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February 08 2014


Why you shouldn't mess with carbonara | Public Radio International

Oretta Zanini de Vita and Maureen Fant have penned a new book together called "Pasta the Italian Way." The title underscores the fact that Fant takes Italian food very seriously, and strives to keep it as authentic as possible. And no dish is more sacred, Fant says, than spaghetti alla carbonara. http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-29/why-you-shouldnt-mess-carbonara

Pete Seeger woke up America with songs across several cultures | Public Radio International

The late Pete Seeger wrote his own songs about politics and culture, and also covered Cuban folk songs, African spirituals and traditional Irish tunes. http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-28/pete-seeger-woke-america-songs-across-several-cultures
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Italy's extra virgin olive oil isn't always so virgin, or so Italian | Public Radio International

It's good for your health. The best chefs wouldn't be caught without it. And Americans love the stuff. But are we getting the REAL stuff? Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy? http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-31/italys-extra-virgin-olive-oil-isnt-always-so-virgin-or-so-italian

There's a street in Tokyo where the sushi is amazing, except you can't eat it | Public Radio International

Food writer Steve Dolinsky explores the epicenter of the world's fake food on Kappabashi Street in Tokyo, Japan. http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-02-05/theres-street-tokyo-where-sushi-amazing-except-you-cant-eat-it

January 31 2014


'This Land is Your Land" American Icons profile on Studio 360

All of America sings it at school and summer camp; Bruce Springsteen sang it at President Obama’s inauguration. Yet Woody ... http://www.studio360.org/story/96229-land-your-land/?utm_source=local&utm_media=treatment&utm_campaign=daMost&utm_content=damostviewed

December 28 2013


Adam Driver on Studio 360

Adam Driver steals scenes as an angsty, masculine and vulnerable boyfriend in HBO's Girls. He'll try to do the same ... http://www.studio360.org/story/adam-driver-meets-the-coen-brothers/

November 12 2013


'Oma and Bella': Two Holocaust Survivors that Preserve Memories in their Berlin Kitchen | Public Radio International

'Oma and Bella' is a documentary about two Jewish women in their 80s living in Berlin. Reporter Julia Simon talks to the filmmaker, who is the grand daughter of one of the women. http://www.pri.org/stories/2012-12-10/oma-and-bella-two-holocaust-survivors-preserve-memories-their-berlin-kitchen

September 06 2013


January 19 2012


Iceland Serves Up Road Salt for Dinner

Iceland has a big issue at hand at the moment. “Salt” And it is not about the kind that we sprinkle on food, but the one that we sprinkle on roads to stop the cars from sliding around the ice. But maybe it is both. It seems Icelanders have been seasoning their food with industrial or road salt for about 13 years, without realizing it. Anchor Marco Werman talks to Thora Arnorsdottir, a news editor at Icelandic National Broadcasting in Reykjavík. She has been covering the salt scandal.
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December 29 2011





October 30 2011


William Shatner and Téa Obreht - Studio 360


March 25 2011


Digital books replacing print in schools | PRI.ORG

Why a prep school in Massachusetts replaced its library books with digital versions, and colleges are moving to electronic textbooks. http://www.pri.org/science/technology/digital-books-replace-print-in-schools1639.html

In search of the good life | PRI.ORG

Historian Richard Schoch calls on a few great minds to help us think differently about what really brings us happiness. http://www.pri.org/arts-entertainment/books/in-search-of-the-good-life1782.html

Author John Irving on fear and happiness | PRI.ORG

John Irving explains why he believes fear makes for better stories than happiness -- he is the author of several critically acclaimed books. http://www.pri.org/arts-entertainment/books/john-irving-fear-happiness1711.html

December 31 2010


The Takeaway: Soul Queen Sharon Jones On New Year's Performances

Having trouble deciding what to do tonight to ring in the new year? If you'll be around New York City, you may want to grab tickets to see Sharon Jones perform, two nights, at New York’s Best Buy Theater. At the beginning of this decade Jones was a Rikers Island prison guard. That all changed after she met bassist Gabriel Roth. The two founded a group called Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings; and today, nearly ten years later, the group has recorded hit records with Amy Winehouse, Sharon has toured the world with Lou Reed, and the Dap-Kings are widely lauded throughout the music industry for their magical ability to recreate the sound and soul of the 1960’s.

December 25 2010


How much for the 12 Days of Christmas? | Marketplace From American Public Media

'Thinking of gifting someone "The 12 Days of Christmas" this year? Well you better be well-off. Sean Cole investigates the true price of the song.' http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2010/12/24/mm-how-much-for-the-12-days-of-christmas/

December 20 2010


On the Media - Dynamic Pricing [12/17/2010]

'One way retailers are trying to maximize profits this holiday season is through "dynamic pricing," whereby the price of an item is based on what the seller thinks the consumer is willing to pay. Slate’s Annie Lowrey says that retailers use your browsing history, your purchase history, and even your browser type to guess how deep your pockets are.' From http://onthemedia.org/transcripts/2010/12/17/06

On the Media - Turning Down Loud Commercials [12/17/2010]

'For decades, the FCC has been fielding complaints about the drastic volume change between television shows and the commercials around them. Up until now, their only solution was to recommend that viewers use the mute button when a loud commercial comes on. The Wall Street Journal’s Elizabeth Williamson says all that will change now that Congress has passed new legislation to regulate the volume of commercials.' From http://onthemedia.org/transcripts/2010/12/17/05

December 17 2010



We spy on the new culture of surveillance. Kurt Andersen talks to technologist and philosopher Jaron Lanier about why we have to watch the watchers. An artist meticulously tracks government spy satellites crossing the night sky. A computer scientist explains what goes into building a facial recognition system. And sitting silently in her car, a photographer secretly snaps pictures of strangers in their homes. From http://www.studio360.org/episodes/2010/12/17
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