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February 24 2014


February 21 2014


February 14 2014


015- Last of the Boomers encourages Entrepreneur success- Adam Curry - BOOMERS for STARTUPS

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Select this link to listen to the audio episode. Many Startup Entrepreneurs try different business models in their attempt to leave their full-time day jobs and become a full-time Entrepreneur, so that they can enjoy their passion, support themselves with their small business and deliver value to their customers. Celebrity and Podcaster Adam Curry is such an Entrepreneur. Born in 1964, he is “on the cusp” of the Baby Boomer range, and is one of the “last of the official Baby-Boomers.” He also has had a history of financial success in making millions, then spending them all, and then finally of being an Entrepreneur that found happiness by living his passion as a “Government Legislation Analyst” in his latest business of podcasting with his show of No Agenda. After over 6 years of building a loyal audience, he  has proven that the road to his full-time Entrepreneurship is with the business model which he has proven successful — known as the VALUE-FOR-VALUE model. But to many others in the New Media arena, Adam Curry is also known as the “Pod-Father” –  since he and Dave Winer created the ability to implement successful podcasting. It was this breakthrough that allowed him to explore audio podcasting and create a show that still has a tremendous worldwide following of loyal listeners (known by Adam as “producers” — like the ones in the Hollywood model of entertainment). This came after a career with MTV and broadcasting. His media experience saw him as part of Mevio.com, (previously known as Podshow) with different podcasts that he also started (like the Daily Source Code). However, almost seven years ago, he started his flagship podcast show called NO AGENDA with his co-host, columnist John C. Dvorak. As an entrepreneur, he has developed the format and content of the show. You will notice that Adam Curry has several “firsts” in his success as a full-time podcaster-entrepreneur: (1) He provides docoumented deconstruction, information of value and entertainment; (2) He created his own position and title as a Government Legislation Analyst. Yes, he actually READS, analyzes and deciphers each governmental bill, proclamation, executive order, and United Nations document–and he even highlights the pertinent sections that can provide you, the listener, with critical thinking and and intelligent basis for making decisions and being well-informed. The documents and other valuable information are part of his extraordinary show notes, which are free to the listener from his podcast web site. (3) He has proven that his business model of VALUE-FOR-VALUE can be a successful one (and so far, a sustainable one) by building a loyal audience and receiving willing donations for the value that the audience receives. You will find out in this audio episode what the factors are of his success. In turn, he recommends that Boomers who are aspiring entrepreneurs should also consider going into the New Media environment to start their own businesses — within podcasting, screencasting or videocasting, which are some examples. From his own experience as a Boomer, he recommends that one should not allow “age-ism” (or age discrimination) to threaten or scare off a Boomer from making the decision to launch into this area — one in which the investment costs for entry are small and the learning of skills are within the means of most. His jingles are simple, but catchy; his audio clips are thought-provoking; and even though he sometimes has a nickname as “Crackpot,” we wish him the best of luck with his proven model by saying to Adam:  “IN THE MORNING!” To find out more about him, Adam suggests that you may want to see how he is perceived by others from the content published in wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Curry. Copyright (c) 2014, Adam Curry and Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved. http://boomersforstartups.com/016-last-boomers-delivers-simple-outline-entrepreneur-success-adam-curry/

January 13 2014


David Karp – Dorm Room Tycoon

In this interview David Karp, Founder of Tumblr, reveals how Tumblr grew quickly by targeting the right community, and the importance of mentorship. http://drt.fm/david-karp/

January 03 2014


October 27 2013


The Needle & The Mouse | Episode 15: Two Of A Kind

Episode 15: Two Of A Kind Hey, in-studio guests! Dan and Lauren chat with Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, co-founders of Of A Kind, about running an e-commerce startup, Apple’s new iPads, and design... http://theneedleandthemouse.com/post/65232151396/episode-15-two-of-a-kind

September 30 2013


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In this interview David Karp, Founder of Tumblr, reveals how Tumblr grew quickly by targeting the right community, and the importance of mentorship. http://drt.fm/david-karp-tumblr-interview-the-importance-of-startup-mentorship/

August 31 2012


Evan Williams's Soapbox

Evan Williams 's ZURBsoapbox: We had a full house last Friday when Evan Williams, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, dropped by our offices to chat about how he's worked to revolutionize the way we communicate on the internet. Our HQ was jam packed with some 150 people and everyone of them was excited http://www.zurb.com/soapbox/events/35/Evan-Williams--ZURBsoapbox

November 15 2011


Listen to the Podcast

Luke Wroblewski's ZURBsoapbox: Listen to LukeW's podcast 42 minutes, all of which are excellent. Subscribe: iTunes RSS '...he lit it all on fire in front of them.' LukeW's no stranger to lighting fires – as Senior Director of Product Iteration at Yahoo! Luke overseas the world's most trafficked web page, the Yahoo! homepage. http://www.zurb.com/soapbox/events/18/Luke-Wroblewski-ZURBsoapbox

Listen to the Podcast

Bart Decrem's ZURBsoapbox: Listen to Bart's podcast 34 minutes, 2 F-bombs, 7 bleeped product names, escalating passion Subscribe: iTunes RSS 'I follow my gut on those things' Tapulous is Bart's fifth venture after working in the nonprofit, Linux, and web browser worlds, including launching Firefox and more recently Flock. He was an entrepreneur http://www.zurb.com/soapbox/events/17/Bart-Decrem-ZURBsoapbox

Listen to the Podcast

Alex Faaborg's ZURBsoapbox: The ZURBsoapbox with Alex Faaborg of Mozilla was absolutely hopping! We had so many folks show up that we had trouble piling into the brainstorm room this time around. Alex started off sharing how design works in a large open source community as well as the challenges which Mozilla has http://www.zurb.com/soapbox/events/12/Alex-Faaborg-ZURBsoapbox

Listen to the Podcast

Luke Wroblewski's ZURBsoapbox: As always we all had a great time last Friday with our long time friend LukeW at his second ZURBsoapbox. Luke made a strong and valid case of why we should focus on designing for mobile vs. the desktop http://www.zurb.com/soapbox/events/10/Luke-Wroblewski-ZURBsoapbox

Listen to the Podcast

Peter Skillman's ZURBsoapbox: "Design is just 5% of a world class product and experience. Marketing, sales, distribution, [and] procurement is what makes up the other 95%." ZURB was truly hopping at last Friday, with our largest ZURBsoapbox turnout ever for Peter Skillman's talk. We loved having one last heart to heart with the http://www.zurb.com/soapbox/events/7/Peter-Skillman-ZURBsoapbox

May 07 2011


BIG KITTY BROADCAST - What's in the Case?!

One of the better rambles on a big problem in development lately for concepts and what not. Ronin gets it right with a huge movie tie into todays tech innovation scene, we must know what's in the case people!!

BIG KITTY BROADCAST - All Tweets on Deck

I found it completely insane that Twitter HAD to buy TweetDeck. The biggest issue I had with the idea was the HAD part. I found it more troubling to me that Twitter HAD to buy them. This was recorded before the sale took place when bloggers on TechCrunch first discussed the notion, and the desperate reasons why Twitter HAD to buy TweetDeck.

March 11 2011


How Clever Entrepreneurs Turned 3 Air Mattresses Into Airbnb, The Site That Makes Any Home A Bed And Breakfast – with Brian and Joe | Case Studies & Business Tips

The founders of Airbnb are guys who couldn't make rent a few years ago, but they kept turning desperation into creative solutions. In October 2007, eager to make extra money, they noticed that local hotels were booked up because of a conference. So they pumped up some inflatable mattresses and listed their place online as an air bed and breakfast. It was quirky and it worked. That little act of creativity became Airbnb, the (profitable) site that allows anyone to list their extra space for rent. This interview is full of examples of that kind of hustle, like how... http://mixergy.com/airbnb-chesky-gebbia/
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