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January 17 2014


TMBA 227: The Rise Of Productized Services

Damian Thompson from Linchpin is back on the show this week (his first appearance here) talking with me about one of the biggest movements we see in the location independent scene. We talk about what Damian has learned during his http://www.tropicalmba.com/services/

June 27 2011


Why Cities Keep Growing, Corporations and People Always Die, and Life Gets Faster

From edge.org: http://edge.org/conversation/geoffrey-west For the past few years Geoffrey West, a physicist former president of SantaFe Institute has been calling for "a science of how city growth affects society and environment". After years of focusing on scalability of cities and urban environments, West, is now is bringing "some of the powerful techniques, ideas, and paradigms developed in physics over into the biological and social sciences". He is looking at a bigger picture and asking the following question: "to what extent can biology and social organization (which are both quintessential complex adaptive systems) be put in a more quantitative, analytic, mathemitizable, predictive framework so that we can understand them in the way that we understand 'simple physical systems'?'

November 29 2010


How Understanding Demand Helps You Create Products – with Rick Kash

October 25 2010


Making church happen everyday

Todays's most successful churches operate 24/7, fulfilling their mission by engaging, inspiring and building community with their members every day of the week. So what's involved in creating church every day, and what possibilities, obstacles and benefits does it create for your church? SimChurch author Douglas Estes discusses what leading churches today are doing to bring their churches to life seven days a week. # The role of technology # Why your church is ready today # What specific steps you should take to make church happen every day for your congregation

Missionality — Spreading the Gospel through daily life

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus is the focus of every church. But what do other churches DO to share this gospel with their surrounding communities and demonstrate it on a daily basis? Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Vintage21’s approach to missionality and hear what your church can do to extend your community reach.
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