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January 10 2014


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Nutritional consultant, speaker, educator, and Paleo diet author Nora Gedgaudas is our guest today for this LLVLC Show Classic from our golden archives in Episode 765 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD AT ITUNES Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:01:45 — 97.8MB) With Jimmy Moore hard at work this week banging out the recording of his upcoming audiobook version of Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers? (tentatively set to release in March 2014) as well as writing his next book entitled Keto Clarity, we are thrilled to start sharing more LLVLC Show Classic episodes from deep in our golden archives of amazing content that aired many years ago but no longer appears on iTunes. What’s so amazing about these older episodes is how relevant the information is STILL today in 2014. And today we feature two outstanding back-to-back interviews with one of the leading voices in the Paleo, primal and low-carb movement in Portland, OR-based board-certified nutritional consultant and board-certified clinical neurofeedback specialist Nora Gedgaudas from “Primal Body-Primal Mind”, author of the seminal nutritional health book Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life. Listen in to hear Jimmy’s first exposure to the work Nora has been doing and continues to do so well to this day. Whether you’ve only recently discovered Nora Gedgaudas or if you’ve been a fan for years, you’ll enjoy hearing the passion and enthusiasm for healthy living she brings in spades. ENJOY! COCONUT-BASED REAL FOOD NOGRAINOLA NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3VITAMIN K2 AND D3 OLIVE OIL-BASED SOFTGEL NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE 765 - SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: PrimalPaleoConcepts presents NoGRAINola - SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: Leaner Living’s new K2/K3 Combo supplement - Nora Gedgaudas bio - Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life - PrimalBody-PrimalMind.com - Nora Gedgaudas on Twitter - Nora Gedgaudas on Facebook - Nora Gedgaudas on YouTube - Listen to Nora’s iTunes podcast: Primal Body Primal Mind Radio - VIDEO: Nora Gedgaudas’ 2012 Ancestral Health Symposium Lecture: “The ‘Holy Grail’ of Primal Health: Benefits of a Fat-Based Caloric Intake for Body and Brain” http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/9275/765-llvlc-classic-paleo-expert-nora-gedgaudas-extols-low-carb-high-fat-diets/

January 07 2014


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Integrative and functional medicine practitioner, blogger, podcaster and health author Chris Kresser and Paleo nutritionist/blogger Laura Schoenfeld are our special guest co-hosts in Episode 763 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:08:42 — 55.3MB) It’s time yet again for our host Jimmy Moore to be away while writing his next book set to be released on August 5, 2014 called Keto Clarity: Unleash The Health Benefits Of A Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet with his Cholesterol Clarity coauthor Dr. Eric Westman. Just like we did in 2013, there will be a slate of guest hosts and LLVLC Show Classic episodes coming at you over the next few months. And today we kick it off with one of the biggest names in the Paleo community–Chris Kresser! He recently released his debut book entitled Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life and he shares about some of the content in the book with one of his staff nutritionists Laura Schoenfeld. Listen in as Chris attempts to explain the five major challenges he sees for people who decide to go on a very low-carb diet highlighting various aspects of the content of his book in the process. ENJOY! #1 BESTSELLING BLOOD SUGAR LOWERING SUPPLEMENT NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3GET WEEKLY LOW-CARB MEAL PLANS TO BEGIN 2014 NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE 763 - SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: Glycosolve with berberine and banaba leaf - SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: Join Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ Low-Carb Meal Plan - Chris Kresser bio - Laura Schoenfeld bio - Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life - Official web site for Your Personal Paleo Code - Official web site for Chris Kresser - Laura’s “Ancestralize Me” blog - RELATED PODCAST: The LLVLC Show #464: Acupuncturist Chris Kresser Is ‘The Healthy Skeptic’ - RELATED PODCAST: The LLVLC Show #516: Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code - RELATED PODCAST: Ask The Low-Carb Experts #10: All Things Thyroid (Thyroid 101) | Chris Kresser http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/9248/763-guest-host-chris-kresser-and-laura-schoenfeld-discuss-your-personal-paleo-code/
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September 25 2013


August 23 2013


711: Sally Fallon Morrell Says Paleo Unnecessarily Promotes A Low-Fat Diet

May 20 2011


Latest in Paleo #15: They Want Me to Eat What?! - 5by5

Latest in Paleo #15: They Want Me to Eat What?! - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/paleo/15
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