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February 22 2014


December 10 2013


girl on guy 117: dan savage

girl on guy 117: dan savage — american savage December 10, 2013 Dan Savage does not care what you think. He is not concerned with social mores, cultural propriety, or the delicate rules of polite conversation. Dan Savage is here to tell the truth. The truth about sex, homophobia, bullying and matrimony. About religion and parenting and infidelity and fetishism and blow jobs. Yes, the truth about blow jobs. Dan Savage has a savage mouth and he uses it as a weapon. Dan does not care if your feelings are hurt. He has pissed off everyone from the Catholic Church to the gay community and everyone in between. He will say exactly what he thinks, and occasionally what he doesn’t think, to provoke a response. Dan Savage is a warrior for freedom. Personal freedom. Sexual freedom. Intellectual freedom. And yes, the freedom to get, or give, blow jobs. Or, all of the above. If that’s your thing. join columnist, author and activist dan savage and aisha has they rage about sucking it up for jesus, being hot for leif garett, honoring thy father and mother, sympathy for ted haggard, redefining marital success, double bagging it, honesty versus kindness, and obliterating the center. plus dan says exactly the wrong thing at the right time, every time. girl on guy is avoiding dishonest necrophiliacs. http://girlonguy.net/podcast/girl-on-guy-117-dan-savage/
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September 17 2013


Episode 349 - Garfunkel & Oates! Squeeeee! | Savage Lovecast

Garfunkel & Oates! Squeeeee! Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions on the Internets. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, call 206-201-2720." name='description http://www.savagelovecast.com/episodes/349#.UjhWr2TF35I

September 26 2010


Mondo Diablo Episode 274: What a Massage! Or, The Trouble with Women (NSFW)

The original show can be found at thestranger.com on the Savage Lovecast for September 21, 2010. Try to listen and not blush.

September 14 2010


Savage Love Episode 204

From http://podcasts.thestranger.com/savagelove/ A woman’s boyfriend got fired in May and still hasn’t gotten his ass off the couch. Should she cut and run or hang in there? A lesbian grapples with her hypnosis fetish. A woman’s new lover whimpers like a kicked puppy when having sex. She finds this… not so sexy.

September 07 2010


Savage Love Episode 203

Polyamory: There’s a dark side, you know. When a stripper pays you extra attention at a strip club, does it automatically mean you’re being hustled? Gusher on Aisle 3! This lady has the dubious problem of ejaculating so much that she needs three layers of towels lest she soak the bed.

August 24 2010


Savage Love Episode 201

It’s the ‘mo show! All homosexual men, all of the time! One ‘mo’s parents still can’t deal with it, even though he came out a year ago. Another ‘mo isn’t out at work yet because he fears the response at his conservative office. Yet another ‘mo is only a ‘mo when he’s drunk. Otherwise, he’s busy swearing that he’s straight to his girlfriend.

August 17 2010


Savage Love Episode 200

Hear the sordid tale of the rat, the alley, and the eight-inch cock. A man and his buddy enjoy banging the same girl at the same time. Are they getting a touch of the queer? When your boyfriend calls sex an “ordeal” and prefers porn to you, you might have a quaver in your voice, too. And a cavalcade of dry-humping lesbians!

August 10 2010


Savage Love Episode 199

Amnesia: How would you like to have to break up with your boyfriend over and over again? A young woman discovers that her mother is a part of a small S&M community. The problem is the daughter wants that community to herself! And an udderly mooooving tale about a lesbian on all fours.

August 03 2010


Savage Love Episode 198

A disgruntled boyfriend is sick to death of his girlfriend’s meddling mom. Two homos grapple with their desire for allegedly straight friends. Dan goes into rant overdrive on the subject of, of all things, monogamy.

July 20 2010


Savage Love Episode 196

Will Dan Savage lose his job to 18-year-old Damian? Damian’s classmates voted him most likely to replace Dan Savage. Hear Dan go mano a mano with a Twittering snot-nosed teenager.

July 13 2010


Savage Love Episode 195

The Lovecast is humbled to welcome Dr. Anna Kaminski from Planned Parenthood. She and Dan discuss the twin bogeymen of herpes and HPV. The upshot? Not so scary! Also, Dan talks to Eyal Feldman, purveyor of Boy Butter. Sorry about the popping p’s, people. Note to selves: must get second pop-blocker. Call us at 206-201-2720

July 06 2010


Savage Love Episode 194

Dan interviews Christopher Ryan, coauthor of Sex at Dawn, which uses evolutionary science to vindicate Dan’s position on monogamy. Double rebound: two stories of ex-lovers who quickly find someone new, leaving their former partners behind to mope. Don’t you hate it when you’re caught masturbating by your sister’s boyfriend, whom you secretly want to fuck? And more. 206-201-2720

June 29 2010


Savage Love Episode 193

Sometimes spring-winter romances just can’t work. Like when he is 19 years old, and she is 11. Dan helps a very confused bisexual woman and a virgin Muslim homo to come out—at least to themselves. After their third child is born, a man is no longer attracted to his wife. And he feels like a big jerk.
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