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January 31 2014


January 10 2014


Willst du mit mir gehen? - Nur so ein bisschen.« herunterladen

Scheinbar haben immer mehr Menschen ein Problem damit, eine Beziehung zu starten. Ist man nun zusammen, oder nicht? Nimmt man sich nur ab… http://detektor.fm/kultur/willst-du-mit-mir-gehen-singles-zwischen-beziehung-und-was-eigentlich/
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January 07 2014


Fred Hahn on Advice Goddess Radio

Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science. I have a rerun for you this week -- but a very good one as well as a very topical one, because a lot of people use January 1st as their start date for getting healthy (and slimmer). On this show, exercise trainer and rehab expert Fred Hahn explains why slow-speed strength training, for just a few minutes a week, will make you healthier than that fitness fanatic who spends hours and hours in the gym. (He lays out fascinating and solid evidence throughout the show.) Fred is co-author, with Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Mary Dan Eades, whom I greatly respect, of The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution: The Slow-Motion Exercise That Will Change Your Body In 30 Minutes A Week. He will debunk all the myths most of us hold about exercise and fitness, and leave you with a plan for exercise that will make you fitter and healthier, and will only eat 12-15 minutes of your week. This is a not-to-be-missed show. This method of exercise has improved my health and my life and I'm hoping you'll follow my lead. Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sunday, from 7-8 pm Pacific and 10-11 pm Eastern, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon And please buy a copy of my own science-based (and funny) book on why people are rude and how to change things, I SEE RUDE PEOPLE: One woman's battle to beat some manners into impolite society. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon/2013/12/30/fred-hahn-on-science-based-exercise

March 14 2012


February 12 2012


Tokyo Podcast 21: Dating in Japan

Tokyo Podcast talks about dating in Japan. Are Japanese girls too shy? Do Japanese guys flirt? What is nanpa? We go in-depth with dating columnist Melissa Feineman in our dating in Japan special episode. http://www.tokyo-podcast.com/dating-in-japan/

February 09 2012


We met through the Apple app store

This time we have regulars Ian Forrester and David Eastman. With guests Nathan Rae and Alan O’Donohoe. Topics include ACTA, Apples announcement, Dating profiles and other related subjects… This episode will have Cristiano splitting blood :) Be very grumpy!
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