girls, Pretty), Stacey Grenrock Woods (The Daily Show), Christie Nittrouer (Good Humor), Laura House (Talkin' Bout My Meditation), and Vanessa Marshall (The Spectacular Spider-man). Stay with us. Listen Now >> #56 - Pamela Ribon, special guests Amy Tan and Sam Barry July 9, 2012 "Side Gigs" The Rock Bottom Remainders are bestselling authors by day, and rock stars by night. Hear tales of this literary supergroup (including Stephen King, Matt Groening, Dave Barry, and Byrds cofounder Roger McGuinn) from band members Sam Barry and Amy Tan. Also, bestselling author Pamela Ribon has a new book called "You Take It From Here," and so we take it to a lot of fascinating detours, including her time as an anime actress and a roller derby girl. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #55 - Elizabeth Laime, The Exquisite Corpse Project June 21, 2012 "Back from the Dead" - The members of the Olde English sketch group reunite for one more project - a movie called The Exquisite Corpse Project. The writers would each write 15 script pages to tell one story, but could only see the last 5 pages of what the previous writer had written. Ben Popik, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Caleb Bark, Chioke Nassor, Adam Conover, Dave Segal, and Jesse Novak tell a funny and moving tale of what it means to create something together. And Elizabeth Laime of the Totally Laime podcast tells the story of how a nice Midwestern girl got to hang with Leonardo DiCaprio. So to speak. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #54 - Todd Zuniga of Literary Death Match, Steve Abee, Chip Jacobs June 8, 2012 "L.A. Stories" - Todd Zuniga, creator of the worldwide phenomenon Literary Death Match, tells new tales of Tinsel Town. Steve Abee tells the story of Johnny Future, lover of all that exists (specifically in the East Hollywood area). And Chip Jacobs tells the unbelievable true story of money, muckrakers, and a murder for hire corporation that stretched from Wilshire Blvd. to the far-flung suburbs. Los Angeles, I'm yours. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #53 - Julia Vickerman, Laura Krafft May 24, 2012 "Passion" Julia Vickerman (Yo Gabba Gabba) tells a tale of her passion for the beguiling actress Kristen Stewart, and how what started as a silly joke became something muchos mas grande. Laura Krafft (The Colbert Report) began her career in the Chicago ad world, and tells the story of her incredible passion to succeed as a high-powered advertising executive. It almost worked. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #52 - Lahna Turner, Adam Spiegelman May 8, 2012 "Origin Stories" - Lahna Turner tells the story of how she discovered comedy and her future husband (comedian Ralphie May), all in one night. Adam Spiegelman takes us to the dark world of daytime television, and tells the tale of how he was able to see a ray of sunshine and escape to late night television, becoming a producer for Jimmy Kimmel and George Lopez. Season 3 of This American Wife begins here - stay with us. Listen Now >> #51 - Second Anniversary Show with Adam Cohen, Sex Nerd Sandra, Dave Ross April 18, 2012 "Romance and Sex" This week on the podcast, Sandra Daugherty and Dave Ross, hosts of the wildly popular Nerdist podcast Sex Nerd Sandra, talk about sex. But first, the romance - Adam Cohen is a singer and songwriter like his dad, Leonard Cohen. He tells the story of how his new album came to be called "Like a Man." It's the second anniversary of This American Wife, and we got you something special. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #50 - Brandon Bird, Laura Krafft, "Wait Wait... Don't" with Adam Spiegelman and Shaye Troha April 4, 2012 On "All Things Ill-Considered," Robert Siegel (Eric Martin) interviews artist Brandon Bird (Law and Order Coloring Book, No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford), who reveals the stories behind his most renowned works, and writer/storyteller/producer Laura Krafft, who reflects back on her time writing for "The Colbert Report." Also, Melissa Block (Jen Goldberg) reveals an exclusive sneak peek at the latest "Retraction" episode of "This American Wife." Finally, laugh and learn along with public radio's own news quiz show, "Wait Wait... Don't." Listen Now >> #49 - Kelly Carlin, Ned Hepburn March 19, 2012 "A Carlin Home Companion" On today's episode, Kelly Carlin tells stories of growing up with her parents, George and Brenda Carlin, and of both living and waking up from the American dream. The show features an excerpt from Kelly's show "A Carlin Home Companion," now playing in Los Angeles (tickets available at kellycarlin.com). Also, our own Ned Hepburn tells a story from his new book - "Life's Rich Pageant." Stay with us. Listen Now >> #48 - John Ross Bowie, Jamie Lee March 5, 2012 "Potpourri 2012" John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory) tells tales of the New York post pop punk scene with his seminal band Egghead, and just how inappropriate administrative assistants named Barb and Sheila could get in the halcyon days of the Internet bubble. Jamie Lee (Last Comic Standing) discovers how a gig in corporate PR can lead to becoming a champion of the people. Aside from these two being very funny and on TV, these stories have little in common. Therefore, we will not even attempt to shoehorn an arbitrary theme onto this week's episode. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #47 - Danny Lobell February 23, 2012 Danny Lobell is a comedian and storyteller. He recently told a story on a similarly-titled program (This American Life) about his pet chicken Dona and rooster Juanito. On today's episode, Danny reveals the story of Dona's fate - plus more tales of seagulls, elephants, hippos, sharks, and Jackie Mason. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #46 - DC Pierson, Anna David February 6, 2012 "Falling For You" DC Pierson is great at funny videos (DERRICK Comedy), and at writing books (The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To), but DC Pierson is Bad at Girls. At least, that's the name of his new show. Also, author Anna David (Party Girl, Bought) gave out advice for years on G4's Attack of the Show. When it came time to get advice of her own, she went to the source - Sex and the Single Girl author Helen Gurley Brown. What she found was sexy, surprising, and totally changed her life. What's more, it could change yours, too. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #45 - 5 Second Films, Liezl Estipona January 19, 2012 "Picture Pages" This week, the incredible true story of a studio that makes movies that are only 5 seconds long. See why they've partnered up with Patton Oswalt, Andrew WK, Weird Al Yankovic, and more (hint: it doesn't take that long to shoot). Ben Gigli, Kelsey Gunn, Michael Peter, and Daniel Hollister from 5 Second Films finally get to take their sweet time. In Act II, photographer Liezl Estipona (Paul F Tompkins Show, Upright Citizens Brigade), reveals stories from her new book, "Liezl Was Here." Stay here. Listen Now >> #44 - Max Landis redux January 4, 2012 "All Things Ill-Considered's" Robert Siegel and Melissa Block drop a journalistic bombshell with their top story - most of public radio's programming is meticulously edited to within an inch of its life. To prove this, they air an extended version of the interview between "This American Wife" producer Eric Martin, and screenwriter Max Landis ("Chronicle," "The Death and Return of Superman"), and the results will likely shock, and surely entertain you. Listen Now >> #43 - The Writers of Hello Giggles, Max Landis December 15, 2011 "Back in the Day" Hello Giggles is a new humor site from Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi, and Molly McAleer. This week, we present stories from their recent UCB show "Letters to My Younger Self," based on a column from Ingrid Haas - featuring letters from Ingrid, Nicole Shabtai, Annie Stamell, Melissa Stephens, and Molly McAleer. In Act II, super-hot writer and director Max Landis tells the sad story of the death and return of Superman. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #42 - The Apple Sisters, Best Comedy of 2011 Part 2 November 29, 2011 "Hollidoozy" Radio and podcast sensations The Apple Sisters are interviewed by a young Robert Siegel in a segment that originally aired in December 1943. Also, our best comedy from the second half of 2011, including our segment on Quigley R. Gomez with an incredible all-star cast (written by Vanity Fair's Mike Sacks), and interviews with Paul F Tompkins and Paget Brewster, both in and out of their Thrilling Adventure Hour characters (dialogue by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker). Stay with us. Listen Now >> #41 - Kate Bolick, Natasha Vargas-Cooper November 15, 2011 "All the Single Ladies" You have likely seen Kate Bolick glaring at you from the cover of the Atlantic - arms crossed, defiantly popping the question: "What, Me Marry?" On today's show, Kate uncrosses her arms and answers the question very nicely. Also, Natasha Vargas-Cooper tells tales of her radical upbringing, and dives into the world of internet porn, a world that is an uncomfortable mirror of our own dark impulses. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #40 - Jordan Morris, Tracii Guns November 3, 2011 "Rock On" Tracii Guns founded two incredible bands that bear his name - the LA Guns and Guns and Roses. He has just recorded a new live acoustic album with the LA Guns, and he comes on our program to tell tales from 30 amazing years of rock and roll. But first, Jordan Jesse Go cohost and regular public radio guest Jordan Morris talks about ska music. Among other things. Stay with us. DONATE: http://bit.ly/iplQUC Listen Now >> #39 - Eddie Pepitone October 19, 2011 "Bitter Buddha" - Eddie Pepitone has mastered the art of the rant, on programs like WTF with Marc Maron. On today's show, Eddie dials it down a bit to tell incredible stories from a life in art and comedy. Also, "All Things Ill-Considered's" Robert Siegel interviews Art Pecatore, an artist working on a very, very small scale. Finally, the This American Wife studio was flooded on 9/30/11, won't you please give in support of fake public radio? DONATE: http://bit.ly/iplQUC Listen Now >> #38 - Dave Holmes September 21, 2011 "A Drink with Dave" Learn why Dave Holmes was named one of NPR's 10 Favorite Pop Culture Humans, as he tells stories from his career as an MTV VJ, host, and comedian, including auditions for two of the most stereotypical roles ever. Also: an exclusive sneak peek at the latest season of his hit show "A Drink with Dave," and a story from producer Eric Martin, about the anniversary of being very, very afraid. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #37 - Mike Sacks, Rachel Bloom, Todd Levin, Andres du Bouchet, with special guests Julie Klausner, Eddie Pepitone, Dana Snyder, Dave Holmes, Mike Rock, Hal Lublin, Matt Champagne, and Jordan Morris September 7, 2011 "Your Wildest Dreams (Within Reason)" Stories from Vanity Fair writer Mike Sacks' new book, as read by Todd Levin and Andres du Bouchet. Rachel Bloom recounts the amazing story behind her breakout smash "F--- Me, Ray Bradbury." An incredible line-up of guest stars come together to tell of the incredible rise and sad fall of Quigley R. Gomez, the Idiot Savant of Stand Up. Stay with us. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #36 - Shelby Fero, Ahm Mingus, Lisa Beth Johnson August 24, 2011 "Angels of Twitter" On today's show, we interview three fabulous ladies, and hear longer-form stories from these masters of the short-form joke. Compelling tales from @shelbyfero, @ahm76, and @ladybirdj. Calling all angels - it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #35 - Alison Agosti, Hilary Winston August 9, 2011 "The Horror, The Horror" Writer/producer Hilary Winston (Community, My Name is Earl) describes the horror of discovering her boyfriend wrote a book about her in her new book, "My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me," and Alison Agosti describes the horror of public speaking, by speaking publicly about it. It's Apocalypse... Now! Stay with us. Listen Now >> #34 - The Thrilling Adventure Hour - Paul F Tompkins, Paget Brewster, Craig Cackowski, Hal Lublin, Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker July 26, 2011 The Thrilling Adventure Hour takes over public radio! All Things Ill-Considered's Robert Siegel (Eric Martin) interviews Frank and Sadie Doyle (Paul F Tompkins and Paget Brewster), Banjo Bindlestuff (Craig Cackowski) and his hobo mentor Gummy (Hal Lublin), and Robert's childhood hero Sparks Nevada (Marc Evan Jackson) and his faithful tracker Croach (Mark Gagliardi). Later, the cast and writer/producers (Ben Acker and Ben Blacker) tell their own stories of thrills and adventure (and the supernatural). Stay with us. Listen Now >> #33 - Margot Leitman, Best Comedy of 2011 Part 1 July 13, 2011 Margot Leitman is a storyteller (Grand Slam Winner of The Moth), actress, and comedienne. In this episode she reveals one of the secrets of good storytelling, and proceeds to tell not one but TWO tales that will shock, delight, and even move you - including one about how she almost did not make it to the recording. Later we recap some of the best comedy from 2011 so far, including improvised interviews with Superego and James Adomian, a ghost story from Kyle Kinane, and an incredible tale from our live show with Pete Holmes. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #32 - Stephen Falk, EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE June 28, 2011 "Reefer Madness" On the eve of the season premiere of Showtime's "Weeds," writer and supervising producer Stephen Falk tells amazing true tales about the devil weed, and so much more. Also, VHS culture-jackers Everything is Terrible visit the studios to watch some of the very worst clips ever committed to video. Let's get to the point, and let's roll another joint. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #31 - James Adomian June 15, 2011 "Pledge Drive" - This episode, you'll hear the best programs that public radio has to offer. Award-deserving programs like "All Things Ill-Considered," featuring interviews with Christopher Hitchens, Alan Watts, and Huell Howser. "Do You Have a Point" with presidential candidate Ron Paul. "The Shriek of Young America" with Arianna Huffington. Finally, we welcome "WTF" to our fold as Marc Maron interviews radio legend Joe Frank. And more! Please give, won't you? Donate (for reals): http://bit.ly/iplQUC Listen Now >> #30 - Ned Hepburn, Dan Dominguez, The Morning After, and YOU, with special guest Dave Horwitz June 2, 2011 "Dirty Jobs" This week, stories of occupational hazards. Ned Hepburn tells a tale of a shocking job interview. Comedian Dan Dominguez recounts horror stories from his time at McDonalds and in the Air Force. Our sister podcast Planet Monotony gets an interesting email from a Nigerian heir (Dave Horwitz) and Sasha Wilkes-Bronstein (Jen Goldberg) checks out an exciting investment opportunity. We have listener stories from Paul Mikesell, Catherine Smith, and Rye Silverman. Finally, Jake Weisman and Eli Olsberg of "The Morning After" podcast interview adult movie legend Gene Faruka (Eric Martin). Hosted by Paul Jay. File those TPS reports, and stay with us. Listen Now >> #29 - Andy Wood, Janet Varney, Cole Stratton, Hillary Buckholtz May 17, 2011 "Bridgetown Stories" - Bridgetown founder Andy Wood sets up this episode of tales from the Portland, Oregon comedy festival. Cole Stratton (Pop My Culture podcast) and Janet Varney (Dinner and a Movie) spin yarns about their all-star improv troupe "Theme Park" (with Oscar Nunez, Simon Helberg, and Michael Hitchcock) and more. Hillary Buckholtz looks forward to a new comedy career while looking back on her popular nostalgia blog "I'm Remembering." Don't forget to stay with us - it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #28 - LIVE from the Bridgetown Comedy Festival May 3, 2011 "I Want Your Sex?" Recorded live at the beautiful Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon. Tales of incredibly awkward sexual encounters from Pete Holmes, Moshe Kasher, Claudia Cogan, Chris Garcia, Erin Lennox, and Karl Hess, hosted by Paul Jay. Plus, All Things Ill-Considered presents its signature brand of award-deserving journalism. Robert Siegel (Eric Martin) grills "match.com" CEO George Leslie (Ron Babcock), while Melissa Block (Jen Goldberg) profiles comic Nikki Glaser. Listen Now >> #27 - Oriana Small (Ashley Blue), Deborah Vankin April 19, 2011 "L.A. Women" Act I features Oriana Small, aka Ashley Blue, who became one of the top adult performers of the new millennium. She recounts some of the funny, harrowing tales from her new memoir, "Girlvert." Act II features Deborah Vankin, author and current staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. Deborah talks about the crazy LA arts and nightlife scene that she has covered for years, and how it inspired her new graphic novel, "Poseurs." Hold on to your britches, it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #26 - April Richardson, Christine Friar, Morrissey? April 6, 2011 "Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before" - stories of musical encounters. Comedian and Chelsea Lately associate producer April Richardson tells of her childhood love of music superstar Morrissey, and the incredible true story of their meeting, years later. Writer Christine Friar discovers that maybe, just maybe, tween singing sensation Rebecca Black is one of her biggest fans. Finally, an exclusive special recorded message from Morrissey for the first anniversary of This American Wife! Listen Now >> #25 - Brooke Berman March 23, 2011 "No Place Like Home" - Acclaimed playwright Brooke Berman, author of the recent book "No Place Like Home: A Memoir in 39 Apartments," and the hit play "Hunting and Gathering," talks about her long odyssey through New York in search of a home. Also, host Ned Hepburn tells another story of New York. Start spreading the news - it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #24 - Superego March 7, 2011 "Freudian Slips" Today's show features an intimate diagnosis with the good doctors of the brilliant and hysterical Superego podcast. But before that, "All Things Ill-Considered" features interviews with several of Superego's most infamous Case Studies. Robert Siegel (Eric Martin) interviews Coach Helzevec (Matt Gourley), Trevor Lundgren (Mark McConville), and Imogene Kanouse (Gourley). Meanwhile, Nic Harcourt (Ned Hepburn) previews the latest music tracks from Shunt McGuppin (Jeremy Carter) and Daniel Plainview (Hepburn) on "Sounds Epileptic." Listen Now >> #23 - Chuck McCarthy, The Colonel's Original Recipe February 22, 2011 "You Get the Idea" First things first - we MAY have found the original recipe for the Colonel's Original Recipe, one of the world's most closely guarded secrets. Listen as we make a batch and see how it measures up (with Matt Gourley and Mark McConville of Superego). Today's show also has another original recipe - and his name is Chuck McCarthy. He's a man with a lot of ideas, and his latest one - Hollywood Acting - may be his best one yet. His story in six acts. Stay with us. Listen Now >> #22 - Kyle Kinane February 7, 2011 "The Day the Party Died" Variety named Kyle Kinane one of 10 Comics to Watch in 2010, so that's just what we did. We watched him. It was uncomfortable for him, boring for us, and made for terrible radio - us just sitting there and absently staring at each other. So we cracked open some beers, then had a funny and compelling conversation on the craft of comedy and the benefits of good, hard work. And buttplugs. That got in there somehow. Listen Now >> #21 - Popcorn Mafia's Grae Drake January 26, 2011 "Take Two" Popcorn Mafia host and new movies.com critic Grae Drake joins This American Wife producer Eric Martin for a second look at two critically panned movies from the recent past. First up is "Jonah Hex," a film about a necrophiliac bounty hunter battling an evil Cotton Gin. Second is "C Me Dance," a movie about a young dancer battling leukemia, the devil, and her father/writer/director. Because everyone deserves a second chance. Listen Now >> #20 - Erin Gibson, Alie Ward, and Georgia Hardstark January 11, 2011 "Modern Ladies" Where is This American Wife host Ned Hepburn? All Things Ill-Considered hosts Melissa Block and Robert Siegel speak with Ned via satellite from London, England. But first, Robert interviews Erin Gibson (host of Current TV's "Modern Lady" on Infomania) about the current media landscape for the fairer sex. Later in the show, cocktail superstars Alie and Georgia stop by to make another incredible beverage for our hosts, in a segment from our live show at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. Stay with us. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #19 - Best of 2010 December 29, 2010 Let's celebrate the end of the year with our favorite holiday tradition - the time-saving clip show. Ned hosts this fun and fast-paced look back at just a few of the highlights of the past... really, the show has only been going on for 8 months? This episode features our favorite moments with guests like MST3K's Frank Conniff, Justine Bateman, Adult Swim's Dana Snyder, @BPGlobalPR and Josh Simpson, Dave and Marisa from Dealbreaker, and more! And it kills us that we couldn't get everybody into an hour-long show! It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #18 - The Apple Sisters, Molly McAleer, and Chuck McCarthy December 14, 2010 "Christmas Stories" - It's Christmas 1943, and showbiz sensations The Apple Sisters join a young Robert Siegel in the studio to chat and sing some new songs before their holiday show this Wednesday at the ultra-modern Coronet Theater in Los Angeles (aka Largo). Later in the show (67 years later), Molly McAleer joins us for a story about a run-in on Christmas eve with a very jolly fellow, and Chuck McCarthy tells a funny and deeply moving tale about a chocolate turkey. Time to unwrap your presents, it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #17 - Dana Snyder November 30, 2010 "Snyde Time" You may know him as "Master Shake" from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or from his other bravura performances on Squidbillies, Venture Brothers, Code Monkeys, and more, but did you know Dana Snyder was also a storied raconteur, a well-traveled flaneur, and consummate connoisseur (of celebrity CDs)? D. Snyder is our very special guest on this week's program, as he takes us through an intimate and unplugged journey along the artist's path. It seems to involve lots of digressions about Steven Seagal, Richard Simmons, and culturally insensitive slot machines. Don't touch that Snyde - it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #16 - GWAR, Yelle, Valient Thorr, Chris Trew, and Tami Nelson November 16, 2010 "Fun" - This American Wife heads to the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX, and delves deep into the music and comedy scenes found therein. This episode features interviews with Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR, French pop stars Yelle, and Valient Himself from Valient Thorr. Later in the show, Chris Trew talks about his amazing projects - including his half-beard, Air Sex Championships, rap albums, and collaboration with Tommy Wiseau (of "The Room" infamy). With all of this, you'd think it would be a lot of fun. And you'd be right. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> #15 - Alex Blagg, Leslie Meisel, and Megan Neuringer November 2, 2010 "Potpourri" Social media guru and internet master Alex Blagg amplifies his hits 10x by appearing on the popular and renowned This American Wife podcast, his first. Alex lays down some serious strat on how to win all the hits on the internet, and dishes on the runaway success of his new website www.bajillionhits.biz. Act II features a trip to Silverlake Wobegone, where Garrison Keiler-Keiler spins yarns of the Scary Home Companions known as hipsters. Finally, the award-winning one-woman show "Love Can Suck a Dick, and So Can I!" takes a brief detour from its long Broadway run with a special show in Los Angeles. Robert Siegel interviews Leslie Meisel and Leslie's Broken Heart (Megan Neuringer), and presents some exclusive excerpts from this powerful performance piece. Time to get intimate with This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 14 - Frank Conniff, Jerry Beck, Erica Doering, with special guest Emily Bazelon October 19, 2010 You may remember Frank Conniff from his role as "TV's Frank" in "Mystery Science Theater 3000," or have seen him in their new incarnation as "Cinematic Titanic," but did you know Frank has another show? A show about THE WORST CARTOONS EVER? That show is "Cartoon Dump," described by their recurring guest Patton Oswalt as "a children's show set in Bosnia." Frank is joined by producer and animation historian Jerry Beck for a harrowing look at the worst cartoons ever. We also take a journey to Cartoon Dump and land an exclusive interview with co-hosts Moodsy the Clinically Depressed Owl (Frank) and Compost Brite (Erica Doering), that you do not want to miss. Finally, Emily Bazelon, senior editor at Slate.com and co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest, checks in on the upcoming national elections, and also offers her blurry recollections on the time her colleagues tried to emulate the characters on Mad Men - by drinking their way through the work day. Spoiler: it did not go particularly well. Time to pop the question for This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 13 - Dave Horwitz, Marisa Pinson, and Kelly Egan October 5, 2010 Dave Horwitz and Marisa Pinson, creators of the popular "Dealbreaker" blog, discuss dating dos and don'ts, and perform selections from their new book "Dealbreaker: The Definitive List of Dating Offenses." Kelly Egan returns with a new segment called "Your Move America," in which she recounts her upbringing as a Catholic schoolgirl. Listen Now >> Episode 12 - BPGlobalPR, Josh Simpson, and Steve Connell September 21, 2010 "Real American" We begin with a breaking news story, featuring an exclusive final interview with @BPGlobalPR's Terry, who might have some connection to a man named Josh Simpson. Later in the show, we call the Dove World Outreach Center to ask what they are going to do with all of the Korans they did not burn. We also hear two amazing pieces from acclaimed actor and performance poet Steve Connell. You do not want to miss this one - it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 11 - Meaghan O'Connell, Melissa Gira Grant, and Erica Moore September 8, 2010 "Coming and Crying" Meaghan O'Connell and Melissa Gira Grant, creators of a self-published anthology about sex, discuss their journey on the verge of the project's tearful release. Erica Moore reads a heartbreaking story from the book about being free, while producer Eric Martin tells a story about going down - just not like you think. Chin up, it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 10 - Peter Atencio, Tara Miele, and the cast of Step Up 3D Live August 24, 2010 A very special episode of this American Wife is interrupted by local station KCRUAQT. "None of Your Business" is a show about the business of show business, of which there is no business like. Hosts Kim Masters and Matt Holzman are visited in the studio by director Peter Atencio (who talks about his new thriller set on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico), writer Tara Miele (who tells stories about running with cougars), and the stars of "Step Up 3D Live" (who are currently touring on the county fair circuit). Go nowhere, it's This Americ... oh, wait, it's None of Your Business. Listen Now >> Episode 9 - Molly McAleer August 10, 2010 "Sleep Tight" Molly McAleer, aka Molls (She Wrote), joins Eric in the studio for an interview that goes to many interesting places, especially south. Meanwhile, Ned ruminates on his cup of joe, and finally, we learn what happens when the bedbugs actually do bite. Stay with us - for the kids' sake - it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 8 - Justine Bateman and Jillian Lauren July 27, 2010 "These American Wives" The show features not one but two American Wives, actor/producer Justine Bateman, and author Jillian Lauren. Justine discusses some of her new projects, including her new rap album (as J-Bate). Jillian discusses her NY Times Bestseller "Some Girls: My Life in a Harem." This is pretty awesome. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 7 - Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark July 13, 2010 "Bottoms Up" Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, inventors of the McNuggetini, visit the This American Wife studio with the raw ingredients for another amazing cocktail. They then proceed to drink these ingredients. Act II features a hard-hitting investigation into the McNuggetini and the Damage Done. I don't mean to be a nag, but it's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 6 - with special guest Dan Dominguez June 29, 2010 "Nether Regions" On this week's show, comedian Dan Dominguez visits the This American Wife studio to investigate a mysterious package. Later, Ned Hepburn tells the story of the first time he saw a naked woman. Don't touch my dial. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 5 - with special guests Lauren Pritchard and Ron Babcock June 13, 2010 "One Man Show." On the eve of the True Blood Season 3 premiere, Season 2 alum Lauren Pritchard joins "All Things Ill-Considered's" Robert Siegel for a fascinating discussion involving vampires, Mad TV, and more. Comedy's Ron Babcock also presents selections from his acclaimed show "Hey World, You Just Got Babcocked." All this and more. Stay tuned. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 4 - with special guest Kelly Egan June 1, 2010 Kelly Egan regales host Ned Hepburn with a frank discussion of relationships. As far as we know, she is not seeing anyone named Frank. Act II features a visit to an unusual self-defense school for women. Don't touch that dial. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 3 - with special guests Paul Jay and Jen Goldberg May 19, 2010 Paul discusses a life in comedy, and Jen discusses a life with Paul. They plug their new project, "The Biggest Mistake," and boy are they not kidding. Act II is a feature story on a website that lets lonely male gamers play with hot women online. Go nowhere. It's This American Wife. Listen Now >> Episode 2 - with special guest Tess Lynch. May 3, 2010 This American Wife - Episode 2 - with special guest Tess Lynch. Tess discusses the merits of dinosaur arms with host Ned Hepburn, and plugs her new project Coming and Crying. She then graciously consents to another interview with All Things Ill-Considered's Robert Siegel. Listen Now >> Episode 1 - with special guest Jack Conway April 15, 2010 On the inaugural podcast, Jack Conway discusses with Ned a novel way to get the ladies. It involves anime. His roommate is also interviewed. Listen Now >> http://www.thisamericanwifepodcast.com/index.php?id=80

December 10 2013


Writing Excuses Season 3 Episode 24: Writing Comics with Jake Black » Writing Excuses

@Eliyanna: The artist isn’t the director, but neither is the writer. Ideally they share the role of director. They both have a vision for the book, but they need to realize it’s a team activity, not a writer (the boss) giving directives to the employees (the artist, letterer, colorist, etc.). When a writer assumes the visual dictation of the scenes, it’s like going into a 9-5 job where you clock in, you sit at your desk and your co-worker comes over and tell you how to do your job. Annoying at best. I’ve never worked with Mr. Black so I can’t say more about his approach that what I’ve heard here, so my humblest apologies if I’m missing the mark with him. This isn’t actually a criticism of Mr. Black, but rather my attempt to show aspiring comic book writers what the ‘other half’ of the creative team thinks about. Good advice for comic book writers would be to talk to your artist. Ask what format they’d prefer to have. Some will want the panel to panel layout, but most will not. Remember, your name is on the book for ‘writing’, not ‘penciller’ or ‘colorist’. If you make a wrong call on layout, it’s not you who will be hurt by it, but the artist that’s been forced to do it your way. If you have a clear visual image that you want to express, that you feel is integral to the story (like a close-up of one character’s hands clutching a bottle of Glenmorangie) then by all means specify that. For the most part though leave the art to the artists. As a comic book writer, you should be more concerned with telling the story than with panel count. Develop your story on a page by page basis and simply tell the artist what you want to happen on that page. Don’t just write what is visually happening (Spidey clinging to a wall, etc.) but also include things that the reader may not directly know. What’s he thinking about? Is he brooding? Even through a mask, an artist can portray these things with pose and camera angle. @mike Barker: Near the beginning, and he mentions that he does a panel by panel layout, even specifying the number of panels per page. It’s this attitude that I felt the need to reply to. http://www.writingexcuses.com/2009/11/08/writing-excuses-season-3-episode-24-writing-comics-with-jake-black/

December 05 2013


Oral history of British science - Oral history | British Library - Sounds

AbstractPart 3: Comments on own photography, late 1940s. Story of Nicholas Temperley’s mathematics supervisions, KC. [2:52] Story of brief period of nuclear research, CL, 1951. [5:56] Story of appointment as research student, Department of Geodesy and Geophysics [DGG], UOC, 1951, through friendship with KC Fellow, Maurice Hill [HM]. Comments on nature of discipline of ‘geophysics’. Description of MH’s seismic studies of the sea floor. [7:29] Comments on close relations between geology and geophysics in DGG; separateness of DGG and Department of Geology [DOG], UOC, in spite of proximity; own lack of geological training. [11:00] Mentions limited contact with other researchers, CL. [12:08] Story of origin of friendship with MH. Mentions ‘Ten Club’; later experience of MH’s parents’ Cambridge home. Comments on MH’s angst concerning level of own success in relation to that of father AV Hill, including possible link with MH’s suicide. Discussion and further comments on MH’s sense of his status in relation to Cambridge intellectual families. [17:14] Comments on status of geophysics, linked to involvement of Sir Edward (Teddy) Bullard [TB]. [17:50] Comments on equal status of science and arts subjects in UOC colleges, early 1950s; relative lack of day-to-day freedom of science students; CP Snow’s ‘two cultures’. [20:49] Mentions room in DGG, Downing Place, early 1950s. Story of assisting with ‘seismic refraction line’ [SFL] on Home Farm [HF], next to DGG’s Pendulum House [PH]; assistance with SFLs to detect coastal ‘drowned rivers’. [24:13] Detailed description of process of creating explosions for SFL; use of ‘geophones’ to receive returned vibrations; operation of recorder. Comments on HF. [29:52] Comments on discussions of geomagnetism work in coffee breaks, DGG. Positive comments on role of bathymetric wall charts of World’s oceans in coffee room, Madingley Rise [MR] (location of DGG from 1955). [32:30] Comments on Keith Runcorn. [33:53] Story of Leslie Flavell’s [LF] assistance in building of geophysical equipment, PH. Comments on research student Reg Gilbert’s work on gravitational measurements. [36:31] Detailed description of own research involving laboratory work on relations between compaction of ocean floor sediments and velocity of sound waves travelling through them, including apparatus used; role of technical assistance in electronic design and construction. Comments on contemporary valve electronics. [41:16] Detailed comments on process of communicating with LF. Comments on role of cathode ray oscilloscope [CRO]. Description of rough mock-ups of equipment. Detailed description/explanation of CRO display; use of CRO in own research. [46:20] Story of 1950s interest in mid-ocean ridges [MOR], with central valley; John Swallow’s [JS] mapping of part of Mid-Atlantic Ridge [MAR] central valley; Bruce Heezen’s [BH] (Lamont Geological Observatory [LGO]) recognition of extension of valley along MORs, associated with seismic activity; Ronald Mason [RM] and Arthur Raff’s [AR] survey of magnetic anomalies [MAs], eastern Pacific. Description of process of surveying and mapping MAs. Story of discussion of such data at MR; use of magnetometer in MH’s cruises. Story of development of/description of ‘proton magnetometer’ [PM], replacing earlier ‘flux-gate magnetometer’; LF’s construction of a PM. Comments on difficulties in use of gravimeters at sea. Mentions ‘routine’ use of echo-sounder, PM and gravimeter at sea; additional ‘seismic refraction shooting’, ‘seismic reflection shooting’, sample dredging. Description of extraction of samples. [57:36] Detailed description of process of deciding where to take research ships (including Discovery II [D2]) to collect data. [1:04:53] Description of survey of ‘Peake Deep’, including difficulties posed by contemporary navigational technology. Comments on name of biscuit manufacturers as inspiration for naming of ‘Freen Deep’ and ‘Palmer’ and ‘Huntley’ ridges. http://sounds.bl.uk/Oral-history/Science/021M-C1379X0029XX-0003V0

September 30 2013


"Raw+Jpeg" - Digital Photography Podcast 97 - The Digital Story

Weekly digital photography podcasts, photo tips, reader submitted pictures, equipment reviews and more. New Tools for the Creative Mind. The Digital Story is about making photography, music, and filmmaking enjoyable. Creativity flows better when technical issues are resolved. Instead of trying to figure out every blessed control on your digital camera, we want to show you the simple things that help it become an extension of your vision and a tool for your expression. http://thedigitalstory.com/2007/09/rawjpeg---digital-ph.html

September 06 2013


"Insecurity Blanket, Photokina, iPhone Story" - Digital Photography Podcast 338 - The Digital Story

Weekly digital photography podcasts, photo tips, reader submitted pictures, equipment reviews and more. New Tools for the Creative Mind. The Digital Story is about making photography, music, and filmmaking enjoyable. Creativity flows better when technical issues are resolved. Instead of trying to figure out every blessed control on your digital camera, we want to show you the simple things that help it become an extension of your vision and a tool for your expression. http://thedigitalstory.com/2012/08/insecurity-blanket-p.html

July 29 2013


"Everpix Interview, Winners, Workshop" - Digital Photography Podcast 382 - The Digital Story

Weekly digital photography podcasts, photo tips, reader submitted pictures, equipment reviews and more. New Tools for the Creative Mind. The Digital Story is about making photography, music, and filmmaking enjoyable. Creativity flows better when technical issues are resolved. Instead of trying to figure out every blessed control on your digital camera, we want to show you the simple things that help it become an extension of your vision and a tool for your expression. http://thedigitalstory.com/2013/07/tds-podcast-382.html

June 20 2013


Escape Pod Episode 398 - Subversion

A sci-fi story about real life version control? Yes please!

September 02 2012


Ep. 25: Internet Jackassery with Davin Pavlas

Davin Pavlas (Potter and Pals) joins us to share stories about being jackasses on the internet. We also discuss gross breakfast, Legos, Dave's new nickname, and how Kasey ruined Davin's sex life. Davin plays Crack The Case and Law

Ep. 23: Pranks with Jen Bokoff

Jen Bokoff (Pre-Recorded Late Night) joins us to share stories about pranks. We also discuss horrible cat noises, scamming old people, the Penn State racquetball scandal, and inventing a dumb charity. Jen plays True Crime and Unbelievable Laws for LIFT.

Ep. 22: Embarrassment with Jessica Charlton

Jessica Charlton (If You're Feeling...) joins us to share stories about embarrassment. We also discuss ants fighting and committing crimes, how we pay our rent, "Shucky Darn!," and screwing up history. Jessica plays Crack The Case and Unbelievable Laws for March of Dimes.

Ep. 20: Band Camp with Jay Frosting

Jay Frosting (Pre-Recored Late Night) joins us to share stories from band camp. We also discuss pre-internet porn, bionic implants, albino bees, and finger-banging. Jay plays Crack The Case and the final version of Incomplete Crimes for Planned Parenthood.

January 28 2012


The Struggle of Memory Against Forgetting - Hindsight - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Oral history has been part and parcel of the democratisation of history since the Second World War. Through interviews with historians from many different countries, and archival material from seminal oral history projects, we chart the international oral history movement, paying special attention to the role of oral history in Aboriginal historiography, and in post-Apartheid South Africa. Historians have always relied on oral history. Think of Homer and Thucydides and their reliance on eyewitness accounts and oral tradition. It was only in the 19th century when history as a discipline became professionalised, and historians started to think of their discipline as a 'science', that a total reliance on documentary sources developed. From the 1950s onwards, historians became interested again in personal testimony. In the US it was an archival project, an effort to get the reminiscences of 'movers and shakers' on the record, great men who were too busy to write their autobiographies. But in the UK and Europe, historians with a socialist ethos like Paul Thompson were keen to get the experiences of ordinary people on the record, in order to write 'history from below'. This impulse emerged from the inclusive social movements of the 1960s. In the decades since, oral history has been a democratising force in historical work, and a crucial means of achieving cultural and political recognition for marginalised groups. In countries with recent histories of trauma and political instability, oral history has urgent applications in restorative justice processes and national reconciliation. In 'The Struggle of Memory Against Forgetting', we explore some of these. Contributors include Inga Clendinnen, Paul Thompson, Peter Read, Heather Goodall, Sean Field and Bonnie Smith. Archival oral history material featured in the program relates to apartheid South Africa, the Stolen Generations in Australia, Aboriginal cattle drovers in the Northern Territory, British nuclear tests in South Australia, and working people in Edwardian England. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/hindsight/the-struggle-of-memory-against-forgetting/3658718

December 05 2011


This American Life Poultry Slam

Third Act is a really good: "In order to make foie gras - goose liver - the birds have to be treated inhumanely, strapped down and force-fed huge amounts of food. So when a chef named Dan Barber heard about Eduardo Sousa, a Spaniard who had supposedly found a way to make foie gras without mistreating the animals, Dan didn't believe it... until he went to Spain to investigate. Dan runs the New York restaurant"

November 05 2011


A School Sets the Stage for Life Changes : NPR

When Scott and Cathy Kohanek first met, he was a custodian and she was a teacher — and they couldn’t stop talking to each other. A lot has changed since then. But they’re both still at Minnesota’s Kenwood Elementary School.
Tags: story podcast

April 19 2011


Michael Goheen - Gospel, Story, Worldview, and the Church's Mission

Starting with the Gospel of the Kingdom 1. The good news 2. Five highlights: Power of God unto salvation Restorative nature Comprehensive scope Climax of a story Church essential Participating in the Biblical Story 1. Human life is shaped by some story 2. Bible tells one story 3. Often Christians do not see Bible as one story 4. Claims to be normative and comprehensive 5. Missionary encounter with cultural story Comprehensive Scope of the Gospel Narrowed 1. Comprehensive scope of gospel and church’s mission in early church Confession: ‘Jesus is Lord’ Self-designation: ‘Ecclesia’ 2. Gospel privatised at the Enlightenment Rise of the Term Worldview 1. Historical rise of term 2. Means to recover the comprehensive scope of the gospel 3. Tool to mediate gospel to church’s mission in public http://www.churchbootcamp.com/sermon/gospel-story-worldview-and-the-churchs-mission/

March 27 2011


Stories of the Journey Home Podcast: The Frog King

Copyright 2008 Leo Sofer Running Time 72:25 Three interwoven tales... A farmer, while tilling his field, comes across a strange wooden chest, with even stranger contents... A lone driver on a rainy night, runs out of gas, and gets visited by an unusual vehicle... A King had seven beautiful daughters he was most proud of, and then the eighth was born... Join English Storyteller Leo Sofer on a journey that may change the way you see the world around you. Intricately woven, these stories address such themes as personal growth, spirituality, and mindfulness. Leo tells stories which invite his listeners into a realm of infinite potential where life's inner treasures can be found. Here, the keys to greater peace, happiness, love, and fulfillment lie waiting in store. Download free monthly podcasts, buy stories individually, or subscribe for access to over 70 stories on our website: http://www.StoriesOfTheJourneyHome.com.

Stories of the Journey Home Podcast: The Turning Girl

Copyright 2008 Leo Sofer Running Time 62:34 Three interwoven tales... A little girl in an amusement park grapples with a decision that leaves her shaking... A ferocious mercenary wakes up one morning with a strange sense that he has an important task to perform - but he can't remember what it is... A young girl became famous across the kingdom for her rather unusual method of locomotion... Join English Storyteller Leo Sofer on a journey that may change the way you see the world around you. Intricately woven, these stories address such themes as personal growth, spirituality, and mindfulness. Leo tells stories which invite his listeners into a realm of infinite potential where life's inner treasures can be found. Here, the keys to greater peace, happiness, love, and fulfillment lie waiting in store. Download free monthly podcasts, buy stories individually, or subscribe for access to over 70 stories on our website: http://www.StoriesOfTheJourneyHome.com.
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