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February 04 2014


Ethical Hard Cases

9Marks is a ministry dedicated to equipping church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God's glory to the nations through healthy churches. http://www.9marks.org/media/ethical-hard-cases

January 20 2014


Conversion Essentials — First Product Series #3 (FS037)

Online business culture seems to be in a bit of a conversion craze. Everyone wants to know how to convert casual web traffic into buyers and subscribers. And it makes tons of sense when you’re talking about loads of traffic and loads of money. But most of us aren’t. Many here at Fizzle are just trying to build and ship our first product. In this episode we cover the essentials of conversion so you can stop delaying the making of your thing, stop ingesting the stuff Amazon and Apple are thinking about (you’re not playing that game… yet, and it’s keeping you from important stuff) and start focusing on what matters about your website, your audience and your product. This is part 3 in our ongoing First Product Series (part 1, part 2) where we hear the first product stories of several successful business builders. (It’s still amazing to me to see how listening to these short interviews right next to each other puts ideas about making our own thing into perspective). Guests in this episode: Derek Halpern — Founder of SocialTriggers.com where he blogs about the intersection of psychology and marketing. Dan & Tom of Studio Neat — Founders of Studio Neat, purveyors of insanely successful Kickstarter campaigns, makers of delightful products like the Glif and the Cosmonaut. Danielle LaPorte — Hot n’ steamy writer at DanielleLaPorte.com and creator of the Desire Map, an holistic approach to life planning. Push Play: Conversion Essentials — First Product Series #3 (FS037) / Listen to Conversion Essentials — First Product Series #3 (FS037) A podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders... TO SUBSCRIBE: simply search for “The Fizzle Show” in your podcast app, or click here:iTunes Stitcher Instacast Podcast Feed URL It’s not about the conversion craze — it’s about making something useful (and loving it)Tweet This   or copy + Facebook Show Notes Want Conversions? Start with User-Friendly, Useful Landing Pages — “Everyone “knows” that if you want to convert visitors, you need short pages, split-tested button colors, and big, flashy graphics. Unfortunately, what everyone “knows” isn’t always correct.” The Mega-Details Behind the New Design of The Smart Passive Income Blog — Corbett and I helped Pat strategize and design his new site. In this post Pat tells the gritty details about how he had to change the design over time to improve conversion for his goals. What’s the BEST color for high conversions? — I include this because, ironically, Derek (a classic conversion guy and a good friend) through being super conversion oriented ends up saying the same thing as us. Essentials of Website Design for Business Builders — My essentials of design course in Fizzle is an excellent resource if you’re looking to design or redesign your site with these conversion essentials in mind. There’s workbooks and lessons and inside jokes and training and even a few live sessions with a big blogger as I redesign his site. Definitely worth a buck to check out. Visual Website Optimizer — A great A/B testing tool we’ve used ourselves. (This is what we used to nail down the current headline on the homepage). http://fizzle.co/sparkline/conversion-essentials-first-product-series-3-fs037
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October 02 2013


Reaching the Unreached

9Marks is a ministry dedicated to equipping church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God's glory to the nations through healthy churches. http://www.9marks.org/media/reaching-unreached

August 25 2013


5by5 | Founders Talk #11: Rick Perreault / Unbounce

Adam Stacoviak talks with Rick Perreault, Co-Founder & CEO of Unbounce http://5by5.tv/founderstalk/11
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