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December 21 2013


The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 23: Steve Demme Teaching and Discipling our Children, Honoring our Wives and Relationships with our Family

Listen as Steve Demmetalks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about: How his extensive biblical research showed Steve that parents should be the primary educator of their children. Strategies of how husbands can build of their wives. How homeschooling is not so much about academics but about living forever. Talks about his website BuildingFaithFamilies.org Building a family based on biblical principles. Discipling our Children. Communicating and building relationships with your family. How dads can play a more significant role in the homeschooling of our children Steve will touch on the Math-U-See program and website. For more information on this episode or to read the show notes, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0023

November 26 2013


The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 10: Rachel Coker a Homeschool Graduate, on Writing, Getting Published and Her Books

Listen as Rachel Coker, an eighteen-year-old homeschool graduate , talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about: Her start in writing and how her writing skills were developed How her love of reading has made her a good writer Rachel's advice to inspiring writers The most exciting and rewarding part about writing Which author she could be if she could have What she would go back and tell herself at age 10-11 Her advice to homeschool students What her greatest homeschooling experience was To learn more, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0010
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The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 9: Holly Britton on Homeschool Planning, Organization and Her Book: The Planned Approach

Holly Britton talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about Homeschool Planning, Organization and Her Book: The Planned Approach Listen to Holly as she talks about: Homeschool Planning Organizational challenges in homeschooling Why it’s important to plan your homeschool What challenges multiple children present. Holly will also talk about her new book The Planned Approach She will explain how this book is aimed at families who want to customize their homeschool This book is a glorified checklist of sorts. The book is a skeleton of components needed to consider to establish a school plan for “this year,” for this child,” at “this grade level,” with “these needs,” and be able to to work it into their teaching style and family lifestyle. The book will be do out in December and can be found at PlannedApproach.org or Amazon.com. To learn more, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0009

The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 8: Jim Bob Howard talks about Dads Leading Homeschooling & His Family

Jim Bob Howard talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about: Why homeschooling must be led by dad How moms will get burned out early if dad is not leading it Why mom needs a vision from dad. What the consequences can be in the home for a “hands-off” homeschooling father. How Moms are affected in their daily role down in the trenches The things mom needs to hear from dads to include that she’s doing a great job. What it means for the children when dad is involved. Words of advice for fathers who believe that they are too busy to get involved. How men should get started spiritually leading their family, including advice such as “Just get started,” and “Don’t worry about being perfect.”. Jim Bob tells men to read scripture on their own and as a family. To learn more, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0008

The Homeschool Leadercast 7: Mark Hamby talks about Character Building through Stories, Book Recommendations and Lamplighter

Mark Hamby from Lamplighter.net talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about Character Building through Stories, Book Recommendations and Lamplighter Ministries including Lamplighter Guild and Lamplighter Theater To learn more, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0007

The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 6: Dr. Paul Cates talks about the History of Homeschooling, Qualifications of a Spiritual Teacher and Faith Christian Ministries

Dr. Paul Cates talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about his involvement in the the history of homeschooling since the time that it was illegal in all 50 states. He discusses the 6 qualifications of a spiritual teacher. He tells about his ministry Faith Christian Ministries To learn more, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0006

The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 5: Candace Allgood talks about Preschool Learners, Bible Memorization and Sonbeams

Candace Allgood talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about Preschool Learners, how to make learning fun and enjoyable and how to deal with struggling learners, She also gives tips on Bible Memorization . Candace will also talk about her website Sonbeams.com and the available resources you can find there. To learn more, go to HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0005

The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 4: Don McChesney talks about Classical Education, Common Core and Equip Education

In this interview, Don McChesney talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about classical education. Although there are many different definitions of classical education, he will tell us how the movement got started. He will also discuss the implementation of Common Core standards in the United States. He will explain what we can expect and if homeschoolers should be concerned. He will also give his thoughts on college entrance exams and how they will be affected by common core. Don will also discuss his program Equip Education. To learn more about this interview, visit homeschoolleadercast.com/hslc0004

The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 3: Vicki Dincher talks about Teaching Science to Your Homeschool Student

Vicki Dincher talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about her love for science, teaching science. She talks about the areas of science that all kids should be involved in. Vicki talks about using opportunities all around us to teach little kids. And for parents, you don’t have to be an expert in science to teach science. She explains how there are so many resources these days, that all you need is to be a good investigator. Vicki also talks about preparing homeschool students for science and a good way to see that they are scientifically literate for college. In this interview, you will hear how you can teach children to face challenges to their faith based on science. Learn more on the show notes page at homeschoolleadercast.com/hslc0003

The Homeschool Leadercast Episode 2:Kathy H. Lee talks about Adoption and Early Childhood Education

Kathy H. Lee talks with Jeremy Jesenovec on the Homeschool Leadercast about how God has called them to adopt. She tells the story about her fight with the Guatemalan govenment. Kathy will tell us how homeschooling adopted children is different than adopting your biological children. In this interview, Kathy talks about her love for teaching preschoolers and gives good advice on homeschooling preschoolers. She will talk about struggling learners. In this interview, you’ll hear Kathy give advice on how to deal with a struggling learner as well as avoiding or overcoming burnout. To learn more, go to the show notes page at HomeschoolLeadercast.com/hslc0002

Welcome to the Homeschool Leadercast

The Homeschool Leadercast Introductory Episode #1 with host Jeremy Jesenovec
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