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February 24 2014


February 12 2014


TMS 039: Pitching Your Product to the Press with Dan Frakes | Think, Make, Sell.

Dan Frakes is a senior editor for Macworld and I invited him to talk about what product developers need to know about how the media works. While Dan’s point of view is from within the world of Apple-related products, you should be able to apply his advice to your particular industry. Your browser does not support the audio element. Download as .mp3Subscribe in iTunesSubscribe to podcast directlyListen with Stitcher Takeaway Points Keep in mind that larger news outlets may have a policy of not reviewing beta versions of apps. Smaller personal blogs often like to publish a review of a product on the day it launches. Be sure to contact them well in advance. Contacting the right journalists one by one will get you better results than submitting your press release to PR sites. When you send out a press release via email, make sure your subject line clearly states what the email is about. You can be witty or funny in your press releases, but don’t forget to include all the facts. Sending your press release to the right people within the right media outlets requires some research, but will pay off with better response rates. Don’t send PR email asking of the recipient wants more info. Just send them the info outright. When writing a press release, put a short summary at the top. That way the recipient can quickly decide if he or she is interested. Before sending out review units of your product, check with the recipient first if she’s interested. It will save you money and both your and the journalist’s time. If your product requires a longer time to be reviewed properly, take that into account when you plan your launch. Make sure to thoroughly test the review units before you send them out. A faulty unit or buggy app will delay the review process and possibly result in a bad rating. Don’t send out your press release around big events in your market or industry. These are the busiest times for the media and your chances of getting noticed are slim. Send out your press release well before, but not too long in advance of the launch. Something between a couple of days and 1–2 weeks. If you employ a PR professional, make sure they know your product or service well and can answer any questions that might come up. Set up a press page on your website with high-res product photos, a manual, videos and any info that might be interesting or useful for the media. Don’t call the person you sent your press release to on the phone to ask if they received your email. Where you can find Dan: Dan at Macworld @danfakes Macworld’s contact page IDG editorial team Things mentioned on the show Screencasts Online Mac Gems The Prompt prMac PRWeb Dan’s PR Tips Chris Breen on PR Done Wrong http://thinkmakesell.com/2014/02/tms-039-pitching-your-product-press-dan-frakes/

February 09 2014


Marketing An Architecture Firm with Architect Mona Quinn

Clients lining up out the doors through marketing an architecture firm – this is Mona Quinn’s situation in Wellington, NZ. Mona is the principal of Callidus Architects

February 06 2014


08: David Newman’s Tips to Add Humor, Stories & Examples to Your Presentation

David NewmanCan you remember the last time you heard a speaker that actually made you feel like you didn’t just lose an hour of your life? David Newman is that kind of speaker and he shares the most helpful tips to avoid boring an audience to death. Think you’ve got this nailed down? Stop reading. Want to stop boring audiences? Watch this interview right now and keep a notepad handy. David Newman’s Someone You Should Know I had a blast talking with this guy about some trade secrets. David has been at this awhile and knows the speaking game inside and out. He’s also the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller titled Do It! Marketing, in addition to helping hundreds of speakers up their game. Topics Covered: • How to offer tremendous takeaway value to your audience. • One super secret for making sure your presentation isn’t canned. • The trick to being humorous without trying to be the next Comedy Central star. • Going beyond storytelling to a place that fully expresses the lessons you’ve learned. • Effortlessly building interaction into a presentation where the audience gets value. • Tips on keeping a high-energy persona. Check out this video for some very useful methods: Podcast: Play in new window | Download Bonuses Galore! If you’d like to have a quick reference list of all the super-duper takeaways David shared, download the PDF right here. David was also kind enough to share this link to his book Do It! Marketing with some cool bonuses for What The Speak subscribers. Grab those here. Grab David’s FREE Audiobook Do It! Marketing by David Newman Quick Question… What do you think about these tips? Was there one in particular that resonated with you? Share your reflections in the comments below. Send This Interview to Someone Think a friend, family member, or colleague would find this interview with David Newman useful? Please click here to forward it to them right now via email. Much appreciated! Loved this interview? Sign up for free updates… http://whatthespeak.com/david-newman/

Selling Testosterone

Testosterone ads for men are all over TV. Now come the warnings of health dangers. We’ll investigate.

An ad for the testosterone-boosting Fortesta Gel. ( Endo Pharmaceuticals)

An ad for the testosterone-boosting Fortesta Gel. ( Endo Pharmaceuticals)


Melinda BeckHealth Journal columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

Lisa M. Schwartz, professor of medicine and community and family medicine at the Dartmouth Institute at Dartmouth university.

Brad Anawaltprofessor and chief of medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Michael Kimmel, distinguished professor of sociology at SUNY at Stony Brook. Author of “Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men,” “The Politics of Manhood,” “The Gendered Society,” “Misframing Men,” “Manhood in America” and “The Guy’s Guide to Feminism.”

From Tom’s Reading List

New York Times: Weighing Testosterone’s Benefits and Risks – “Officials at the Food and Drug Administration said on Friday that they were reassessing the safety of testosterone products in light of the recent studies, and will investigate rates of stroke, heart attack and death in men using the drugs.”

Live Science: Low T: Real Illness or Pharma Windfall? — “Because low T can be treated with prescription medication, it has become the health problemdu jour for aggressive pharmaceutical marketing: The airwaves are now flooded with ads showing doughy, middle-age men turning into vigorous athletes and confident lovers.”

The Dartmouth Institute: ‘Low T’: How To Sell Disease — “By lowering the bar, pharmaceutical companies target people in the ‘big grey zone’ between being clearly well or clearly sick. ‘There are a lot of American men. Some are grumpy. Some are tired. Some may not be interested in sex at the moment. And all of them are aging,’ say Schwartz and Woloshin. ‘This is the intended target of the campaign.’”

January 17 2014


The Accidental Creative Podcast: Gary Vaynerchuk Interview on Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook | Accidental Creative

Gary Vaynerchuk shares thoughts about how creatives can create value and relationship through meaningful online interactions, and talks about his motivation for building a strong social network. http://www.accidentalcreative.com/podcasts/ac/ac-podcast-gary-vaynerchuk-on-jab-jab-jab-right-hook/

TMBA 227: The Rise Of Productized Services

Damian Thompson from Linchpin is back on the show this week (his first appearance here) talking with me about one of the biggest movements we see in the location independent scene. We talk about what Damian has learned during his http://www.tropicalmba.com/services/

December 11 2013


Girls, Boys, Toys — And Gender

Just in time for the holidays, we’ll look at boys, girls, gender identity – and the way we make and market toys. Plus, we look at new GM CEO Mary Barra, the first female leader of a major American auto company.


Abha Bhattarai, Retail, hospitality and banking reporter for The Washington Post. (@abhabhattarai)

Melissa Atkins Wardy, CEO of the online clothing and toy company Pigtail Pals & Ballcap Buddies. Author of the forthcoming “Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight The Stereotyping and Sexualization of Girlhood, from Birth To Tween.” Executive director of the Brave Girls Alliance. (@PigtailPals)

Elizabeth Sweet, PhD candidate in sociology at UC Davis, where she focused on gender and children’s toys. (@ElizabethVSweet)

From Tom’s Reading List

TIME: The War on Pink: GoldieBlox Toys Ignite Debate Over What’s Good For Girls — “True, as toy stores have gotten pinker, women have made more progress in the workplace. All those cute little vacuum cleaners and mini baby bottles haven’t discouraged girls from going to college or excelling in academic fields other than science. Women make up the majority of undergrads and are entering law school in equal numbers to men. So it’s clear that gendered toys aren’t entirely to blame for the dearth of female engineers—a myriad of reasons from lack or mentors to childhood development contribute as well.”

New York Times: Guys and Dolls No More? – “If toys were marketed solely according to racial and ethnic stereotypes, customers would be outraged, and rightfully so. Yet every day, people encounter toy departments that are rigidly segregated — not by race, but by gender. There are pink aisles, where toys revolve around beauty and domesticity, and blue aisles filled with toys related to building, action and aggression.”

G.M.’s New CEO Mary Barra

Jerome Vaughn, news director at WDET-FM in Detroit. (@jvdet)

August 19 2013


Happy Monday 035 Seth Godin

Monday 12th August 2013 Seth Godin is a bestselling author & entrepreneur always looking to make a ruckus.

July 13 2013


AC Podcast: Mitch Joel on Rebooting Business and Life | Accidental Creative

Is it time to reboot your business and your life? Mitch Joel thinks so, and on this episode he'll explain why and how with insights from his new book CTRL ALT Delete. http://www.accidentalcreative.com/podcasts/ac/ac-podcast-mitch-joel-on-rebooting-business-and-life/

June 27 2013


Guerilla Marketing for Early Stage Startups

Tags: marketing

August 08 2012


Professional Services Marketing & Selling

Marketing and selling professional services such as accounting, legal services, engineering, consulting http://raintoday.libsyn.com/you-might-need-to-rebrand-your-firm-if

March 18 2012


How Chris Brogan Built His Content Platform

In this episode we discuss: How to write 2,000-4,000 words a day The critical importance of brevity in the digital age Why every online writer should read (and study) The Shipping News 2 ways to find endless content ideas Why it took Chris 8 years to gain his first 100 subscribers Brogan’s best advice on how to create a valuable content platform

March 11 2012


Targeted Marketing in your Womb, Digital Product Placement, Pervasive Gaming - Download This Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

How did an American department store predict that a 15 year old girl was pregnant before anyone else? We examine the strange and fascinating world of Predictive Analytics and Data Mining both in and away from the computer. We examine how the world of Pervasive Gaming is bleeding out of the screen and intro the streets. And Digital Product Placement - imagine all your favourite old TV shows with brand new brands inserted into them. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/downloadthisshow/ep5/3851666

February 10 2012


We Are All Weird

Squidoo founder, bestselling author and prolific blogger Seth Godin recently sat down with Success Magazine’s Darren Hardy to talk about his vision, the ideas in his latest book, We Are All Weird, the smart marketer of today, and how businesses become remarkable. http://upmarket.squidoo.com/2012/02/08/we-are-all-weird/

February 09 2012


How to Make $500 on Adsense Sites

Not something I really want to do but good to understand how some parts of the internet work.

July 20 2011


Helping users find content and take action « Boagworld

July 19 2011


Avoid this Mistake When Asking for a Referral or Testimonial

Marketing and selling professional services such as accounting, legal services, engineering, consulting http://raintoday.libsyn.com/avoid-this-mistake-when-asking-for-a-referral-or-testimonial

July 08 2011

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