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December 14 2013


December 08 2013


#48: “Fat Burning Man,” Abel James and Bulletproof Exec Unite – Podcast

This podcast is with Abel James – a #1 best-selling author, fat loss coach, musician, radio show host, and veritable health crusader. Abel also runs the extremely popular “Fat Burning Man” show – which is one of the top health http://www.bulletproofexec.com/podcast-48-fat-burning-man-abel-james-and-bulletproof-executive-unite/
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#12: “Sexification” with Roger Lawson – Podcast

Roger “Rog” Lawson is a strength training and nutrition expert who works with clients through the All Access Fitness Academy and through his website at roglawfitness.com.  After only a few years, Roger has become an authority on all things fitness.  http://www.bulletproofexec.com/podcast-12-sexification-with-roger-lawson/

July 29 2013


Patrick Lightbody | Wisdom of the Crowd: Gathering Insights from Real User Monitoring

Web developers will need an ample supply of RUM to ensure their applications are performing to users' satisfaction. Patrick Lightbody, Director, Product Development, Neustar Web Performance, advises developers that beyond nav timings the core things users care about are performance, availability, and functionality. In this talk Patrick describes the tools developers can use to evaluate critical web metrics, and how to produce a meaningful score card from the data they produce. http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail5330.html

July 28 2012


Los Paja Brava @ Summertime Festival, Den Haag 2012

March 17 2012


Excessive Enhancement: JavaScript's Dark Side

Are we being seduced by the animation and rich UI capabilities of modern browsers at the expense of the underlying platform of the Web? The Web has entered a new phase in its evolution: The proliferation of a JavaScript enabled audience with increased processing grunt in their devices, better and more ambitious JavaScript developers, and users with an appetite for sophisticated experiences, all seem to be helping to move the web in a rich and exciting direction. Good developers understand about graceful degradation, progressive enhancement, unobtrusive JavaScript and the like, so why are we seeing big companies building web offerings with little apparent thought for their impact on the Web? We'll explore this by looking at what the Web was, is now, and might become. We'll look at examples of exciting user interfaces and sophisticated interactions. We'll also examine some emerging techniques for providing rich user interactions without hurting the web or killing kittens. Phil Hawksworth, Technical Director, R/GA Phil began his career building web applications for financial institutions such as Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, and the London Stock Exchange in the late nineties. A focus on web architectures and real-time data delivery lead Phil to a variety of web development roles with particular attention to emerging front-end development techniques and JavaScript application development. After several years working on web applications and consulting on web best practices at technology companies such as Verisign, VMware and BT, Phil made the move into the agency world where he managed development teams and architected solutions on projects for clients including of eBay, Sony and BP. Phil Hawksworth is a Technical Director at R/GA and enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

March 15 2012


Teradata Columnar for Extreme Performance - BeyeNETWORK

Teradata Columnar for Extreme Performance Data Warehousing http://www.b-eye-network.com/listen/15615

November 07 2011


All In The Mind - 5 November 2011 - Practice makes perfect?

The virtuoso violinist, star surgeon and super sportswoman - could any of us become the best of the best? Daniel Coyle toured the world's famous talent 'hotbeds' in search of secrets. Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson says with enough 'deliberate practice' - 10,000 hours of it, he argues - anything's possible. But does that trump 'natural talent'? Guests: Dr K. Anders Ericsson, Conradi Eminent Scholar, Professor of Psychology, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida - (http://www.psy.fsu.edu/faculty/ericsson.dp.html) Daniel Coyle, Author and contributing editor for Outside magazine - (http://thetalentcode.com/author/) Jacqui Cooper, Former world champion aerial skier - (http://jacquicooper.com/) Further Information: Jacqui Cooper ski-jumping at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj8sSTmKMG0) Publications: Title: The Talent Code; Greatness Isn't Born It's Grown Author: Daniel Coyle Publisher: Arrow Books, 2009 Title: The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of expert performance Author: Ericsson, K. Anders; Krampe, Ralf T.; Tesch-Rer, Clemens Publisher: Psychological Review: Vol 100(3), Jul 1993, 363-406. URL: http://www.scribd.com/doc/50947539/Ericsson-et-al-Role-of-Deliberate-Practice-in-Acquisition-of-Expert-Performance Title: Toward a science of exceptional achievement: attaining superior performance through deliberate practice. Author: Ericsson KA, Nandagopal K, Roring RW. Publisher: Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2009 Aug;1172:199-217. URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1196/annals.1393.001/abstract Title: From the Guest Editors: How Do Experts Learn Author: A. Mark Williams and K. Anders Ericsson Publisher: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2008, 30, 653-662 URL: http://www.castonline.ilstu.edu/smith/405/readings_pdf/expert_rdngs/how_experts_learn_1.pdf Title: Cognitive functions of the cerebellum explain how Ericsson's deliberate practice produces giftedness Publisher: High Ability Studies; Vol 18, No 1, June 2007, pp89-92 URL: http://positivedisintegration.com/Vandervert2007.pdf Title: Deliberate practice and expert performance: defining the path to excellence Author: Paul Ward, Nicola J. Hodges, A. Mark Williams and Janet L. Starkes Publisher: London: Routledge (2004) URL: http://hkin.educ.ubc.ca/faculty/hodgesn/msl/docs/ward_chap.pdf In A.M. Williams and N.J. Hodges (Eds.), Skill acquisition in sport: Research, theory and practice (pp. 232-258). Title: Tracing the Development of Athletes Using Retrospective Interview Methods: A Proposed Interview and Validation Procedure for Reported Information Author: Jean C K. Anders Ericsson, Madelyn P. Law Publisher: Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Vol. 17, No. 1. (March 2005), pp. 1-19. URL: http://areas.fmh.utl.pt/~arosado/Repositorio/ficheiros/LONGTERM/Ref7.pdf Title: Success is all in the Mind Author: Shelley Gare Publisher: The Australian newspaper, January 24, 2009. URL: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/health-science/success-is-all-in-the-mind/story-e6frg8gf-1111118649674 http://www.abc.net.au/rn/allinthemind/stories/2011/3352585.htm

July 05 2011


Episode 0.6.3 - CDNJS with Thomas Davis and Ryan Kirkman - The Changelog - Open Source moves fast. Keep up.

July 01 2011


Where is Rails Headed?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 57:29 — 78.9MB) Panelists Aaron Patterson (twitter github blog) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Summer Camp) James Edward Gray II (blog twitter github) Peter Cooper (site twitter http://rubyrogues.com/where-is-rails-headed/

May 08 2011


Database Optimisation - Remo Biagioni - PHP UK Conference

Database optimisation A real life example getting more throughput with fewer queries. Over the last year we've grown a database from a few hundred megabytes to just over one terabyte. The database is reported on and populated by a network of servers using PHP. As the database has grown we've had to look again our initial assumptions and ways of working. One table has over 2billion rows; 2.5 million rows every day are added to another table. This talk will cover how we use explain, foreign keys, normalising data without sacrificing performance, queuing and using memcache. And, how we've made the system run faster now than it did with a much smaller database. [PDF](http://phpconference.co.uk/uploads/talks/2010/DatabaseOptimisation_RemoBiagioni.pdf) http://phpconference.co.uk/2010/talks

October 27 2010


The Future of JS Benchmarking - A Minute With Brendan

Super deep insight into JS Benchmarking and what is coming from Mozilla and Microsoft Research. Discussions about what is wrong with current benchmarking apparatuses and how things are going to improve. Listen in for the long haul, (yes it is longer than a minute again!!) for an amazing view of where JS performance analysis is heading

August 18 2010


UIE Usability Tools Podcast: The Truth About Page Download time

Tags: performance

July 28 2010


The Art of Storytelling

Chapter 1 WEDNESDAY Romeo was driving down from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the baffling twilight, going too fast, when a raccoon or possum ran in front of the car. The impact was disturbingly gentle. No thud — just a soft unzipping, beneath the chassis. Still, it tore at Romeo’s heart. He braked and pulled over. Shaw awoke. “What’s wrong?” “Hit something,” said Romeo, and he got out and started walking back up I- 77, hunting for the carcass. Shaw followed him. A tractor- trailer bore down on them with a shudder and the long plunging chord of its passing. Then the night got quiet. They could hear their own footsteps. Cicadas, and a sliver of faroff honkytonk music. “God,” said Shaw. “This is it. We’re really in the South.” But they found no trace of the animal. They walked quite a ways. They waited for headlights so they could scan up and down the highway. They backtracked and searched along the shoulder. Nothing — not so much as a bloodstain. Finally Romeo just stood there, watching the fireflies rise and fall. “Hey,” said Shaw, “I bet your friend got lucky.” “Uh- uh. I hit it.” “Well maybe it was like a sacrifice.” Playfulness in Shaw’s tone. “Maybe it just wanted us to have a propitious journey.” When they got back to the Tercel Shaw said he was wide awake and could he drive? That was fine with Romeo. He got in on the passenger side, and they descended into the North Carolina piedmont. His ears popped; the air grew humid. He tilted his seat all the way back and looked up at the moon as it shredded in the pines. Somewhere after Elkin, NC, he let his eyes slip shut for just a second — and then the highway started to curve beneath him, and he felt himself spiraling slowly downward, into a bottomless slumber. Tara kept away from the house on Wednesday nights. Wednesday nights were jackpot nights. Mom would start drinking early. Pour herself a g&t in a lowball glass; then fan out all her lottery tickets on the coffee table and gaze lovingly at them, and touch them one by one and wonder which was going to be the one. The TV would be on but Mom would disregard it. All her thoughts on the good life to come. Yachts, spas in Arizona, blazing white villages in Greece, the unquenchable envy of her friends. She’d finish her first drink and fix herself another. Her boy Jase — Tara’s little brother — would put his head in her lap while he played with his Micro. She’d tousle his hair. She’d swirl the ice in her drink. At some point the colors of the dying day, and the TV colors, and all the colors of her life, would begin to seem extra- vivid, even gorgeous, and she’d tell herself she was the blessedest woman in the world, and pick up her cell phone and text her daughter: I know we win tonite!! Or: I need u!! Tara baby!! My good luck charm!! Where are u? Come home!! They were siren calls though, Tara knew. She had to be deaf to them. Study late at the library, catch a movie, hang out with Clio at the mall — just keep clear of the house till the jackpot was done and Dad would come home to take the brunt of Mom’s drunken post-drawing tirade. By midnight Mom would have worn herself out with rage and grief, and she’d have passed out, and the coast would be clear. But on this particular Wednesday, Tara had made a blunder. She’d left her botany textbook, with all the handouts, in her bedroom. She’d done this in the morning but she didn’t realize it till 7:00 p.m., after her organic chemistry class, when she checked her locker and saw that the book wasn’t there. She had a quiz tomorrow. She hadn’t even looked at that stuff. She thought of calling Dad. Maybe he could sneak the book out to her. But no, it was too late. He’d be on his way to church by now, his Lions of Judah meeting. Maybe Jase? No, Jase would tip Mom off; Jase was in Mom’s pocket. No. What I have to do, Tara thought, is just go back there and be really docile and don’t let Mom draw me into a fight, whatever she says don’t fight back — and first chance I get I’ll slip away to my room before the drawing, before she blows up. Tara went to the parking lot and got in her battered Geo, and left the campus of the Coastal Georgia Community College. Fourth Street to Robin Road to Redwood Road: streets she despised. She hated their dull names and their blank lawns and their rows of squat brick ranch houses. Hers was the squattest and brickest of all, on a street called Oriole Road. When she got there, she slowed the car to a crawl, and looked in through the living room window. Mom, the TV. The painting of Don Quixote tilting at windmills. The wooden shelf of Dad’s # 3 Chevy models, and Mom’s Hummels. Jase’s feet stuck out at the end of the couch. Everything that Tara despised about her home was glowing and warm- looking like an advertisement for low mortgage rates or pest control, and such a depressing show she had to call Clio and tell her about it. “I’m spying on my own house.” Said Clio, “That’s kind of perverted.” “It’s a really ugly house.” “I know.” “I can see my brother’s little marinated pigs’ feet.” “OK.” “But I have to see how drunk Mom is.” “How drunk is she?” “That’s the problem, I can’t tell. I can’t see her hands. I have to see how she’s holding her glass. If she’s swirling her glass with her pinky out, then I’m already in deep shit.” “Are you going in there?” “I have to.” “But isn’t this your Mom’s freak- out night?” “ Uh- huh.” “So what are you doing there? Come over to Headquarters. You know who’s coming? That Kings of Unsnap guy. Jonah. The one who wants to do you.” “You told me that, Clio.” “So come let him do you.” “I got a botany quiz in the morning.” “Oh God. You’re such a boring geek.” “Why don’t you do him?” “OK,” said Clio. “You talked me into it.” “You’re such a w---ing s---.” “I know. Hey I gotta go. If your Mom does something interesting, like touching your little brother’s weewee or something, let me know.” “I’ll send you the pics,” said Tara. “You can post them.” She hung up, and sighed, and pulled into the carport. As soon as she stepped into the living room, Mom was at her: “Where were you?” Tara consulted the lowball glass and saw that the swirling was quick and syncopated, with the pinky fully extended, which presaged a grim night. “I was in class.” “You should call me when you’re gonna be this late.” Not late, Tara thought, but drop it. Mom kept pressing. “Which class was it?” “Um. Organic chemistry.” “Why you taking that?” Leave it alone. The only goal is freedom. “I don’t know, I guess it’s some kind of a requirement.” “But if you’re only gonna be a god---- whatever — why do they make you take organic chemistry?” Tara shrugged. Said Mom, “They want all our money and what they teach you is worthless.” Hard to let that pass. Inasmuch as Mom contributed not a cent to her tuition — inasmuch as every penny came from Tara’s job at the bank plus help from her grandmother Nell plus a small scholarship, and all she got from her parents was room and board for which she paid $450 a month so that wasn’t a gift either — it was a struggle not to snap back at her. But what good would that do? Remember, all you want is to get to your room. Remember, this woman is the same birdnecked alien you were just watching through the living room window a moment ago. Pretend there’s no family connection, that you’re invisible and you can slip away unnoticed at any time — “Wait. Sit for a minute. The drawing’s coming up.” “Got a quiz tomorrow, Mom. So I should probably —” “You know what it’s worth this time?” Tara shook her head. “You’re kidding me,” said Mom. “You really don’t know?” “I really don’t.” “Three hundred and eighteen million dollars.” “Wow.” The sum touched Tara’s life in no meaningful way, but she thought if she showed sufficient awe maybe Mom would release her. “Though if you take the lump sum,” said Mom, “then after you pay your taxes, you’d only have a hundred some million.” “Oh.” “Like a hundred twenty- odd. Hardly worth bothering, right? You mind freshening this for me? So I won’t disturb the Little Prince here?” Mom swirled her glass.

July 19 2010

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