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February 27 2014


February 15 2014


February 14 2014


Blackbeard And The Golden Age Of Pirates

On Valentine’s Day, we’re talking booty —pirate booty—and the last days of the world’s most notorious pirate, Blackbeard.

“Capture of the Pirate, Blackbeard, 1718″ depicting the battle between Blackbeard the Pirate and Lieutenant Maynard in Ocracoke Bay. (Jean Leon Gerome Ferris / Creative Commons)


Colin Woodard, award-winning journalist and author. Author of “The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down.” Also author of “American Nations” and “The Lobster Coast.” State and national affairs writer for the Portland Press-Herald and the Maine Sunday Telegram. (@WoodardColin)

Captain Mike Daniel, ship captain, maritime explorer and underwater explorer. Founder of the Maritime Research Institute.

From Tom’s Reading List

Smithsonian Magazine: The Last Days of Blackbeard — “Out of all the pirates who’ve trolled the seas over the past 3,000 years, Blackbeard is the most famous. His nearest rivals—Capt. William Kidd and Sir Henry Morgan—weren’t really pirates at all, but privateers, mercenaries given permission by their sovereign to attack enemy shipping in time of war. Blackbeard and his contemporaries in the early 18th-century Caribbean had nobody’s permission to do what they were doing; they were outlaws. But unlike the aristocrats who controlled the British, French and Spanish colonial empires, many ordinary people in Britain and British America saw Blackbeard and his fellow pirates as heroes, Robin Hood figures fighting a rear-guard action against a corrupt, unaccountable and increasingly tyrannical ruling class.”

National Geographic: Blackbeard’s Shipwreck — “No one knows where the man named Edward Teach, or Tache, or Thatch, called home. Capt. Charles Johnson (who some believe was Daniel Defoe) claimed he came from Bristol in his 1724 tome, ‘A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates,’ the primary source of most Blackbeard legends. Others trace him to a prominent family on Jamaica, or to the Carolinas.”

History: 8 Real-Life Pirates Who Roved the High Seas –”Blackbeard intimidated enemies by coiling smoking fuses into his long, braided facial hair and by slinging multiple pistols and daggers across his chest. In November 1717 he captured a French slave ship, later renamed the Queen Anne’s Revenge, and refitted it with 40 guns. With that extra firepower he then blockaded the port of Charleston, South Carolina, until the town’s residents met his demands for a large chest of medicine. “

February 10 2014


Reading Envy: Reading Envy Podcast 002: Return of the Euthanized Book

February 09 2014


The History of English Podcast Episode 3: The Indo-European Family Tree

A look at the family tree of Indo-European languages and the relationship of English to those related languages. The closest relatives of English are highlighted, including the Germanic languages, Latin and Greek. We explore the background of English from the first Indo-Europeans to the first Anglo-Saxons in Britain. http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/2013/08/04/episode-3-the-indo-european-family-tree-4/

The History of English Podcast Episode 2: The Indo-European Discovery

The story of the discovery of the ancient language which gave rise to most of the languages of Europe, including English. http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/2013/08/04/episode-2-the-indo-european-discovery-5/

February 07 2014


Chris Masters: The Battlelines of News and History - History - Browse - Big Ideas - ABC TV

Do the ADF really hate the Australian media? http://www.abc.net.au/tv/bigideas/stories/2013/10/04/3861357.htm

January 31 2014


January 22 2014


Amiri Baraka: Ennobled by Coltrane | Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Amiri Baraka‘s death prompts me to repost a conversation we had about the music of John Coltrane, which inspired Baraka and ennobled the ambitions of his Black Arts movement. “Trane was our flag,” Baraka remembered back in 2007. “We could feel what he was doing. We heard our own search and travail in the opening of ‘Giant Steps.’” http://www.radioopensource.org/amiri-baraka-ennobled-coltrane/

January 19 2014


The Jewish Century with Yuri Slezkine (Conversations with History)

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Berkeley Professor Yuri Slezkine for a discussion of the Jewish odyssey in the 20th century. His comparative analysis focuses on the similarity of the Jews to other "Mercurians" and provides new insight into understanding the paths the Jews took amidst the chaos of the last century.

January 18 2014


5/30 Gar Alperovitz: Straight Talk On The Next American Revolution | The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Economist and author Gar Alperovitz, explained why reform won’t work, the political decline of organized labor, the local roots of the New Deal, why innovative economic reform is happening on the local level, the emerging American interest in Socialism, why serious banking and health reform will begin at the state level and why we are in a “pre history” moment. On The Better Half: Men need to dominate women says Fox panel, why libertarian theories fail in education and your calls and IMs. And keep the conversation going on our morning thread Members make the Majority Report possible.  Please join us by becoming a MEMBER.  You can also show your support by clicking thru to the DONATE button for a one-time donation.  Thanks!   http://majority.fm/2013/05/30/530-gar-alperovitz-straight-talk-on-the-next-american-revolution/

January 17 2014


Hans van der Ven – The Chinese Maritime Customs Service, the 1911 Revolution, and the Bond Markets | Backdoor Broadcasting Company

Event Date: 16 January 2014 Royal Asiatic Society Stephenson Way London NW1 2HD   The Royal Asiatic Society presents: Professor Hans van der V http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/2014/01/hans-van-der-ven-the-chinese-maritime-customs-service-the-1911-revolution-and-the-bond-markets/

January 13 2014


Download MP3 (Full Episode)


The Forgotten Black Cowboys | BBC World Service - The Documentary (April 20, 2013)

How did America's black cowboys get airbrushed out of movies and history books? Hollywood shows us a wild west populated only by white cowboys. But it's only part of the story, as Sarfraz Manzoor discovers as he goes in search of America's black cowboys. On his journey through Texas, he finds that the west was populated by both African Americans and Hispanic cowboys, and that their legacy lives on today. He joins a trail ride with black cowboys as they make their way across the dusty plains following the routes of their ancestors. Complete with 12 covered wagons and up to 200 riders on horseback, Sarfraz finds a great pride in this black heritage. In Wichita, Kansas, he meets one remarkable performer, the very first actor to appear as a black cowboy in the movies of the 1930s. At a time of racial segregation in the United States, few white cinema goers would ever have heard of Herb Jeffries, but he was the hero in films such as 'Harlem on the Prairie'. Today Herb Jeffries is about to turn 100. So how did this part of America get airbrushed out of the movies and the history books? He talks to experts and archivists, as well as those who have lived the life of the range, to find a true life story hidden from sight for many years. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p016tnfw

January 10 2014


FairMormon Frameworks 14: Mark Ashurst McGee - Church History

Today’s episode is an interview with Mark Ashurst-McGee. He is an employee of the Church History Department. He is also one of the editors on the Joseph Smith Papers project.

January 05 2014


Acoustic architecture

How does music speak to the buildings that house it? Music has always been a conversation with its environment, but from the 15th Century on, the craft became much more deliberate. And acoustic architecture has changed a lot since Dufay and the Gabrielis were composing their choral works for the Basilicas of Italy. Palaces, cathedrals, concert halls all got the bespoke treatment from composers like Bach and Beethoven. But as we reach the 20th Century and the machine-age, a different sonic logic starts to work. While the tradition was still maintained by people like Benjamin Britten, new minds like Edgard Varèse started to see other parallels between architecture and music. By the time we get to Iannis Xenakis, the architect-turned-composer, the idea of music and structure start to merge. And today the disciplines of architecture and music are spawning brand new hybrids—architects design music—musicians perform buildings. So, would you like to live in my song? http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/intothemusic/acoustic-architecture/4969332

January 04 2014


Interview with Ian Milliss about Victoria St Squats

In this interview, originally broadcast on Community Radio 3CR, Iain McIntyre talks with Ian Milliss about his involvement with Sydney’s Victoria St squats. During the early 1970s this street in Kings Cross became the focus of a long running anti-development struggle that brought together long term residents, unionists and squatters in a campaign which reignited squatting across the city. The interview discusses the highs and lows of defying thugs, gangsters and the police in defence of a unique community. It also includes some tunes from Victoria Street resident Mick Fowler’s band. http://www.australianmuseumofsquatting.org/?p=445

The car industry - Rear Vision - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Governments everywhere are confronting the collapse of the global automobile market in different ways, with loans, bailouts and sometimes cold rejection. Rear Vision looks at the history of the car industry in Australia, which has always relied on government support, and in the United States, where the Obama administration is trying to work out whether more government aid could make its car companies viable. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/rearvision/the-car-industry/3148330

Torres Strait Islands: Pearlshelling, Treaty, the Sea and Joh - Rear Vision - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

With the announcement of a referendum on the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the constitution, Rear Vision asks: what do we know about the history of the people from the second half of that phrase? How is it that Australia recognises two different groups of Indigenous people? http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/rearvision/torres-strait-islands-pearlshelling-treaty-the-sea/3011426
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