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February 19 2014


February 16 2014


February 10 2014


February 04 2014


January 28 2014


January 11 2014


ON STORY: Paul Thomas Anderson Talks with Jonathan Demme

AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL'S ON STORY: Paul Thomas Anderson Talks with Jonathan Demme. Jonathan Demme describes his filmmaking journey in a conversation moderated by fellow Director Paul Thomas Anderson. http://austinfilm.libsyn.com/rss

December 11 2013


October 29 2013


Episode 28 :: Screenwriter Brian McDonald's Creative Process :: Pt.1 - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com

Filmmaker and Author, Brian McDonald takes us into his creative process, tackling Movie Reality, his influences, and his book THE GOLDEN THEME. - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com. http://kiroradio.com/listen/9963191

September 11 2013


August 07 2013


Scriptnotes 2: How to get an agent and/or manager

“How do I get an agent and/or manager?” It’s an intractable question because while most working screenwriters have representation, no two of them got it the same way. If you ask a panel of writers, you’ll hear a series of anecdotes, but you won’t get a better sense of what next steps you should take. http://johnaugust.com/2011/scriptnotes-episode-2

September 05 2012


February 11 2011


Creative Screenwriting Magazine: Joel & Ethan Coen

Senior Editor Jeff Goldsmith interviews co-writers and co-directors Joel and Ethan Coen about True Grit

September 29 2010


Chris Soth lecture: On Loglines and "What is high concept?"

Chris Soth lectures on "What is a logline?" or what makes a successful logline. Worth a listen. http://www.indieclub.com/icmessageboard/thread.asp?ident=7592820108975207&page=1
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