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September 09 2013


Sep 9, 2013 — Heather Hurlburt & Daniel Drezner

July 20 2013


Jul 19, 2013 — Daniel Drezner & Heather Hurlburt

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June 25 2013


January 10 2012


Michael Auslin discusses North Korea with Jim Bohannon - Foreign and Defense Policy - AEI

November 09 2010


Exploring the India-U.S. Partnership

As the President wraps up his big visit, we look at the real stakes in the U.S.-India relationship.

October 01 2010


Rare Earth Minerals and Global Power

Rare earth minerals are essential to everything from cell phones to hybrid cars. And China’s got them. Almost all. We’ll look at the power in rare earth.

September 21 2010


U.S.-China Economic Tensions

U.S.-China tensions over currency and trade are reaching a high pitch. We look at whether or not a showdown with China would boost, or bust, the American economy.

September 15 2010


Corruption in Afghanistan

It's being called "Corrupt-istan." Afghanistan is choking under graft and embezzlement. Can this war be won, with a government so corrupt?

August 13 2010


Blackberry vs. World: Tech Freedom?

The Blackberry saga. The businessman’s handheld organizer is facing the heat from intelligences bosses around the world. It’s high tech versus high security. Plus, a debate over Net neutrality and the Google-Verizon proposal.

August 10 2010


Andrew Bacevich: America’s Militarism

Retired Army colonel and big thinker Andrew Bacevich on why it’s time to throw out the playbook on American military policy.

June 29 2010


Pakistan, Afghanistan, and US Foreign Policy

Pakistan reportedly building a foothold in Afghanistan. We’ll look at its growing influence and what it means for American influence in the region.

June 09 2010


Turkey’s Moves, U.S.-Israel Impact

With Israel and Turkey now sharply at odds, a big American observer says embrace Turkey, and one day Iran--and Israel.
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