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November 26 2013


The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 9: Holly Britton on Homeschool Planning, Organization and Her Book: The Planned Approach

Holly Britton talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about Homeschool Planning, Organization and Her Book: The Planned Approach Listen to Holly as she talks about: Homeschool Planning Organizational challenges in homeschooling Why it’s important to plan your homeschool What challenges multiple children present. Holly will also talk about her new book The Planned Approach She will explain how this book is aimed at families who want to customize their homeschool This book is a glorified checklist of sorts. The book is a skeleton of components needed to consider to establish a school plan for “this year,” for this child,” at “this grade level,” with “these needs,” and be able to to work it into their teaching style and family lifestyle. The book will be do out in December and can be found at PlannedApproach.org or Amazon.com. To learn more, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0009

November 09 2013


Elder Law Planning - Drafting Software, Community, and CLE for Elder Law, Special Needs Planning and Veterans Pension Planning Attorneys - ElderCounsel

ElderCounsel provides ElderDocx drafting software, CLE, office management systems and community to elder law, special needs, and veterans pension planning attorneys. http://www.eldercounsel.com/elder-law-planning/

July 13 2013


Interview with Fred Castaneda of Struggling Entrepreneur, Part 2

Two-part conversation with Fred Casteneda, a podcasting machine! We talk about his passion, organization, and dialog in his podcasting empire. http://theaudacitytopodcast.com/tap014-interview-with-fred-castaneda-of-struggling-entrepreneur-part-2/

June 27 2011


Why Cities Keep Growing, Corporations and People Always Die, and Life Gets Faster

From edge.org: http://edge.org/conversation/geoffrey-west For the past few years Geoffrey West, a physicist former president of SantaFe Institute has been calling for "a science of how city growth affects society and environment". After years of focusing on scalability of cities and urban environments, West, is now is bringing "some of the powerful techniques, ideas, and paradigms developed in physics over into the biological and social sciences". He is looking at a bigger picture and asking the following question: "to what extent can biology and social organization (which are both quintessential complex adaptive systems) be put in a more quantitative, analytic, mathemitizable, predictive framework so that we can understand them in the way that we understand 'simple physical systems'?'

April 25 2011


April 02 2011


Mac Power Users


Mac Power Users

August 13 2010


Get It Done Guy: How to Create a Better To-Do List

Create a better to-do list by doing it the day before. (http://getitdone.quickanddirtytips.com/)
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