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February 19 2014


December 19 2013


Tom Hanks, episode #190 of Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show on Earwolf

Join Kevin as he sits down with American movie icon and arguably the nicest man on the planet, Tom Hanks, as he discusses the many roles he plays in the film industry. http://www.earwolf.com/episode/tom-hanks/

March 24 2011


Artworks Feature: The Art of Being Europe Pt.3 - Film and the EU - RN Artworks - 20 March 2011

How many European films would survive Hollywood without EU support? Is the next generation forgetting how to watch European films, growing up instead on a diet of American blockbusters? Wim Wenders is worried. The King's Speech wasn't the only European film to do well at this year's Oscars. Another film, In a Better World by Danish director Susanne Bier, won best foreign language film. Both were backed by the European Union's Media program, which is the subject of today's feature. This week Lyn Gallacher begins part three of her tour through Europe by taking us to to the movies. It's a Finnish film. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/artworks/stories/2011/3165392.htm
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