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February 17 2014


January 31 2014


Mei Ling Starkey of The Rock Church: Episode 72 » Social Media Church podcast

Podcast: Download (Duration: 27:40 — 12.7MB) Mei Ling Starkey is the Media Relations/Social Media Director at The Rock Church in San Diego, California, founded & led by Pastor Miles McPherson. She connected with us on the Social Media Church podcast while en route between one thing and another; we talk about Rock Church’s approach to communicating through social media, how to integrate volunteers into the flow of their church’s social media, engaging people on their online campus, a newly-launched video devotional app, and more. Show Notes Connect with Mei Ling Starkey on Twitter @mlstarkey The Rock Church is on Twitter @therocksandiego, Facebook fb.com/therocksandiego, Instagram instagram.com/therocksandiego, YouTube youtube.com/therocksandiego Rock Live – Watch The Rock Church services live online Miles A Minute – The 60 Second Daily Video Devotional app – Every day for a year with Miles McPherson #new Real-time dashboard of the most popular church Facebook pages @djchuang something that I did that you did not mention on the podcast (and Josh on his blog) was set-lists. https://t.co/oQJbIgq3Xm — Brian Alexander (@brianfalexander) January 21, 2014 Brian Alexander on @brianfalexander + on Instagram http://instagram.com/brianalexand3r + he’s at Forest Hill Church (Charlotte NC) Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleTumblrPinterestEmail http://socialmediachurch.net/2014/01/mei-ling-starkey-of-the-rock-church-episode-72/
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January 26 2014


5by5 | Capital #18: Time To Think (Hugh MacLeod)

Capital Capital is a weekly talk show with Joel Bush and diverse creators exploring direct-to-community entrepreneurship on the web. They discuss news, projects, policy, citizenship, and more. Hosted by Joel Bush. RSS Feed  •  iTunes  •  Sponsor  •  http://5by5.tv/capital/18

January 20 2014


RTN031: Takedown Piece

January 10 2014


5by5 | Capital #10: Too Easy To Find (Korey Coleman)

Capital Capital is a weekly talk show with Joel Bush and diverse creators exploring direct-to-community entrepreneurship on the web. They discuss news, projects, policy, citizenship, and more. Hosted by Joel Bush. RSS Feed  •  iTunes  •  Sponsor  •  http://5by5.tv/capital/10

January 07 2014


5by5 | Capital #17: Within Reach (Gary Chou)

Gary Chou joins Joel to share stories from his work at the intersection of technology, the arts, and community in places like Austin, San Francisco, and New York. http://5by5.tv/capital/17

January 06 2014


5by5 | Capital #8: Fidelity of Presence (Brian Brushwood)

Brian joins Joel to discuss the increasing efficiency of the market of ideas as well as his evolving journey as touring magician, web showrunner, podcaster, entrepreneur, husband, father, and more. http://5by5.tv/capital/8

5by5 | Capital #9: The Diamond Club (Brian Brushwood)

Brian Brushwood (@shwood) on Twitter Shwood.com Shwood's prior appearance on Capital, episode 8 This episode delves into Brian's career path and hopes for the future. Frame Rate a podcast that holds you should be able to watch what you want when you want on whatever device you feel like Kevin Spacey on the future of television Scam School the show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street Weird Things three guys who don't believe in Sasquatch but think he's awesome Don't Trust Andrew Mayne coming soon to A&E BBLiveShow original purpose: podcasting practice the Underpants Gnomes Phase 3: Profit! Wikipedia entry on A Tale of Two Cities "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only." Scam School Book 1 Scam School Book 2 Vook publisher of digital books Night Attack (Live) NSFW Show's chart-topping comedy album Tom Merritt's Lot Beta The Diamond Club Can you tell the difference between Fifty Shades of Gray and The Diamond Club? Wikipedia entry on Naked Came the Stranger a 1969 novel written as a literary hoax poking fun at contemporary American culture. Austin Cable Access reviews for The Diamond Club Spill.com San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic Con Dragon Con The world's largest fantasy/SF convention, held annually in Atlanta, GA, on Labor Day weekend. SXSW Brian speaking at TEDxSanAntonio "Social Engineering -- How to Scam Your Way Into Anything" PAX Penny Arcade Expo: a series of giant gaming festivals held in Seattle, Boston, and Melbourne re attending a TED conference Nerdtacular 2013 Nerdtacular 2013's Kickstarter project The Alamo Drafthouse Wikipedia entry on Ronald Coase Wikipedia entry on transaction costs The Concise Encylcopedia of Economics entry on Ronald Coase Spill Dot Con at RTX 2013 The Spill Movie Community rolling with RTX last summer in Austin RTX Where Gaming Meets The Internet -- a growing festival hosted by Rooster Teeth Productions in Austin every summer Capital episode 5 featuring Burnie Burns Hear the fantastic story of Rooster Teeth Productions. Merchify on-demand made awesome and easy via Amplifier's app for Shopify stores The Regulars a weekly conversation in Austin on Friday mornings at Mozart's. Join anytime. The Big Sort The Hoover Institution counters The Big Sort in the spirit of sharing opposing views... Wikipedia entry on Ideological Turing Test The Right Stuff fact test for your position and an opposing view Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Argument Clinic Tim Kreider in the NYT: "Slaves of the Internet Unite" Techdirt stories tagged "free" Archer Live! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's The Nightman Cometh Nearly Impossible an event for people who make and sell physical products. The two-day conference will focus on the stories of how companies have tackled their biggest hurdles and the tools we can all use to make even the biggest challenges seem more possible. The Autumn of the Moguls Monahans Thanks again to Monahans for Capital's theme song. http://5by5.tv/capital/9

December 24 2013


5by5 | Capital #14: As soon as you develop a framework, buy your own domain name. (Shlok Vaidya)

Shlok Vaidya (shloky) on Twitter Shloky.com Hendrix College Shloky.com: Thoughts on New Orleans Social Entrepreneurship Wikipedia entry on Food desert WSJ: Snapchat Spurned $3 Billion Acquisition Offer from Facebook Global Guerrillas Networked tribes, system disruption and the emerging bazaar of violence. A blog about the future of conflict. Say Antything clip on YouTube "I can't work for that corporation." Wikipedia entry on Survivalism Wikipedia entry on Zombie Apocalypse Shloky.com: Origins of the Lean Startup The Lean Startup The Movement That Is Transforming How New Products Are Built And Launched The Sovereign Individual by James Dale Davidson, William Rees-Mogg Mastering the Transition to the Information Age Wikipedia entry on Hernando de Soto Polar The Mystery of Capital by Hernando De Soto Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else The Other Path by Hernando De Soto the economic answer to terrorism Hernando De Soto: Capitalism at Crossroads Illicit by Moises Naim How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy McMafia by Misha Glenny A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld Wikipedia entry on John Boyd, military strategist Wikipedia entry on OODA loop HomeFree America Wink: Urban Farm Ordinances in 11/21 Austin City Council Meeting Austin Post: Council Rules on Urban Farms, Bans Animal Slaughter and Compost http://5by5.tv/capital/14

December 05 2013


5by5 | Capital #13: The Good Hours (Rob Thomas)

Capital Capital is a weekly talk show with Joel Bush and diverse creators exploring direct-to-community entrepreneurship on the web. They discuss news, projects, policy, citizenship, and more. Hosted by Joel Bush. RSS Feed  •  iTunes  •  Sponsor  •  Contact http://5by5.tv/capital/13

November 26 2013


5by5 | Capital #13: The Good Hours (Rob Thomas)

Capital Capital is a weekly talk show with Joel Bush and diverse creators exploring direct-to-community entrepreneurship on the web. They discuss news, projects, policy, citizenship, and more. Hosted by Joel Bush. RSS Feed  •  iTunes  •  Sponsor  •  Contact http://5by5.tv/capital/13

November 24 2013


The Brixton ballads: Market values - 360documentaries - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Known for rebellion and resilience, the South London suburb of Brixton - the symbolic frontline of Black Britain – faces a rapidly gentrifying present. Brent Clough takes a walk down memory lane to listen to the voices and music of its residents. Average prices in London’s housing market are now eight times the median income. Home ownership in once proud working class boroughs is impossible for most locals, yet waves of gentrification are splashing through the grimiest corners of the metropolis, changing communities irrevocably. Brixton in the South London borough of Lambeth is no exception. The symbolic ‘frontline’ for African-Caribbean migration to the UK, the suburb has long been known as a tough place, once synonymous with riots and reggae. These days its famous covered and open-air markets and much else besides are changing swiftly. Brent Clough returns to his old Brixton haunts to discover a community that remains vibrant, creative and adaptable but also finds itself in the midst of rapid, disorienting transition. Thanks to Blacker Dread, Brother Culture, Piki Bosch, Livingstone Brown, Alex Caramelino, Jerry Dammers, Stephen Edwards, Georgina Evans, Yvonne Gold, Monica Gonzalvez, Colin Grant, Jaja Soze, Jah Screechy, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Kenness George Kelly aka Fowokan, Duncan Law, Diana and Bill Linskey, Errol Linton, Little Roy, Gerry Lyseight, Helen McDonald, Mad Professor, Malphino, Maxi Priest, Florence Nosegbe, Alan Piper, Paul Reid, Margot Rodway-Brown, Chris Salewicz, Maureen Samuel, Dan Shepherd, Paul Simonon, Brendan Tarring, Devon Thomas, Ashvin De Vos, Alex Wheatle. This program was made possible by the Tony Barrell Fellowship, named after the late and much-missed ABC radio and television producer. Music in the program: Brixton Hall – Dennis Alcapone Love in the Ghetto – Maxi Priest Inglan is a Bitch – Linton Kwesi Johnson Light work –Scampz Freedom of Flesh – Helen McDonald and Future Groove Brixton Bounce – Errol Linton Warrior Charge – Aswad Romans Dub – Black Slate My Story - Jaja Soze Why –Jaja Soze Christopher Columbus dubplate – Little Roy Concrete Jungle – Errol Linton Further Information: Alex Wheatle, Novelist Alex Wheatle on Brixton gentrification (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4by4BEPwAw) Brixton splash 2013 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzPAtnA2Blk) Linto Kwesi Johnsonin a documentary on Brixton from 1991 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp7xk6xnJ7o) The 1981 Brixton uprising (http://www.theguardian.com/society/audio/2008/dec/17/brixton-riots-resident) The black cultural archives (http://www.bcaheritage.org.uk/?option=com_content&view=article&id=23&Itemid=106) Transition town Brixton (http://www.transitiontownbrixton.org/) Urban 75A blog about Brixton (http://www.urban75.org/brixton/) http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/360/bixton-ballads/5097726

October 13 2013


RC 14 – Chad Fowler Interview – Part 2 — Teach Me To Code

In this episode, Chad discusses how he broke out of a comfortable job as a forklift operator, which ultimately led to him becoming a programmer. He discusses his job, Ruby Central, and the Pragmatic Studio as contributions he makes to http://teachmetocode.com/podcast/rc-14-chad-fowler-interview-part-2/

September 30 2013


Capital #8: Fidelity of Presence (Brian Brushwood)

I found this conversation interesting. I like how Brian Brushwood (the guest) used the internet and modern media to make a living as a magician.

September 29 2013


Backdrop: A Drupal Fork | Lullabot

September 14 2013


224: Nourishing Online Community. Designing Workplace Culture. The NSA, Surveillance, And You. Serendipity And Global Connection. - Spark From CBC Radio (podcast)

Wendy Powley and Caterina Fake on nourishing online community. Dan Misener on The NSA, surveillance and encryption. Teresa Brazen on designing workplace culture. Ethan Zuckerman on his book Rewire." name="description http://player.fm/series/spark-from-cbc-radio/224-nourishing-online-community-designing-workplace-culture-the-nsa-surveillance-and-you-serendipity-and-global-connection

September 09 2013


August 26 2013


August 08 2013


Sermons (The Shepherd’s Care, Guidance and Rest – Drew Phillips)

Sermons From Brook Highland Community Church http://www.brookhighlandchurch.org/sermons/?sermon_id=220

August 05 2013

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