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February 01 2014


The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Show: The Happiness Project - Welcome to My Blue Zone|A-Infos Radio Project

Had a chance to hear Dan Buettner speak at The Richmond Forum this past Saturday night. Buettner is known for his work studying longevity and has developed the concept of Blue Zones - areas of the world where humans live longer than the rst of us. A corollary to his work on longevity is his study of happiness and his analytical approach to measuring happiness. Great program and tonight's show is inspired by his work unlocking the secrets of happiness. I promise that you'll be happier in two hours than you are right now, if you listen to tonight's show. Come on get happy! The Haberdasher Read more on Buettner's work: http://www.bluezones.com/live-happier/ Come On Get Happy The Partridge Family Come On Get Happy! The Very Best of The Partridge Family Happiness Allen Toussaint The Allen Toussaint Collection Happiness Is A Warm Gun Breeders Pod Happiness Black Uhuru Black Uhuru: Liberation the Island Anthology Happiness - You're A Good Man Charlie Brown Bob Balaban and Company Broadway 1959 - 1967 - Put On A Happy Face Happy Loving Couples Joe Jackson Look Sharp! Love and Happiness Al Green Take Me To The River Get Happy Clifford Brown Clifford Brown: Complete Blue Note Pacific Jazz Feeling Happy Big Joe Turner Big Joe Turner's Greatest Hits My Happiness Forever LaVern Baker Soul On Fire: The Best of LaVern Baker Don't Worry, Be Happy Bobby McFerrin Simple Pleasures Happy Together Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention Fillmore East, 1971 What Makes You Happy Liz Phair whitechocolatespacegg Happy Woman Blues Lucinda Williams Happy Woman Blues Stranger To My Happiness Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Give The People What They Want Get Happy Judy Garland Best of Broadway - Early 50s We're A Happy Family The Ramones Rocket To Russia The Happy Song (Dum-Dum) Otis Redding The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959 - 1968 I'm So Happy Now Willie Wright Telling The Truth Hello Sadness Lucero The Attic Tapes Sad and Lonely Lucero That Much Further West Smile Jimmy Durante As Time Goes By: The Best of Jimmy Durante Smile A Little Smile For Me Flying Machine Classic Rock: Bubblegum, Garage and Pop Nuggets The Smile you Smile Van Morrison Bang Masters I've Been Everywhere Johnny Cash The Legend of Johnny Cash Cities Talking Heads Fear if Music National Health The Kinks One For the Road Money Won't Change You James Brown Star Time No Kids Marvin Pontiac The Legendary Marvin Pontiac Work Scott H. Biram Graveyard Shift Friends Cracker Sunrise in The Land of Milk and Honey

January 04 2014


Tribute to John Blades

We pay tribute to structural engineer, award-winning radio producer, tape loop manipulator, disability advocate, spoken word artist, outsider art collector, experimental music and true crime aficionado, John Blades - who died in late 2011. We play material from John’s many radio programs, hear his friends’ and family’s accounts of his life and chart his history as a tireless supporter and exponent of ‘marginal’ culture. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/nightair/tribute-to-john-blades/3823736
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December 12 2013


Junk Music: redundant technology and detourned devices as instruments

Thursday 3 October 2013, 7:30pm at West Space. Featuring: Ernie Althoff, Joanne Cannon, Rod Cooper, Bent Leather Band. Moderated by Clinton Green. Three of Australia’s most respected experimental instrument makers discuss the ideas, techniques and inspirations behind their use of recycled materials and redundant technologies to create new instruments and sonic situations. From gutted laser printers to gramophones and cooking pots, the discussion promises to be a veritable trash’n'treasure of musical innovation. http://www.moretalk.org/archives/

August 17 2013


Ora 2 : Listening

The second episode of Ora 2 begins with a lullaby that later turns out to be a lament, and it ends with a march anticipated by the refrains of memory. Salomé Voegelin and Daniela Cascella converse and prompt each other to unravel and explore the dynamics of listening in relation to the past and the present. http://ora2013.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/ora-2-listening-25-july-2013/

August 14 2013


Radio New Zealand : Upbeat : 05 Feb 2010 : Bruce Russell

Christchurch sound artist and writer whose book 'Left Handed Blows:Writing on Sound' is being launched in Auckland tomorrow. http://www.radionz.co.nz/concert/programmes/upbeat/audio/2204559/bruce-russell

April 11 2013


Digital Human - Engagement

Aleks Krotoski explores when captivates and beguiles and asks if the digital world can measure up to the real one.

August 30 2012


Touch.30 interview: Chris Watson

An interview with Chris recorded over Skype for the forthcoming Touch.30 live event in New York City in September 2012.

March 18 2012


Biophony: Music of the Wild - Studio 360

Biologist Bernie Krause believes animals communicate with each other on their own frequency, and when you put all those frequencies together, they interact in a way not unlike a symphony orchestra. He calls it “biophony.”

March 05 2012


Alder Hey's Dawn Chorus

Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, UK has called upon the skills of world leading sound recordist Chris Watson to introduce his beautiful wildlife recordings into the hospital soundscape. This short piece blends interview material with Chris Watson's breath-taking birdsong recordings to explore the therapeutic use of sound amongst Alder Hey's young patients. More information: http://onthenatureofthings.com/2011/12/22/birdsong-an-escape-from-the-noise/ http://onthenatureofthings.com/2011/03/30/alder-heys-dawn-chorus/

January 22 2012


PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

Take a journey through incarnations of Thompson's work mixed with psychedelic sound collage. Rare recordings like the original tapes from the famous road trip which became Hunter's most well known work: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" are featured in this weeks installment. Also featured will be excerpts of H.S.T. lectures, and passages from his books. Even if your only image of Thompson is the one of Johnny Depp, you will be in for a treat in this special two hour episode of The Elastic Retreat. In the words of Thompson himself, in order to truly enjoy this show, "The mind & body must be subjected to extreme stimulus, by means of drugs and music." " name="DESCRIPTION http://revsmitty666.podomatic.com/entry/2012-01-22T12_20_41-08_00

Tunnel Vision 1 - Brixton to Clapham

Tunnel Vision is recorded entirely in London’s sewer system. Producer/presenter Bruno Rinvolucri duped a collection of writers, musicians, activists and academics into wading knee deep through swollen rivers of effluvia along the miles of tunnel beneath London. Tunnel Vision’s troglodytes explore this hidden and somewhat mysterious subterranean environment. Sound artist Sammie Joplin embarks on a subterranean jaunt from Brixton Water Lane to Clapham High Street conducting various sound experiments en route.

January 05 2012


Hearing the past - Hindsight - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Historians are starting to listen, tuning their ears to the sounds of the past to gain a new understanding of times gone by. Sound may be irretrievable in itself but references to hearing and listening resonate in many written records and can be highly significant for grasping a sense of how people thought in the past. Australian historians are making key contributions to the field of sound history, in particular with the work of Professor Shane White and Graham White at Sydney University. They are specialists in African-American history, and together have written an acclaimed book on the sound history of slavery. They recover the sounds of plantation and urban life and document the differing responses from those who heard them. How sounds are heard is crucial for Professor Mark Smith of the University of South Carolina. He is one of the pioneers in sound history, and has argued for the importance of sound in the thinking of Americans in the years leading up to the Civil War. Meantime historians have begun to consider how Australia was heard in the past—from early explorers to the lead-up to Federation. Many of the themes from the American research resound here too—the power of silence, the appeal of uniformity, the question of noise—suggesting that sound history is going to be heard loudly in the future. Guests: Shane White, Professor of History, University of Sydney Mark Smith, Professor of History, University of South Carolina Alan Atkinson, ARC Professorial Fellow, University of New England, Armidale Diane Collins, Associate Dean, Conservatorium of Music, Sydney Bruce Johnson, Docent and Visiting Professor , University of Turku , Finland Cameron Fairweather, trumpet Ingrid Heyn, sound performer Manolis Mavromakis, reader Michael Taft, sound performer Class 4/3 S, St Brigid's Primary School, Mordialloc Publications: Title: The Sounds of Slavery Author: Shane White and Graham White Publisher: Beacon Press, Boston 2005 Title: Listening to Nineteenth Century America Author: Mark M. Smith Publisher: University of North Carolina Press, 2001 Title: The Commonwealth of Speech Author: Alan Atkinson Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne 2002 Title: Talking and Listening in the Age of Modernity Author/editors: Joy Damousi and Desley Deacon Publisher: ANU Press, Canberra 2007 Title: De Anima Book II Author: Aristotle http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/hindsight/hearing-the-past/3658514

November 17 2011


Have You Heard About B Flat? : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR

For reasons that remain mostly mysterious, the note we call "B flat" does the oddest things. It aggravates alligators, it lurks in the stairwell of an office building, and it emanates from a supermassive black hole 250 million light years from Earth. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7442915

July 12 2011


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - #468: Easy Home Theater Audio Tweaks

It seems like there was a lot going on in the news this week, so we have a bunch of current events to cover - everything from iPad 2 to AllRovi.com. Then we go over some tips from an article at Electronic House called Acoustics Matter: Easy Home Theater Audio Tweaks. The article has some good ideas for how to get the most out of your home theater audio equipment and configuration. http://www.hdtvmagazine.com/podcast/2011/03/hdtv-and-home-theater-podcast-podcast-468-easy-home-theater-audio-tweaks.php

June 24 2011


Mustang Physics, April 2011: Sonifying Subatomic Physics

On this episode of “Mustang Physics,” Matt Bellis (Stanford University) discusses his spontaneous collaboration with both physicists and non-physicists that has turned particle collision data into music with the goal of giving new communities an experience with physics data. “Mustang Physics” is your gateway into the world of physics and the lives and thoughts of physicists. Matt Bellis is a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University. He works on the BaBar Experiment at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. He presented the SMU Physics Department Seminar on March 7, 2011, where he discussed his work on the search for fundamental symmetry violations that might explain our asymmetric cosmos. He spoke with me about his effort to use particle physics data to produce music. This effort would allow whole new communities to experience and use particle physics data. http://blog.smu.edu/mustangphysics/2011/04/30/episode-005-sonifying-subatomic-physics/

May 01 2011


Cognitive Dissonance: Lightning in a Bottle

What was the earliest sound ever recorded, or "bottled"? The First Sounds (FS) project, organized by a group of audio historians, scientists, and archivists, is dedicated to exploring these pioneering sounds, and sharing them with the world.

April 19 2011


synthesis midterm

December 15 2010


'The Sounds of Star Wars' : NPR

December 05 2010


Commentary: Sounds of Japan Railways : NPR

Commentator Andy Raskin returned to Tokyo, where he once lived, and discovered musical improvements to the notification sounds played at each stop on the Japan Railways line. We hear some examples. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1435627

July 05 2010


Suzanne Ciani (mp3)

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