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February 17 2014


December 23 2013


5by5 | Back to Work #97: Pope of the Office

TOPIC: Using GTD to sanely and intelligently decide what to do, and when, and where. http://5by5.tv/b2w/97

5by5 | Back to Work #96: Compensatory Muscles

TOPIC: A Better System for Dealing with Life's "Stuff" http://5by5.tv/b2w/96

December 14 2013


Getting things done

Tags: gtd

October 05 2013


PM for the masses #003 Getting Things Done with David Allen

On today’s episode of the PM for the Masses Podcast I bring you David Allen, the best selling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Press the play button above to listen to the episode. As I mention on today’s show, Getting Things Done has changed my life. It is truly the reason why I was able to launch this show and am able to produce it on a weekly basis, all the while having a full time job and a house full of kids. David Allen is one of my gurus and speaking with him was one of the top moments of my career. Listen as David and I talk productivity, his approach to project planning, and the intersection of getting things done and the spiritual realm. David Allen David Allen is the world leading expert in personal and organizational productivity. In over 25 years he has coached the CEOs of some of the world’s most successful corporations and institutions. Forbes has even recognized him as one of the top 5 executive coaches in the world. Fast Company Magazine has also called David “one of the world’s most influential thinkers” in the arena of personal productivity, for his outstanding programs and writing on time and stress management, the power of aligned focus and vision, and his groundbreaking methodologies in management and executive peak performance. David is the international bestselling author of Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity, and Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life. Would you leave me an iTunes review? Thank you so much! In less than a week the PM for the Masses Podcast already has 6 reviews in iTunes. During these first weeks, it is really important for the show to get lots of reviews so it will show up in more search results in iTunes. I’d like to thank those who left me some pretty awesome reviews and ask you to review the show in iTunes if you haven’t already done it. I really appreciate it! You can click here and it will take you directly to iTunes. Thanks! What is YOUR GTD setup? I am a GTD junkie and I would love to know how you set up your GTD system. What do you use? What apps? Let’s geek out on GTD. Use the comment box below this post and let me know! Episode Links David Allen’s Bio on the Huffington Post David Allen Company
Tags: gtd

May 10 2013


Getting Things Done author David Allen reveals common GTD pitfalls and secrets to overcome them.

David Allen is the originator of GTD, and founder of David Allen Co. GTD is the shorthand brand for "Getting Things Done," the groundbreaking work-life management system by David Allen that provides concrete solutions for transforming overwhelm and uncertainty into an integrated system of stress-free productivity. http://beyondthetodolist.com/davidallen/

May 24 2011


Accidental Creative podcast #199: David Allen on GTD

April 29 2011


April 25 2011


April 02 2011


Mac Power Users


Mac Power Users

March 14 2011


MPU 045: Finding Files and Tagging - MPU

Katie and David, joined by Mac mad scientist Brett Terpstra, cover the many ways to organize and find files on your Mac. This show includes tips on tagging, spotlight, naming conventions and more.
Tags: gtd

February 17 2011


David Allen ("the GTD guy") talks about Twitter

Tags: gtd twitter

January 13 2011


October 19 2010


David Allen Podcast: David Allen - The Do Lectures

Tags: gtd

August 29 2010


Fear of Failure - iProcrastinate Podcast

"This week, we review a recent study on fear of failure and procrastination." From http://iprocrastinate.libsyn.com/fear_of_failure

August 01 2010


MPU 023: Workflows with Merlin Mann « Mac Power Users

In our first “Workflows” episode we talk with Merlin Mann, or as David calls him, the “Hero of Nerds.” Merlin discussed how he uses his Mac for his work and the applications he uses to be more productive. This extra long episode is packed with geeky goodness. From http://macpowerusers.com/2010/03/mpu-023-workflows-with-merlin-mann/

July 30 2010


David Allen - MindSweep

June 24 2010


Get-It-Done Guy

Time Management Top 5 Tips 1 Give Yourself Good Advice 2 Manage Life with a Personal Dashboard 3 How to Learn a Language Quickly 4 How to Get Your Mojo Back 5 How to Name Files About the Host: Get-It-Done Guy host Stever Robbins is a successful entrepreneur who loves productivity in the service of personal fulfillment. A veteran of nine startups, including FTP Software, Intuit, and HEAR Music. Stever is a graduate of Harvard Business School and MIT. Read More Recent Tips How to Get Work Done On Airplanes June 14, 2010 How to Learn a Language Quickly June 7, 2010 How to Get Noticed by Your CEO May 31, 2010 How to Get Your Mojo Back May 26, 2010 Recommended Reading & Listening SteverRobbins.com Lifehacker 37Signals The Mind Map The Power of a Positive No The Organized Executive Find me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter! Get the GetItDoneGuy Widget For Your Site Home All Experts Get-It-Done Guy How to Get Work Done On Airplanes Episode 137: June 14, 2010 work | vacation Subscribe Newsletter iTunes Podcast RSS Article RSS Tools Download MP3 Email Print Comments Share Facebook Twitter Stumbleupon Reddit Digg Delicious Tip Sponsored By by Stever Robbins Today’s sponsor is Carbonite. For a 15-day free trial, visit http://Carbonite.com using code done. If you travel a lot, you need to know how make the most of your time on planes. I first started working on planes when I started speaking on entrepreneurship and leadership.
Tags: gtd organize
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