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January 25 2014


Ventures & Adventures in Topography S02E09 - The Outer Circle – from the Northwest Passage to the World’s End Causeway

In this final episode of the series, we take you on a lop-sided perambulation through ‘remote London’ from the north-west passage at Brent Cross to the eastern Gateway on the Thames Estuary at Tilbury. Along the way they take in a jaunt along the buried and forgotten Philly Brook in Leytonstone, the Middlesex Tertiary Escarpment, the Southern Outfall Sewer, the Ilford of Thomas Burke’s Outer Circle and the lost pleasure gardens of Finsbury and Pentonville. With music by Europa51 and readings by Heidi Lapaine from The Arcades Project by Walter Benjamin, The Outer Circle: Rambles in Remote London by Thomas Burke, and The Kings England: Essex by Arthur Mee.

Ventures & Adventures in Topography S01E07 - It Isn’t Far From London by SPB Mais (1931)

In this final episode in the series Nick and John delve into the topographical writing of SPB Mais. Mais was one of the most famous media figures of the 1930’s and 40’s. He presented a number of popular programmes on BBC radio including Microphone at Large and This Unknown Island. In this episode he is presented as a forward thinking almost proto-psychogeographer in his approach to the experience of walking and a radical call to arms to embrace both the past and the future from the forces of commerce. Nick describes his writing as a kind of nature mysticism. The walk from Mais’s It Isn’t Far From London that was recorded for the show was an epic tramp from Slough through Stoke Poges, Burnham Beaches, Hedgerley then along the M40 in the gloom to Beaconsfield. With readings by Heidi Lapaine.
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Ventures & Adventures in Topography S01E06 - The Face of London by Harold P. Clunn (1932)

Those who walk see most” Clunn’s weighty tome is an exhaustive survey of London and its environs – probably the most comprehensive compendium of the city covered in this series exploring the world of early C20th topographical walking books. Clunn was a strident spokesman for the pedestrian – chronicling the gradual alienation of the walker from the streets to the designated walkways. John and Nick sift through the 25 walks covered in the Face of London and set out to follow Clunn’s haphazard route from Highbury through Holloway to Highgate, revelling in the geological infrastructure of the northern heights laid bare and the powerful mythology of the zone around Crouch End with its vampire legends, zombie movie, and serial killer. With readings by Heidi Lapaine.

Ventures & Adventures in Topography S01E05 - The Story of Roxeth by T L Bartlett

In this episode Nick and John explore the lost ancient quarter of Roxeth as described in T L Bartlett’s Story of Roxeth. Bartlett creates ‘deep topography’ of the area now known as South Harrow, outlining its mythology, history as a Roman settlement, its fields and rivers and the birds, particularly the Rooks from whom it derives its name. Tim Bradford, author of The Groundwater Diaries, joins the team for a walk following the Roxbourne stream.

January 21 2014


The Future of London within the UK - Video and audio - News and media - Home

Speaker(s): Boris Johnson Chair: Peter Sutherland Recorded on 9 December 2013 in Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street. The State Of The Union series has seen people from Alex Salmond to Martin McGuiness and Michael Heseltine discuss the future of the United Kingdom and one part within the greater whole. In this event Boris Johnson will discuss the role and future of London within the Union. Boris Johnson was born in June 1964 in New York. His family moved to London when he was five years old. He went to primary school in Camden and was subsequently educated at the European School in Brussels, Ashdown House and then at Eton College. He later read Classics at Balliol College. During his time at Oxford University he became president of the prestigious Oxford Union. After graduating he moved back to London. He joined The Daily Telegraph in 1987 as leader and feature writer. From 1989 to 1994 he was the Telegraph's European Community correspondent and from 1994 to 1999 he served as assistant editor. His association with The Spectator began as political columnist in 1994. In 1999 he became editor of the paper and stayed in this role until December 2005. In 2001 he was elected MP for Henley on Thames. In July 2007, Boris Johnson resigned from his position as shadow education secretary so that he would be free to stand as Conservative candidate for Mayor of London. He resigned as MP for Henley shortly after becoming Mayor of London. Event posting http://www.lse.ac.uk/newsAndMedia/videoAndAudio/channels/publicLecturesAndEvents/player.aspx?id=2157

January 19 2014


Uncertain Minds: How the West Misunderstands Buddhism - YouTube

The final part of the interfaith series held by the Guardian in conjunction with St Paul's Cathedral, exploring Buddhism in its various manifestations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXYBtT4uN30&feature=youtu.be

October 24 2013


The Plane Forest: Does the City have the Right Trees? | Gresham College

The City of London actively seeks to make the most of its green spaces and plant trees wherever possible. But does it plant the right sort of trees? What are the right sort of trees?

August 23 2013


Foot & Mouth - Episode 1

Nick Hamilton's psychogeophonic investigation into Hackney with contributions from Iain Sinclair, Stewart Home, John Barker, We Are Bad/Savage Messiah, Charles Adegoke, Olga Panades, Xavier Zapata, Alan Hayday, Jonny Mugwump & Sally Mumby-Croft. All sounds and conversations recorded on location in Hackney.

August 14 2012


JJGo! With Graham Linehan

As this space continues its role as a repository for JJGo! episodes with interesting guests.

March 13 2012


Londonist Out Loud: A Podcast for London, 12 March 2012

Today’s topics include the mayoral elections, including key points of Ken and Boris’ plans, expansion of the cycle hire scheme, the history of Hogarth’s House, the Golden Hind and Cutty Sark boats, the values of replicas, blue plaques and other interesting stories, accompanied by a short historical quiz. http://londonist.com/2012/03/londonist-out-loud-a-podcast-for-london-12-march-2012.php
Tags: london

January 23 2012


Tunnel Vision 2 - Jane Trowell

Jane Trowell is a member of artist and environmentalist collective Platform. She discusses “green” sanitation systems. Tunnel Vision is recorded entirely in London’s sewer system. Producer/presenter Bruno Rinvolucri duped a collection of writers, musicians, activists and academics into wading knee deep through swollen rivers of effluvia along the miles of tunnel beneath London. Tunnel Vision’s troglodytes explore this hidden and somewhat mysterious subterranean environment. This episode was originally broadcast on 4th August 2009.

Ventures & Adventures in Topography S02E01 - Brent Cross

This week we’ll be taking you on a drift from Golders Green to Brent Cross, exploring the liminal zones in-between, land on the cusp of redevelopment and a derive through the Regional Shopping Centre during late-night midweek shopping. Includes field recordings, reading by Heidi Lapaine from Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project and music from Europa 51.

January 22 2012


Tunnel Vision 1 - Brixton to Clapham

Tunnel Vision is recorded entirely in London’s sewer system. Producer/presenter Bruno Rinvolucri duped a collection of writers, musicians, activists and academics into wading knee deep through swollen rivers of effluvia along the miles of tunnel beneath London. Tunnel Vision’s troglodytes explore this hidden and somewhat mysterious subterranean environment. Sound artist Sammie Joplin embarks on a subterranean jaunt from Brixton Water Lane to Clapham High Street conducting various sound experiments en route.

January 13 2012


The Global Financial Crisis Revisited - Video and audio - News and media - Home

LSE public lecture audio podcast and video media player page Recorded on 11 May 2009 in Old Theatre, Old Building. Journalists Will Hutton and Martin Wolf discuss the global financial crisis. What are its dimensions? Have governments done enough to avoid the worst economic outcomes? And is the global economy teetering on the edge of depression? http://www2.lse.ac.uk/newsAndMedia/videoAndAudio/channels/publicLecturesAndEvents/player.aspx?id=2

May 09 2011


Tall timbers support 9-story residential building - Science Show - 7 May 2011

The tallest residential timber building in the world has been built in East London. Instead of using cement and steel architects used cross laminated timber saving the emission of around 306 tonnes of carbon dioxide. So is this a viable alternative for residential buildings? Naomi Fowler reports. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/scienceshow/stories/2011/3210008.htm

December 09 2010


Mondo Diablo Episode 286: This Christmas has Been Brought to You by Child Labor

This week, the Krampus and his workers, Knecht Ruprecht, Krampus, Hans Trapp, Zwarte Piet, Klaubauf, Muff, Butz, Pere Fouettard and Belsnickel, bring you the last in the series of Worst Jobs podcasts. This time it's children making dolls for children, gos-herding and turkey dressing. As in, yanking the guts out of hundreds or maybe thousands of fresh turkeys, by hand, in time for Christmas. But my own day of judgment is at hand (did you know that the Visit from Saint Nicholas could be considered a mini "day of judgment" for children? It's true)! I will be presenting, tomorrow night, a small amount of information about Christmas political history, characters and pagan traditions that have come all the way to us. We will also have a nice atheist Christmas party. Now THAT'S how freethinkers have a Christmas party. With a lecture. Luckily, I have pictures.

December 04 2010


Versatility and the Gloomy Stores of History

'London Booksites: Places of Printing and Publication before 1800', written and delivered by Professor James Raven Lecture 2: 'Versatility and the Gloomy Stores of History', introduced by David Pearson The 2010 series of lectures offers fresh perspectives on the early modern and 18th-century book trade in England. London dominated this industry, but relatively little has been known about the commercial environments in which books were published. Recorded in the Conference Centre on 3 November 2010

November 24 2010


Urb Podcast - LV (Hyperdub)

Dancing on the line between dubstep, house and UK funky, Hyperdub crew LV mix up an exclusive set of advanced oddities coming from their ever evolving London scene. Tracklist is top secret, but here’s a revealing interview with the faceless crew. http://www.urb.com/2010/11/23/lv/

September 20 2010


Peter Bazalgette, great great Grandson of Sir Joseph Bazalgette on the story of his ancestor's proposal for a sewage system for London.

London Without...Bazalgette is a guided trail that celebrates one of London’s most important if not fragrant inventions, the sewage system invented by Victorian Engineer Joseph Bazalgette. With an I-Phone app, scratch n' sniff cards and a special podcast, London Without... Bazalgette is intended to give the participant a visceral experience of life both before and after Bazalgette’s brilliant solution to London’s sewage problems. The trail takes in hidden parts of the Embankment, the remarkable Crossness Pumping Station and the Broad Street pump memorial. During the Story of London Festival, the walks will be available on each weekend (2nd/3rd & 9th/10th of October) at 9am, 1pm and 5pm respectively. The PDF trail is available for download here, along with the I-Phone app and accompanying podcast. http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/art-culture/storyoflondon/events/london-without-bazalgette

August 24 2010


Sound map: the Caledonian Road

Award winning broadcaster and oral historian Alan Dein walks us down the Caledonian Road, telling the story of the north London street through the voices of the people who live and work on it.
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