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September 14 2013


224: Nourishing Online Community. Designing Workplace Culture. The NSA, Surveillance, And You. Serendipity And Global Connection. - Spark From CBC Radio (podcast)

Wendy Powley and Caterina Fake on nourishing online community. Dan Misener on The NSA, surveillance and encryption. Teresa Brazen on designing workplace culture. Ethan Zuckerman on his book Rewire." name="description http://player.fm/series/spark-from-cbc-radio/224-nourishing-online-community-designing-workplace-culture-the-nsa-surveillance-and-you-serendipity-and-global-connection

July 28 2013


Spark • Internet Linguistics:€” Q&A with David Crystal

David Crystal is a world-renowned linguist. He’s the author of over 100 books, and an advocate of what he calls “Internet Linguistics" — an approach to understanding how we use language online. Nora Young interviewed David for Spark 220. This Q&A is a lightly edited version of that interview. http://sparkcbc.tumblr.com/post/52398439754/internet-linguistics-q-a-with-david-crystal
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December 20 2011


Full Interview: Baratunde Thurston on Marketing Your Book in a Digital Age | Spark

These days, authors are increasingly expected to do more than just, you know, write books. They’re expected to have a presence on social media, to have a public profile, and to connect with fans and potential new readers. Baratunde Thurston is taking that a step further. Actually, he’s taking it several steps further. He’s a comedian, Director of Digital for The Onion, and he’s the author of the forthcoming book, How to Be Black. He’s assembled a volunteer ‘street team’ to help market the book through word-of-mouth and social media, and is modeling the marketing of the book on a political campaign. Is this the future for all authors? And what if you’re a low profile person who just wants to write? http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2011/12/full-interview-baratunde-thurston-on-marketing-your-book-in-a-digital-age/

Niche Subscriptions on Spark

Cathi Bond is here to talk about the trend of niche publications – having a subscription that’s not to a magazine, but to actual physical objects that come in the mail. It’s a different, analog approach to customization. Hyper-curated almost. And Cathi and Nora wonder if it’s an example of a post-digital fetishization of artifacts. http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2011/12/spark-166-december-18-21-2011/

Full Interview: David Weinberger on LibraryCloud and ShelfLife | Spark

Last week, Nora interviewed David Weinberger about libraries of the future. David is a writer, a senior research at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and he’s the co-director of The Harvard Library Innovation Lab. Nora and David discussed two projects the lab is working on, both related to metadata – information about information – and how it impacts the ways we find and navigate knowledge. So if you were waiting for a public radio podcast about library metadata (and really, who hasn’t?) today’s your lucky day. http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2011/12/full-interview-david-weinberger-on-librarycloud-and-shelflife/

Hacking the Library on Spark

Jon Kalish brings us the latest DIY trend: hackerspaces popping up at public libraries across North America. He’ll tell us why the re-purposing of public libraries is revolutionizing the way we think about libraries, turning them into places where we can make things. http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2011/12/spark-166-december-18-21-2011/

December 01 2011


Spark 159 —€“ October 23 & 26, 2011

This week on Spark:€“ There'€™s been a sharp decline in the number of young people going into the field of Computer Science lately. We try to find out why so-called digital natives lack interest in how our digital world works, and why learning to program should be basic literacy for us all. On this episode of Spark: Programmers, Hybrids, and Cyborgs – oh my! http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2011/10/spark-159-october-23-26-2011/

May 06 2011


Full Interview: Adam Greenfield on Urban Computing | Spark | CBC Radio

A few weeks ago on Spark, contributor Jonathan Gifford brought us inside the Cognitive Cities Conference in Berlin. One of the key people he met there was Adam Greenfield. Adam is founder and managing director of the urban-systems design practice Urbanscale and he thinks a lot about the future of the networked city, something he’s called urban computing. http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2011/04/full-interview-adam-greenfield-on-urban-computing/

November 23 2010


CBC Spark: Nora Young interviews David Fewer about Bill C-32 : SFFaudio

The Canadian government is taking another crack at reforming our nation’s extremely outdated copyright laws. Two previous bills died when Parliament dissolved. But Bill C-32 is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and before committee. How necessary are these changes? The current legislation includes mention of Beta Max machines. Meanwhile, Bill C-32 would finally make it legal to record a program on your VCR to watch at a later time. Yes – a practice that is technically illegal in Canada.

October 31 2010


Full Interview: Austin Seraphin on the iPhone for blind users

Austin Seraphin has been blind since birth. And this past summer, Austin got an iPhone, and he loves it. From Spark: http://bit.ly/9ioUWq

September 12 2010


Spark 20100912

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