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February 07 2014


Radiolab: Black Box

This hour, we examine three very different kinds of black boxes—those peculiar spaces where it’s clear what’s going in, we know what’s coming out, but what happens in-between is a mystery. http://www.radiolab.org/story/black-box/

January 31 2014

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January 08 2014


BBC Forum: Hands

Some say that the hand is where the mind meets the world. So what happens if you lose a hand? What are the options for a replacement? And the power of the human hand to create music out of chaos: how does a conductor communicate his musical vision to an orchestra. Bridget Kendall's guests are: prof. Simon Kay, a surgeon based in Leeds, who performed the first hand transplant in the UK; New Zealander Lynette Jones, Senior Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who studies tactile sensations; and Sakari Oramo, a Finnish musician who recently became the Chief Conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

January 04 2014


Maximum Fun | Home of Bullseye, Jordan Jesse GO!, and things that are awesome.

December 18 2013


December 13 2013


Can Big Data Make Healthcare Better, Cheaper?

Medical records are being digitized to cut healthcare costs and produce better outcomes. It also means a loss of patient privacy. We weigh the risks and the http://www.kcrw.com/news/programs/tp/tp131212can_big_data_make_he

November 22 2013


Science Weekly podcast: the waking nightmare of sleep paralysis

This week's edition is dedicated to the little understood phenomenon of "sleep paralysis": the experience of waking from sleep (or waking at the point of entering sleep) and being unable to move. It can be accompanied by hallucinations, fear, the sense of a "presence" in the room and the feeling of crushing pressure on the chest. People who have an episode of sleep paralysis will sometimes attribute it to something paranormal, such as attempted alien abduction. Christopher French, professor of psychology at Goldsmiths College London, and film maker Carla MacKinnon came into the studio to discuss The Sleep Paralysis Project where artistic and scientific perspectives on the condition come together to shine a light on this neurological glitch in our normal waking pattern. http://www.theguardian.com/science/audio/2013/aug/05/podcast-science-weekly-sleep-paralysis

October 15 2013


Sounding The Alarm For Basic Science Research Funding

This year’s Nobel laureates and more have sounded the alarm bell on funding basic science research, the main building blocks of civilization.  We talk to them.


Bruce Stillman, President and chief executive officer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, member of the Board of Scientific Advisers of the National Cancer Institute and of the Board of Life Sciences of the U.S. National Research Council.

Dr. James Rothman, professor of biomedical sciences and chemistry at Yale University, chair of the Yale Department of Cell Biology and shared winner of the the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2013.

Arieh Warshel, distinguished professor of chemistry at the University of Southern California and a fellow of the National Academy of Science, shared winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2013.

From Tom’s Reading List

Science: NIH Details Impact of 2013 Sequester Cuts — “ The bottom line is as grim as expected: The agency’s overall budget will fall by $1.71 billion compared to 2012, to $29.15 billion, a cut of about 5%, according to an NIH notice today. That is essentially what NIH predicted as part of the 5.1% sequestration. (Including transfers to other agencies and other adjustments in the spending bill funding NIH in 2013, the total reduction is $1.71 billion or 5.5% compared to 2012.)”

Mother Jones: Could This 2013 Nobel Prize Winner Afford College Today? – “When Randy Schekman attended the University of California-Los Angeles in the late 1960s, getting a good college education was unimaginably cheap. Student fees were just a few hundred dollars; room and board was a few hundred more. ‘I could work a summer job and pay myself for the whole school year,’ says Schekman, now a cell biologist at the University of California-Berkeley.”

Wired: How The Shutdown Is Devastating Biomedical Scientists and Killing Their Research — “I don’t think the public realizes the devastating impact that this has on scientific research. Scientific research is not like turning on and off an assembly line. Experiments are frequently long-term and complicated. They involve specific treatments and specific times. You can’t just stop and restart it. You’ve probably just destroyed the experiment. You also can’t necessarily recover. You can’t begin an experiment all over again. If you do, you’ll be set back months — if there’s even time and personnel to do it. But often, science moves rapidly, times change, and you can’t re-initiate the experiments. It’s an enormous loss to scientific research, an enormous loss of time and personnel.”

August 18 2013


Rodney versus Death

Rabies. Shorts: Rodney Versus Death from Radiolab from WNYC Gaat over (genezing van) Rabies "What do you do in the face of a monstrous disease with a 100% fatality rate? In this short, a Milwaukee doctor tries to knock death incarnate off its throne."

August 14 2013


Rodney versus Death

Rabies. Shorts: Rodney Versus Death from Radiolab from WNYC Gaat over (genezing van) Rabies "What do you do in the face of a monstrous disease with a 100% fatality rate? In this short, a Milwaukee doctor tries to knock death incarnate off its throne."

August 08 2013


Maximum Fun | Home of Bullseye, Jordan Jesse GO!, and things that are awesome.

August 05 2013


June 24 2013


Maximum Fun | Home of Bullseye, Jordan Jesse GO!, and things that are awesome.

March 04 2012


Nature: The original computer whizz

Alan Turing is sometimes called 'the founder of computer science'. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, Charlotte Stoddart went to Oxford to meet his biographer, physicist Andrew Hodges. In this podcast, they talk about Turing's famous 1936 paper on computable numbers, his contribution to cracking the German Enigma ciphers, and his thoughts on machine intelligence. http://www.nature.com/nature/podcast/index-turing-2012-02-23.html

January 23 2012


PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge

Medicine and Compassion -- Modern medicine can treat disease at a molecular – or even atomic – level. And today's surgeons can fix things the naked eye can't even see. But there's one thing every patient wants that no technology in the world can provide: compassion. In this hour, doctors talk about the feeling side of their profession.

January 18 2012


Caustic Soda: Jokes in the Time of Cholera

This episode’s got it coming out of both ends! Toren, Kevin, Joe are joined by Almost Dr. Jenna to talk about cholera. Death by vomit and diarrhea, cholera cots, mummies, and how procrastination led to the world’s first artificial vaccine!

January 02 2012


Stuff You Missed in History Class

W.C. Minor: Madness, Murder, and a Dictionary (Part 1) -- In the first part of this episode, we look at the early days of William Chester Minor. Minor originally studied medicine and served and practiced surgery in the Union Army. Eventually he was committed to a hospital for the insane. But what happened next?

December 31 2011


Caustic Soda: Snake Oil and Other Quackery

Step right up, Soda Jerks! What the boys at Caustic Soda have for you today is going to REinvigorate, REvitalize, REVULGARIZE you with their astounding look at the world of QUACKERY! It’s a homeopathic, detoxifying, quantum colloidal-silver potion that cures what ails ya! Ingredients include Joe, Kevin, Toren and special guest Doctor Rob!

December 30 2011


November 16 2011


Caustic Soda: Cancer

Cancer! Dr. Rob returns as our expert for the big ‘C’. We discuss how jabbing radioactive beads in your prostate works, how mustard gas led to chemotherapy, “soot wart,” and common cancer myths. All this plus “Lesser of Two Evils” and a special appearance by Marielle Kho!
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