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August 08 2012



The song that started it all. Les Horribles cernettes, the one and only High Energy Rock Band. Huffduffed from http://musiclub.web.cern.ch/MusiClub/bands/cernettes/songs/collider.html

July 04 2011


Jonathan Ames II (BSS #25) : The Bat Segundo Show

Subjects Discussed: The controversial cover of I Love You More Than You Know, self-promotional footnotes, rules for writing, writing originating from unexpected requests, “tossed off” essays, depression and writing, essays which involve the penis, the somber and introspective feel of Ames’ latest collection, Ames’ lengthy self-asseessment of his book, George Plimpton, Glenn Gould, honesty, “throwaway pieces,” graphic novels, fiction, making a living as a writer, Graham Greene, Dean Haspiel and The Alcoholic, comic book scripting, Neil Gaiman, The Extra Man screenplay, upcoming pieces in GQ and Spin, on Ames letting down his guard, comedy vs. tragedy, the audience response to “Midlife Assessment,” Tim O’Brien, an odd and paranoid use of coffee, Ames’ place as a writer, the financial realities of being a writer, Moby, on getting distracted, the burden of email, writing discpline, chicken soup, San Francisco restaurants, Anthony Trollope, Jonathan Lethem, writers named Jonathan, Jonathan Franzen, living life to write about it later, on Ames bringing pleasure to himself (not the way you’re thinking), what Ames has been collecting from hotel rooms, and a hairy call. http://www.edrants.com/segundo/the-bat-segundo-show-25/
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May 20 2011


[Citation Needed] Podcast - Episode 05

In the fifth episode of the [Citation Needed] Podcast, we examine the Powers and Abilities of Godzilla, take a behind the scenes looks at the editorial turmoil of the magazine Dog Fancy and pitch a new Bruce Lee movie, The Dragon Lives Again. Plus, Paul Sabourin of Paul and Storm stops by to discuss how it feels to have one of your songs mistaken for a Frank Zappa song. http://citationneeded.tumblr.com/post/5608024726/episode-05

December 20 2010


Caustic Soda: Christmas

Was the star of Bethlehem a supernova? What raunchy pagan festivals did Christianity co-opt for Jesus’ birthday? How many butchered children did Saint Nick resurrect, and who was St Nick’s demonic sidekick? Is Santa Claus just Odin One-Eye rebranded? Also, tragic reindeer death! Watch out deipnophobes – it’s a Very Caustic Christmas!

November 25 2010


Androcles and the Lion - Bernard Shaw

BBC R4 - Bernard Shaw's 'Androcles And The Lion' Abridged by Archie Campbell Produced by Archie Campbell Broadcast November 3, 1978 Coded from tape at 128/44.1 Thanks to Usenet Shaw contrasting logic with irrationality after adding a christian dimension to the ancient story of a lame lion tamed by extraction of a thorn from its sore paw. Cast Geoffrey Wincott - Narrator Leslie French - Androcles Pauline Letts - Magaera John Graham - Lion John Baker - Spintho Heron Carvic - Caesar Alexa Romanis - Lavinia Anthony Baird - Centurion Michael Harbour - Captain Peter Bartlett - Lentulus John Atterbury - Metellus Robert Cordran - Ferrovius Bill Kendrick - Editor Of The Gladiators

October 26 2010


Caustic Soda: Body Worlds

Pam Saunders gives Toren, Kevn and Joe a tour of the Body Worlds exhibit at Science World in Vancouver. We learn how the 'plastination' of corpses works, coal miner's lung, situs inversus (major visceral organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions), why brains are wrinkled, and why Kevin knows nothing about the liver.

August 17 2010


Gareth Jones on Speed - Episode 123

2010 Stereo Summer Special - Learn to speak Motorsport. A handy guide to the languages of international motor racing. With music from Big County & The Reclaimers, Björg, The Jammed, Pit Stop Boys, Beastly Boys, Plus new music: No More Motor Racing Heroes from The Wranglers.
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