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January 04 2014


Maximum Fun | Home of Bullseye, Jordan Jesse GO!, and things that are awesome.

December 17 2013


O&A 2013-12-17

Opies vomit super soaker children. Dealing with sick kids. A trip to the medicine store. A meeting with the CEO of SXM. Strategies to win the Mega Millions jackpot. Its 1993 again, as we take a look at the OJ Simpson trial. Finnish up the first hour with a disco dance to break. Nirvana. Kiss have a shot getting into the R&R Hall of Fame this year. More award show and 80's music discussion. They attempt to turn us on to Hall & Oates as they run down the list of nominees. Mike Bocchetti makes his return to the show and he brings a special treat for the guys. They watch a video of a woman who make meat loaf and fuck dogs. Mike Bocchetti continues to discuss auto accidents. Jimmy hosts the Advice Show and here's some advice... Sam Roberts has aids. Well, that's not really advice. But still, he has aids. As mentioned on today's show:
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October 04 2013


The CDC Health House w/ Carrie Poppy

spooky house

Carrie Poppy (of Oh No, Ross and Carrie!) and Shawna Leonard (on Twitter @endemictoearth) lead Jay on a tour of the CDC’s Health House, a spooky… well, it’s more scary… actually, it’s a horrifying look at how everybody’s house is always haunted by invisible bacteria. And during a government shutdown, with the CDC not being funded, who will come to save you? BTW, what’s “mersa”?

Photo by barb_ar

The post The CDC Health House w/ Carrie Poppy

August 06 2013


The Best of Jawbone: We Built This Podcast on Chimps and Twinkies from the podcast

More Classic Jawbone in the feed. This is from March 5, 2005. If you've heard our theme song and wondered why D. Verada mentions chimps tearing faces off, this show is why. We feature a story about a couple attacked by chimps at a birthday party as well as feature a cover of Starship's "We Built This City" that was performed by the CEO's of Starbucks last winter.Come along for the ride!RSS feed. Download now. Also, don't forget to donate to The "Buy Jawbone Stuff With Your Money" Fund! http://www.podfeed.net/episode/The+Best+of+Jawbone+We+Built+This+Podcast+on+Chimps+and+Twinkies/109274

Jawbone #116: Interview with Mike Nelson of MST3K from the podcast

It's the interview we FINALLY got! For longtime fans of the show, this has been my white whale. the Moby DIck to my Captain Ahab...and we finally landed it. This is our exclusive interview with Mystery Science Theatre 3000's Michael J. Nelson. The pop culture refs come at you quick on this show, so be sure to have your pencils ready. We talk MST, summer movies, home theatre and what Mike and the Bots have been up to since the show was shot into space eight years ago. Enjoy!RUNNING TIME: 50:08SHOW NOTES:Links:Michael J. Nelson Official SiteSatellite News: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Official SiteLegend FilmsPlan 9 From Outer SpaceReefer MadnessPeanut GalleryMusic:The MST3K version of the Jawbone theme song done by D. VeradaWhen I Held Your Brain in My ArmsThe Greatest Frank of AllMighty Science TheatreRSS feed.Download now. http://www.podfeed.net/episode/Jawbone+116+Interview+with+Mike+Nelson+of+MST3K/279794

July 03 2013


Coed (Unisex?) Strip Club w/ Avery Edison

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 11.47.40 PM

Meet two pioneers who are opening up the world of exotic dance to simultaneous performances by men and women, dancers and customers alike, goth or not goth. Featuring Avery Edison (on Twitter @aedison) and Chase Nordengren (follow his podcast on Twitter @DearBlankShow).

Photo by Alan Light

September 05 2012


The Unexplainable w/ Tim O’Malley

Learn the best ways of dealing with a haunting with the host of “The Unexplainable”, a paranormal call-in show in Cleveland. How do you take back control of your home? What does it mean if objects start moving on their own? And wait, Bobcat Goldthwait isn’t dead, how can he be a ghost? Featuring special guest, Second City instructor Tim O’Malley. (Here’s Tim’s hit comedy musical “Godshow” on YouTube.) View in iTunes (1-Click Subscribe) No iTunes? No problem. Subscribe using any program you prefer. Photo by JD Hancock

September 02 2012


Celebrity Twitter Ghost Writer

Skimming Pool· Learn the shocking truth about how celebrities get so many Twitter followers and fake the appearance of being super-busy all the time. We’ve got exclusive access to a secret celebrity “ghost tweeter,” and he explains his in-depth process for getting to know clients such as Eliza Dushku and Fred Durst. Bring your appetite and a towel! Featuring Jordan Morris of Jordan, Jesse, Go! (iTunes Link) and Jay’s new favorite thing on the Internet:

August 21 2012


PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

In which Tim interviews one of his favourite people, (that is a reference), welcome to Season 2! Check out Peter's stuff: thechapertitlesweresogood.tumblr.com youtube.com/thepeteris bandcamp.com/thepeteris" name="DESCRIPTION http://humorlazerbeam.podomatic.com/entry/2012-08-19T04_08_55-07_00

July 28 2012


Magic: The Racketeering

Hi, Firecasters! This bonus scene is just for you guys. Scott and Jay got the suggestion of "magic" through the Facebook fan page, and a couple of different stories led to an epic battle for dignity.

June 29 2011


The Adam Carolla Show - Kelly Oxford | The Adam Carolla Show

Blogger Kelly Oxford sits down to talk to Adam about the early days of blogging, and Bam Margera’s response to Roger Ebert’s offensive tweet. Adam also talks about carbon monoxide poisoning, and listen to another snippet of The Lotzi Tapes. http://www.adamcarolla.com/ACPBlog/2011/06/22/kelly-oxford/

June 14 2011


'The Onion': Mocking All Who Deserve It Since 1988

November 20, 2009 By the time a headline makes it to the front page of The Onion, it has already beaten out up to 800 other headlines vying for the same spot of treasured comedic real estate. So the headlines that made yet another cut — to be featured in The Onion's latest book, Our Front Pages — are pretty much the cream of the satirical crop. The ironically self-important tome (it's more than a foot tall) promises to entertain readers with "21 Years of Greatness, Virtue and Moral Rectitude" culled from the archives of America's Finest News Source. Onion story ideas are generated headline first, Onion editors Joe Randazzo and Joe Garden tell NPR's Renee Montagne. "The headlines come from long periods of desperation, boredom and a fleeting panic that we have to get our assignment done in time for the Monday meeting," explains features editor Garden. Seeing stupidity everywhere can quickly become a full-time job. "I've even talked to writers who've told me that it's an obsession," says Randazzo. "Nearly everything that they see, think or do gets instantly reframed into this kind of headline." Click to see the post-Sept. 11 issue of The Onion. (NOTE: Includes language that some readers may find offensive.) So The Onion's stories end up running the gamut from observations about the little injustices of everyday life (Chipotle Employee Just Gave Guy In Front Of You More Rice) to sobering commentary on global events (Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell). (Garden says he initially thought that the hijacker headline — which appeared in the issue of The Onion that came out immediately after Sept. 11 — was "too pandering," but it turned out to be a popular and "cathartic" story.) The Onion's post-Sept. 11 issue led with the headline U.S. Vows To Defeat Whoever It Is We're At War With. It ran alongside Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman Bakes American-Flag Cake and Hugging Up 76,000 Percent. There are no truly untouchable topics, Randazzo says. But if the editors choose to tackle a sensitive subject, they try to make sure they aren't "just making jokes about horrible things with no context or no point or no heart." As for whether The Onion has a moral or political ax to grind, Randazzo doesn't think so. "I would not say that we are a group of Republicans, but I don't think we're a group of really left-wing liberals either," he says. It's equal-opportunity mockery, really, Randazzo explains: "We see something ... and say, 'Well, that's kind of stupid. They're acting kind of stupidly here. We should make a joke about that.' "

June 02 2011


Cold World

In a world... in the style of the hollywood announcer guy with a cold.

May 26 2011


Andy Borowitz: An Unexpected Twist

May 20 2011


[Citation Needed] Podcast - Episode 05

In the fifth episode of the [Citation Needed] Podcast, we examine the Powers and Abilities of Godzilla, take a behind the scenes looks at the editorial turmoil of the magazine Dog Fancy and pitch a new Bruce Lee movie, The Dragon Lives Again. Plus, Paul Sabourin of Paul and Storm stops by to discuss how it feels to have one of your songs mistaken for a Frank Zappa song. http://citationneeded.tumblr.com/post/5608024726/episode-05

January 31 2011


The Adam Carolla Show - Marc Maron | Adam Carolla's Show

Adam welcomes Marc Maron back to the show to discuss interviewing Gallagher, the pains of divorce, and why therapy can sometimes be a good thing. http://www.adamcarolla.com/ACPBlog/2011/01/30/marc-maron/
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