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December 06 2013


Week In The News: Biden In Beijing, Pension Reforms And Nelson Mandela

Biden in Beijing. Public pensions under the gun. Remembering Nelson Mandela – our Weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.


Gideon Roseeditor of Foreign Affairs.

David Shepardson, Washington, D.C. bureau chief for The Detroit News. (@davidshepardson)

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst.

From Tom’s Reading List

Detroit News: Detroit pension funds seek direct appeal of bankruptcy ruling — “The city’s pension funds and its largest union asked for permission Wednesday to appeal the city’s bankruptcy eligibility to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing the historic case needs to be heard by a higher court before retiree pensions are cut. The pension funds and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees are trying to protect retiree pensions from cuts in a fight that could lead to the U.S. Supreme Court and avoid a ruling that could impact pensions in struggling cities nationwide.”

BBC News: US and China in ‘very direct’ air zone talks — “Talks in Mr Biden’s Asia trip have been dominated by a new air zone declared by China, which covers islands controlled by Japan in the East China Sea. China says its move is consistent with ‘international law and practice.’ China announced a new Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) last month, and said aircraft flying through the zone must follow its rules, including filing flight plans. The ADIZ covers islands claimed and controlled by Japan, and a submerged rock claimed by South Korea.”

New York Daily News: MTA: Alert system for engineer was on wrong end of derailed Metro-North train — “The ‘alerter’ system sounds a warning after 25 seconds of inactivity from the engineer. It can activate the brakes automatically if the engineer doesn’t respond to the prompt in 15 seconds. That may have prevented disaster when engineer William Rockefeller apparently nodded off before the train approached a sharp curve near the Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx on Sunday morning — a bend that requires trains to slow down from a 70 mph limit to just 30 mph.”

July 13 2013


Interview with Fred Castaneda of Struggling Entrepreneur, Part 2

Two-part conversation with Fred Casteneda, a podcasting machine! We talk about his passion, organization, and dialog in his podcasting empire. http://theaudacitytopodcast.com/tap014-interview-with-fred-castaneda-of-struggling-entrepreneur-part-2/

September 02 2012


Morning Glory | You Look Nice Today

Hidden Mickey and the eighth dwarf; a new kind of trust exercise and restaurant; Blueberry Morning; untenable stuff; Mexico is full of 200W bulbs and Concord Grape Pop Tarts; Maximum White Creme Pomade; writing to the CEO; ungrippable body wash; Action Line with the Wet Man; Depression-era food; welcome to The Jungle; brokavore gourmet; the CEO of Can; a handful of gravel; generics.

March 17 2011


Hindsight - 13 March 2011 - Freedom Denied: the St Patrick's Battalion

During the two-year war between the United States and Mexico which began in 1846, a large contingent of conscripted soldiers, most of them Irish Catholic, deserted the American army to fight alongside the Mexicans. Known as the St Patrick's Battalion, or Los San Patricios, the story of this rebel group, and their battle against the more powerful forces of the US army, has become part of national folklore in both Mexico and Ireland. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/hindsight/stories/2011/3153269.htm

October 15 2010


The Storyteller: Leslie Marmon Silko

Native American novelist Leslie Marmon Silko on the power of nature, family, and story, in her new memoir "The Turquoise Ledge."

September 10 2010


The Accents of Latino Literature

Latino lit! Ilan Stavans joins us for a new look at the best of Latino literature, in a new Norton Anthology.

July 07 2010


The New Yorker Outloud: William Finnegan

This week in the magazine, William Finnegan investigates La Familia, the violent drug cartel that controls much of the Mexican state of Michoacán. Here Blake Eskin talks with Finnegan about life under La Familia rule, the cartel’s religious and political rhetoric, and the steps Mexico would have to take to combat organized crime.
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