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February 07 2014


A Flailing State: Daron Acemoglu and Matt Taibbi on Economic Inequality | Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon

We’re somewhere between the legend and the facts of the U.S. economy. The legend, still in our heads, is it’s a rough-and-tumble democracy and a classless society. Facts are: the top of the heap owns almost all the wealth and most of the politicians, and the top of the top – one percent – takes more and more of the income: almost 25 percent of the whole pot in Obama-time – it was less than ten percent in the seventies. Legend is Americans don’t much like redistribution of income. Facts say there’s been a steady upward redistribution of wealth and income over 40 years now. Legend is we’re in a slow recovery from the Great Recession of ’08. Facts say it’s the high end getting the growth: “inequality has deepened,” the President said the other night: “upward mobility has stalled.” We’re in the studio with Daron Acemoglu, the MIT economist and the co-author of Why Nations Fail. His argument is that the problem goes beyond soaring income inequality — to the eclipse of the myth that Average Joes rule our politics. Well into President Obama’s second term, deep in the doldrums of the status quo, he says the state of the union is “dangerous.” Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone joins us on the phone. He is by now a Diogenes on Wall Street. What I didn’t know was that he trained for his critical role in a ten-year stint in Yeltsin’s Russia, a world of back-room deals and a burgeoning oligarchy. He tells us, ”A lot of things that I saw in the former Soviet Union we’re starting to see here.” Source: http://www.radioopensource.org/economic-inequality/

January 28 2014


Pete Seeger in 2000: Can Music Move a Mountain? | Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Pete Seeger performing on February 13, 1944, at the United Federal Labor Canteen, with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in attendance. In 2000, Chris interviewed the legendary folk singer Pete Seeger, who died today at 94. Here is Pete Seeger on “The Connection.” As Chris noted in introducing him, Pete Seeger wrote and popularized folk music for over 60 years. He always used his voice and his banjo for a purpose. He never sang a song that didn’t have meaning. His convictions about social justice were deep, and his performances changed lives. There’s little doubt the FBI had a huge fat file on him back in Washington, and for his liberal politics he was the target of mob attacks too. He sung anti-American songs in Moscow, and was at one time banned from television. He continually inspired other people to action to stop the Vietnam war, to fight racial inequality, and to save the world.   Leave a Reply Cancel reply http://www.radioopensource.org/pete-seeger-can-music-move-mountain/
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January 22 2014


Teju Cole: A “Seething Intelligence” on a Long Journey

September 10 2013


David Bromwich on Democracy and War with Syria | Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon

With David Bromwich, close-reader of the history unfolding before our eyes, I am looking for a bright side. We are having a national conversation, after all, about war, war powers, presidential authority, intervention. It could be a democratic moment to rejoice in. President Obama has asked the people through the Congress and the Constitution to join in a freighted decision on war and peace, and the country is responding. At the same time the president indicates he is ready to override the people’s skepticism and maybe a Congressional vote for restraint. The Nobel Peace Prize president is “Pleading for War,” in one Huffington Post headline. Mr. Obama is disappointed but not yet persuaded or moved by the anti-war consensus of the G-20 leaders, the almost-unanimous European Union, the United Nations Secretary General and the Pope. Professor Bromwich wonders, not alone and not for the first time, whether Americans have ever heard from President Obama a “consistent view” of his or our international role. “There’s something unhinged about the quality of the different voices we are hearing around the White House,” Bromwich is telling me. “I think the least you can say against President Obama right now is that he does not seem to be in control.” [...] Source: http://www.radioopensource.org/david-bromwich-on-democracy-and-war-with-syria/

September 07 2013


Sonny Rollins in Conversation | Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon, April, 3, 2007

December 09 2010


Christopher Lydon interviewing Oliver Sacks

I'll report back after listening
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