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January 01 2014


The Final Straw Radio (AshevilleFM) (May 29, 2011) Green is the New Red: An interview with Will Potter

As the June 11th day of Solidarity with long-term anarchist political prisoners approaches, The Final Straw will be addressing the Green Scare over the next two shows. I’m happy to bring you an interview with Will Potter, author of the new book, “Green is the New Red” and founder of http://www.greenisthenewred.com , a blog where Will follows the suppression of free speech and activists working to end animal cruelty and the destruction of our natural environment. Next week, The Final Straw will bring you an interview with members of the support committees for long-term anarchist political prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid (respectively). Soundtrack for this week’s episode was taken from Filastine’s album, Burn It, which was pressed by CrimethInc to benefit the legal defenses of victims of Operation Backfire and the Green Scare. Free all prisoners! For more info on these shows, check out: http://www.greenisthenewred.org http://www.june11.org http://supporteric.org http://www.supportmariemason.org http://breakthechains.info/

December 26 2013


The Final Straw 2013/10/27: Ben Turk on Insurgent Theatre & Prison Abolition|A-Infos Radio Project

This week's episode is a conversation with Ben Turk. Ben's a co-founder of Insurgent Theatre, the decade-old theater troop that has presented a number of original and refurbished theater workshops and performances around the country. Topics of IT's works have ranged from discussions around Militancy framed through Homer's Odyssey to Administrative Segregation to a Terrorists Fairytale. Insurgent Theatre's current play is called "Know Your Enemy." The play is a one-person presentation based around a community liaison cop with a liberal heart of gold. As the play goes on, the cop begins to question whether he can actually do his job and help the community. A psychological study into the head of the "good cop" and community/cop relations, it also serves as a history of policing in the United States (ala "Our Enemies in Blue" by Kristian Williams) and a discussion of safer practices when interacting with cops (a sort of Know Your Rights presentation). http://insurgenttheatre.org/acab/acab.html "Know Your Enemy" is touring with the second film by D Jones in the "The Great Incarcerator" series. That film, "The Shadow of Lucasville" includes some eye opening just came out and a preview can be found online at: http://darklittlesecretmovie.com/the-great-incarcerator-part-2-the-shadow-of-lucasville/ We also talk a bit during the hour about art and theater in the modern U.S. and how they can and/or do(n't) intersect. He has a theatrical and theoretical project meant to play out his views on the role of art in revolution. http://artscab.net/ Finally, we speak about prison abolition. Ben has been involved in Redbird Prison Abolition, doing support work for and with prisoners (and those in revolt in particular) in Ohio where the project is based. These include the Lucasville Uprising prisoners, Sean Swain and others. http://www.redbirdprisonabolition.org/ This episodes playlist can be found at: http://www.ashevillefm.org/node/7923 Archives of the interview episodes can be found at thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org and music episodes can be found at radio4all.net and archive.org by searching "final straw music". You can email us at thefinalstrawradio(aaaaaat)riseup(dote)net
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November 16 2011


Caustic Soda: Bad Cop, Bad Cop

In our “Bad Cop, Bad Cop” episode, we look at some of the most corrupt, venal, and downright outrageous abuses of police power past and present, as well as the best of the worst cop movies and TV shows.

March 06 2011


Interview: Gerry Conlon (25 Feb 11)

Gerry Conlon spent fifteen years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He was one of the so-called Guildford Four, jailed in 1975 for an IRA pub bombing which killed five people and injured more than sixty. Other members of his family were also wrongfully imprisoned for terrorist offences, including his father - who was to die in prison. In 2005 the then British prime minister Tony Blair apologised to Gerry Conlon and the others in his case and he was awarded compensation. But on The Interview he tells Carrie Gracie that he still can't move on and his life has been ruined.

February 10 2011


How Tough Is it to Build a Dirty Bomb? | PBS NewsHour | Feb. 8, 2011 | PBS

Science correspondent Miles O'Brien examines the threat that radioactive "dirty bombs"could pose to cities in the U.S., and what's being done to prevent a radiological attack from happening. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/science/jan-june11/dirtybombs_02-08.html

June 03 2010


BBC World Service - Documentaries - 24 Hours in Tulsa

A midget street thug on a kiddy bike. Incompetent thieves who resort to stealing air-conditioning units. A woman too drunk to notice a police car heading towards her with all lights flashing. These are just some of the criminals and junkies, the faithful and forlorn encountered by one police officer cruising the streets of one Midwestern US city. But this policeman has an eye for the weird, an overdeveloped sense of humour and a talent for narrative.
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