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February 26 2014


January 23 2014


AccessTalk | Podcast 22: Window Eyes, Google contact lenses, connected toothbrushes & the Fitbit Flex

October 06 2013


#127 – Silk Road, Samsung, Shutdown, HuffPo, Runtastic, Microsoft, TC Disrupt | Geekweek

August 23 2012


Jury To Decide Apple's Patent Case Against Samsung : NPR

In one of the biggest patent infringement cases ever, Apple is suing Samsung for as much as $2.75 billion — charging that in creating its products, Samsung ripped off iPhone and iPad technology. Samsung countered with its own allegations. http://www.npr.org/2012/08/22/159679099/jury-to-decide-apple-s-patent-case-against-samsung
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