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January 20 2014


Creating Cash via Business, Real Estate and Investing – What’s best? with Toby Salgado - See more at: http://eventualmillionaire.com/toby-salgado/#sthash.IzU0afvp.dpuf

Toby Salgado has been in many industries. We talk about which one is the best to millionaire status at first, and what we should focus on after we have a high net worth. He has incredible stories of jumping into industries he knows nothing about and swimming with the best of them! Get advice about finding opportunities in the market, and how to push forward to create an impact in your business. http://eventualmillionaire.com/toby-salgado/

January 12 2014



David Heinemeier Hansson has an awesome perspective on business and dispels common myths about the way an entrepreneur "should" work. He talks about setting yourself up so you don't need to be scared, how he handles personal finance, why you don't need a lot of time and his thoughts on why start ups need patience. You need to check this out! http://eventualmillionaire.com/2011/12/david-heinemeier-hansson/

November 03 2013


HGL 033: Bar preparation sanity with Themis Bar Review

In this session of the Happy Go Legal podcast, Chelsea interviews Rich Douglas, COO of Themis Bar Review - he will share his thoughts on how you can create a successful environment and support team for preparing for the bar exam, and tips for success. http://happygolegal.com/2013/08/hgl-033-bar-preparation-sanity-with-themis-bar-review/

April 02 2011


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