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January 02 2014



Podcast: Play in new window | Embed On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I interview Greg Hickman, one of the leading mobile marketing experts. Greg and I discuss how to get started with mobile marketing. If you’re anything like me, you know that mobile marketing is important, so it’s been on your mind, but hasn’t made it to the top of your priority list. My guess is that after you hear what Greg has to say on the staggering stats on mobile usage, you’ll want to make it a higher priority. The great thing is, after talking with Greg, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy — and inexpensive — it is to get started with mobile. In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover: What it means to be mobile friendly, and why that’s important. How mobile marketing goes beyond optimizing your website. The meaning of “responsive design.” The hierarchy of mobile users’ needs The percentage of people who access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on their mobile devices. Easy and inexpensive ways to get started with mobile marketing and how to determine which is the best option for you. How to make lead pages more mobile friendly Important things to keep in mind regarding mobile when sending email to your list How to create the best possible experience for people who visit your website. And so much more! Items mentioned in this episode include: Greg’s website, MobileMixed.com Greg’s podcast, Mobile Mixed WPtouch Pro Duda Mobile Blue Train Mobile Lead Pages Heyo ShortStack Thank Greg for his awesome tips by clicking here < —- Click here to download the transcript. Right click to download the .mp3. Click Here to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) Question: What one step can you take this week to be more mobile friendly? http://www.amyporterfield.com/2013/06/mobile-marketing/

December 23 2013


5by5 | In Beta #79: "The Mountains of China"

Moisés Chiullan & Kevin talk about good customer service and really, really bad Shia LaBeouf plagiarism. http://5by5.tv/inbeta/79
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December 20 2013


5by5 | The Critical Path #106: Can Bitcoin Be Money?

Horace and Moisés discuss the sudden decline of Bitcoin due to a crackdown in China, from the purpose of Bitcoin's existence to the nature and concept of a functional currency. What do we hire currency to do? http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/106

December 18 2013


5by5 | Build and Analyze #9: Brew and Analyze

Dan and Marco discuss programming languages and online resources for iOS developers, as well as coffee brewing techniques. http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/9

December 16 2013


5by5 | The Critical Path #104: Cinematic Presentations

Fresh off of back-to-back AirShows, Horace discusses the future of his "cinematographic" presentation style. We also look at episode #103's very prescient prediction of Amazon's move into delivering their own products. http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/104

4. Pushing the limits of mobile performance - Andrew Grieve

A focus on performance can make the difference between the success or failure of a web app. This talk will go through concrete examples of how the Mobile Gmail and Docs teams focused on performance when building their apps. Some of these techniques are well known, but others have not been shared before...

3. Mobile is not a thing; it is everything.

The stratospheric rise in mobile subscribers, devices, services and apps has led to an even bigger explosion in the lack of understanding of how to design, develop and most importantly, recognize new opportunities with not only these new devices, but new use cases altogether. Let's step through the processes to help identify content strategies, design workflows and forecasting methods to unlock the true potential of mobile, not only for apps, but for the web and new channels of communication altogether.

December 12 2013


The Verge Mobile Show 072 - the Nexus 5 camera, LG G Flex, and Apple iBeacon | The Verge

The Verge Mobile Show is completely willing to have a deep and meaningful relationship with an operating system. The Verge Mobile Show isn't afraid to express its feelings both to and about a... http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/10/5197116/the-verge-mobile-show-072
Tags: verge mobile show

December 07 2013


5by5 | The Critical Path #103: The Amazon Electric Car

A history of retail as a series of innovations in transportation. How to think about Amazon in a continuum of changing consumer behavior. The source of Amazon's market power and its hypothetical disruption. What would Amazon do and not do to improve. http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/103

December 06 2013


5by5 | Build and Analyze #11: The Mustache Guy

Dan and Marco discuss coffee, the weather, politics, religion, money, the launch of The Daily, and needing multiple devices for old-OS testing. http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/11

December 05 2013


5by5 | In Beta #77: The "So What" Android Era

Kevin & JR Raphael talk about how your phone & tablet review sausage gets made http://5by5.tv/inbeta/77

December 04 2013


5by5 | The Critical Path #103: The Amazon Electric Car

A history of retail as a series of innovations in transportation. How to think about Amazon in a continuum of changing consumer behavior. The source of Amazon's market power and its hypothetical disruption. What would Amazon do and not do to improve. http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/103

November 12 2013


Cubed 008: When Two Markets Look Like One

Today the topic is the post PC Era. Ben Bajarin and Benedict Evans dive into the some of the trends around the post-PC era and discuss the different markets being enabled by iOS and Android with regard to smartphones and tablets. http://cubed.fm/2013/11/cubed-008-when-two-markets-looking-like-one/

November 10 2013


5by5 | The Critical Path #100: Fin du siècle

The closing of one and the onset of another era. In this hundredth episode of The Critical Path we look back to some of the big questions we asked and ask them again with hindsight and foresight. http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/100

November 03 2013


5by5 | In Beta #72: Giant Life-Defining Spreadsheet

Web-based project management apps Trello, Asana, Basecamp. Also, spreadsheets. http://5by5.tv/inbeta/72

October 26 2013


5by5 | The Critical Path #99: Grand Unified Theory

In the wake of Apple's final announcement event of the year, Horace and Moisés discuss the cost of free software, the unification of file formats, and the cost/benefit of interoperability. http://5by5.tv/criticalpath/99

October 24 2013


5by5 | In Beta #70: Technical Skills for a Clean Blog

Parsing the recent wave of new writing tools, and the best systems for getting the right attendees to your event. http://5by5.tv/inbeta/70

October 17 2013


5by5 | In Beta #63: Most Successful Failure

When would paying for an ad-free/premium experience actually work? Facebook? http://5by5.tv/inbeta/63

October 15 2013


Product Excellence Principles

LukeW Ideation + Design provides resources for mobile and Web product design and strategy including presentations, workshops, articles, books and more on usability, interaction design and visual design. There is no single process that will produce great results for every company, but there are tried-and-true principles that can guide teams in the right direction. Through vivid stories, Luke will showcase several of these principles in action, including: - Thinking "outside in" using customer insights to innovate - Speaking with "one voice" despite having many stakeholders - Defining the core essence of the product you're bringing to life - Building outward from this center point - Committing to greatness and making the time - Understanding when to putt and when to drive the ball forward http://www.lukew.com/presos/preso.asp?10

October 08 2013


Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile | iMore

Kevin of CrackBerry, Phil of Android Central, Daniel of Windows Phone Central, Derek of Mobile Nations, and Rene of iMore talk about the state of mobile. How many platforms is Android, what's happening with BlackBerry, can Microsoft deliver, and what's next for Apple? Our podcast feed: Audio | Video Download directly: Audio | Video Subscribe in iTunes: Audio | Video Subscribe in Zune http://www.imore.com/mobile-nations-22-state-mobile
Tags: mobile
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