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February 01 2014


Mighty Movie Podcast: Joe Swanberg on Drinking Buddies

Director Joe Swanberg is back, once again using a semi-improvised approach to capture the chaos in the way we silly humans interrelate, socially, sexually, and otherwise, in Drinking Buddies. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-persons/mighty-movie-podcast-joe_b_3804791.html

January 28 2014

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January 02 2014


this podcast

Podcast 5: Bishonen Star Trek 2 Starring Headcrusher Cumberbatch (MEGA SPOILERS) Tue, 28 May 2013 05:23 Tagged: podcast science_fiction movies storytelling Do not listen to this podcast unless you've already seen the movie or you don't care about MEGA SPOILERS!0:40 - A certain older Star Trek movie that Sushu's never seen 2:15 - Kirk Punches Everything! 3:40 - My relationship with Star Trek is complicated 4:30 - The action scenes were very fun... but utterly fluffy 7:00 - Desperately searching for a theme 9:00 - Kirk hasn't learned to be responsible! He hasn't learned shit! 9:40 - The in-medias-res opening sequence 10:30 - There are no consequences for Kirk's actions 11:40 - Violence solves everything 12:30 - Kirk-Spock is my OTP 13:45 - Star Trek captains represent changes in our ideal of heroic masculinity over the decades 15:15 - How is this guy fit to be a captain? 16:15 - Spock's inconsistent characterization (despite the actor being awesome) 19:00 - Sacrificing character integrity for plot points 20:15 - The BIG REVEAL! Playing with expectations from older movie 21:30 - I attempt to summarize the older movie for Sushu's benefit 24:30 - How did that surprise twist work for you? 26:45 - I wish they'd have followed through with that ending 27:35 - Comparing the villains 28:30 - All the threats that don't materialize; stuff that's only there as winks to the fandom 30:00 - Uhura and the Klingons 31:30 - Despite my complaints, I actually did enjoy this while I was watching it 32:40 - The admiral's daughter - why was she in this movie? 34:15 - Photon Torpedos are a Big Deal 35:00 - The Admiral's Plan Makes No Sense 37:50 - Cumberbatch's Plan Makes No Sense Either 40:45 - Nobody's Plan Makes Any Sense! 41:15 - The difficulty of satisfying the fandom without being incomprehensible to the casual audience; the weight of Canon Comments: No Comments Yet Hide Comments | Register to leave comments | Permalink http://evilbrainjono.net/blog?permalink=1239

December 28 2013


Cinematica: Podcast Judged Pt. 2

The lastest Podcasts from the movie review team at cinematica. Entertaining film reviews that help you get the most of your love of all things cinema http://www.cinematica.co.nz/podcasts/podcast/?tx_cinepodcasts%5Bcast%5D=133

Cinematica: Podcast Judged Pt. 1

The lastest Podcasts from the movie review team at cinematica. Entertaining film reviews that help you get the most of your love of all things cinema http://www.cinematica.co.nz/podcasts/podcast/?tx_cinepodcasts%5Bcast%5D=132

December 23 2013


The World: "The writer behind the hit movie, 'Philomena,' shares his secret to storytelling"

It's the one featuring Judie Dench and Steve Coogan. Dench plays an aging Irish woman who had a child out of wedlock when she was a teenager. Nuns sold that child to an American family. It's a dramatization of a true story. And Coogan plays the journalist Martin Sixsmith who wrote the 2009 book that the movie is based on, "The Lost Child of Philomena."

December 16 2013


FS #259: The Brothers Bloom / Rian Johnson / The Girlfriend Experience / Top 5 Con Movies | Filmspotting

May 29: FPPLE, Film Podcast seeks Podcast Listener Experience You: Must love dog racing, the collected works of Rush, and listening to riveting discussions of Steven Soderbergh's films, including.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/show-archive/25-2009/428-fs-259-the-brothers-bloom--rian-johnson--the-girlfriend-experience--top-5-con-movies-.html

October 29 2013


Episode 28 :: Screenwriter Brian McDonald's Creative Process :: Pt.1 - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com

Filmmaker and Author, Brian McDonald takes us into his creative process, tackling Movie Reality, his influences, and his book THE GOLDEN THEME. - The 20/20 Awards at KIRORadio.com. http://kiroradio.com/listen/9963191

October 03 2013


Sneakpod. Hören, was wir gesehen haben.

Sneakpod der Sneakpreview Podcast aus Kino10. Der wöchentliche Podcast über die Überraschungsfilme aus der Sneakpreview in Kino10. Darüber wie es wirklich in Kino10 ist. Die Stimmung, die Filme, die Sprüche. Jede Woche eine Filmkritik zu einem topaktuellen Kinofilm. http://www.sneakpod.de/

October 02 2013


#461: Short Term 12 / Top 5 Films of 1993 / Woman on the Beach | Filmspotting

Adam resists the urge to spend the whole show quoting "Tombstone" as he and Josh share their Top 5 Films of 1993, part of Filmspotting's year-by-year countdown series. Plus, a review of the new.. http://filmspotting.net/reviews/1068-461-short-term-12-top-5-films-of-1993-woman-on-the-beach.html

September 11 2013


August 17 2013


FS #317: I'm Still Here / Top 5 Films of 1996 | Filmspotting

Filmspotting's discussion of "I'm Still Here" -- chronicling the "lost year" of actor Joaquin Phoenix -- is NOT a hoax. Or is it? Plus, the second film in the Powell-Pressburger Marathon, "Black.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/show-archive/27-2010/595-fs-317-im-still-here-top-5-films-of-1996.html Filmspotting #317 - :34-25:18 - Review: "I'm Still Here" Music: Smith Westerns, "Be My Girl" - 26:14-27:54 - Audible Recommendation - 27:55-32:27 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: J. Eaken) - 32:28-36:50 - Correction / Polls - 0:36:51-49:54 - Archers #2: "Black Narcissus" Music: Smith Westerns, "Girl in Love" - 50:52-59:13 - DVDs / Donations - 59:14-1:19:40 - Top 5: Films of 1996 - 1:19:41-1:24:07 - Close / Outtakes

August 08 2013


FS #295: The Ghost Writer / The Shop Around the Corner / Top 5 Films of 1998 | Filmspotting

March 12: In honor of Filmspotting’s discussion of Roman Polanski’s "The Ghost Writer, " this week’s show description is being ghostwritten by long time Filmspotting fan and regional Boggle.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/show-archive/27-2010/476-fs-295-the-ghost-writer--the-shop-around-the-corner--top-5-films-of-1998-.html

August 09 2012


Inside The Mind… – “Revenge of the Putt Pirates” (7.01.12) | Bonk E-Media


Inside The Mind… – “Zombies of Walmart” (6.25.12) | Bonk E-Media

August 07 2012


January 09 2012


Rian Johnson on silent films, "Looper" and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Visit Amazon to get the Filmspotting Android App Get the Filmspotting iPhone app in iTunes FS #376: Dec. 9, 2011: Hugo, Redemption Movies Feedback FS #375: Dec. 2, 2011: End-of-year screener.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/bonus-content.html

January 01 2012


Popspotting #186: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Jan. 2, 2012)

Our first podcast of the New Year takes us back to Stieg Larsson’s tale of murder and intrigue with American director David Fincher’s remake of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” The story was already capably depicted by Larsson’s fellow Swedes, so can Fincher’s distinct style bring something new and compelling to the big screen? This time, Daniel Craig (Casino Royale) and Rooney Mara (The Social Network) portray the embattled journalist and mysterious hacker. The film also features Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgard, and Robin Wright.

December 02 2011


David Cronenberg: A Dangerous Method

Elvis Mitchell sits down with director David Cronenberg at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to discuss his new film, A Dangerous Method. http://www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/tt/tt111130david_cronenberg_a_d

July 22 2011

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