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January 15 2014


RTC Podcast: The Ken Pom Edition

January 08 2014

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December 27 2013


Dishin & Swishin 12/26/13 Podcast: Lin Dunn & Rebecca Lobo on the UConn dilemma: Is dominance good for the game?

December 21 2013


Dishin & Swishin 12/05/13 Podcast: Matthew Mitchell & Kentucky are ready for the SEC and a national championship run

December 10 2013


The RTC Podcast: Quarter-Season Review Edition | Rush The Court

December 06 2013


The RTC Podblast: UNC Say What Edition | Rush The Court

October 16 2013


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says NCAA ‘Exploits Players’

On our Oct. 16 conversation with NBA superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the basketball legend (and author) said he’s disturbed by the state of college athletics in the modern era. A towering player for the 1965 – 1969 U.C.L.A. Bruins, Abdul-Jabbar — then Lew Alcindor — used his basketball talents as a way to help him become the first member of his family with a college degree. The system today doesn’t provide for that, he said.

“I think that people see having a sports career as an end in itself and it really isn’t. So many young people that get the opportunity to go straight from high school, get to go from high school to professional athletics, and when their professional career is over, they have a hard time because they don’t have the educational foundation to enable them to do other things. So I think that the athletes themselves are not getting the full benefit of what they should.

“The NCAA athletes are exploited, and they should get paid. So many of them, you have a situation where, let’s say a young man goes to a college to play football and he gets hurt while he playing football. He can’t continue to have a scholarship. his scholarship can be rescinded and there is no insurance program that will protect them, enable them to finish their college career. They went and held up their part of the deal and went to the school to do what they were asked to do and as soon as they get hurt, the school, you know reneges on its commitment. And so, there are a number of abuses like that that they don’t sit well with me. I think that so many of the college athletes that make so much money — it’s a $6 billion dollar a year industry. So many people  see college athletics as a very benevolent extension of high school athletics. Where a quarterback and a cheerleader have a romance and celebrate their victory at the malt shop. That’s not happening anymore. Those days are over. This is a business here. And making all that money and producing all that money and not getting a chance to participate in all the financial rewards is really exploitation.

“…The whole ideal of college representing a place where athletically and intellectually human beings can reach their highest peak, I think that should be the ideal and its gotten  long way from there.”

Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar right? Should college athletes be paid for their work? Or is the system a pure place for amateur student athletes that would be tainted by more money? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Tumblr and @OnPointRadio.

March 17 2012


The Visser of Ozcast Episode Fourteen

Long time no see, friends/listeners/lovers! The boys at Visser of Ozcast are back once again with a super special St. Paddy's Day blowout episode. So set down your potatoes and stop balancing that green beverage on your stupid head, 'cuz it's time to feast your ears on a variety of topical sports and culture talking points. We at the Visser of Ozcast would like to believe that we offer a little something for everyone, so if any of the following nuggets don't even remotely pique your curiosity, then you probably don't have a pulse: - March Madness is back and better than ever! We discuss all the upsets. Do not miss this segment, folks! () - NFL Free Agency is heating up and now that the Colts sucked for Luck, a trio of teams are now panning for Manning. We break the news on which team's are cravin' for Peyton. Don't miss this exclusive, guys! () - The NBA trade deadline passed on Thursday and a handful of significant players swapped teams. We'll let you know the massive implications of the moves, including the birth of the Javale McGee renaissance in Denver. You won't want to miss us talking about all of the text messages Ms. McGee sent us after the trade! () - Finally, we take a break from sports talk, to dish on high culture: the Guggenheim's newest performance art exhibit, Justified's third season, the return of Mad Men, and the best comedy show on TV right now, Key & Peele. We rank 'em, spank 'em, and flank 'em. Don't get caught out in the cold on this one, guys! () Wow, almost impossible NOT to listen to this episode with all of those bombshells being dropped. I feel like you guys would be LOSING money on this free podcast if you didn't give it a spin. Can't imagine a better way to spend St. Patty's Day than with the boys at the Visser of Ozcast, so throw it on the 'old vinyl and smash a few Irish Car Bombs. It's time to celebrate!
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