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February 17 2014


July 16 2013


Sheila Heti's How Should a Person Be? - Books and Arts Daily - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Author Sheila Heti, tries to answer the big questions in life in her novel, How Should a Person Be? http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/booksandartsdaily/sheila-heti27s-how-should-a-person-be3f/4777836

Squirrel and Moose: In Under The Line

Dylan and special guest Stephanie Hobson talk about the perils of CSS for programmers, international travel, and vacations. Also, Canadian stereotypes, American border crossings, and the surprising openness of the British. http://3rdaverad.io/shows/squirrel-and-moose/episodes/in-under-the-line/

March 05 2012

Canada's Most Listened To Spiritual Talk Show - Celebrities And The Rest Of Us - Living Messy Lives - With A Real God In The Middle Of It http://www.drewmarshall.ca/listen2012.html

October 31 2011


Kate Beaton, Author of Hark! A Vagrant: Interview on The Sound Of Young America | Maximum Fun

Kate Beaton joins us on The Sound Of Young America to talk about her webcomic, Hark! a Vagrant. Her comic mines everything from Nancy Drew to obscure Canadian explorers for inspiration. Political figures and literary characters are re-imagined and skewered as petulant children, jaded superheroes and Victorian dude-watchers, accented by a very expressive drawing style. We talk about the accessibility of a webcomic to fans compared to the by-gone days of newspaper comics, Kate's own favorite comics and what gives her inspiration. http://www.maximumfun.org/sound-young-america/kate-beaton-author-hark-vagrant-interview-sound-young-america

June 19 2011


what brings you here? Part 3

Discussion with 3 educators about their teaching beliefs, hopes...

What brings you here?

Asks and discusses with 3 new teachers about their motivation and beliefs about education

Teaching out loud epidsode 4. Merit pay

Canadian series

June 15 2011


Untangling Complexity

The world feels like a kind of Rube Goldberg device - an intricate and complicated system delivering very modest results. People despair of social systems ever working properly, but maybe complexity is a good thing. A Calgary Institute for the Humanities Community Forum loosens a few knots.

April 30 2011


February 18 2011


CBC British Columbia: Michael Geist Interview

The CRTC is reviewing it's recent controversal decision on usage-based-billing for internet service providers. We asked for clarity from Michael Geist who is the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa. Friday, February 4, 2011 http://www.cbc.ca/onthecoast/episodes/2011/02/04/michael-geist/

Infrastructures of Free Expression Online

Speaker: Dr. Laura Denardis, Executive Director, Yale Information Society Project. November 3, 2010

Is the IP pendulum swinging? Does anybody care?

Speaker Series Lecture: Centre for Law, Technology and Society. Speaker: Andrew Shaughnessey, Partner, Torys LLP. January 12, 2011. University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. Centre for Law, Technology and Society

December 02 2010


Jian Ghomeshi Interviewed on Rabble.ca

12:56 - 30:44 Kevin chats with Jian about his circuitous career trajectory, and how he sees himself fitting in to the Canadian arts landscape. And like, duh... of course I asked him about Billybob Thornton.

October 12 2010


Douglas Coupland on CBC's Extended Play Episode 18

On this Special Edition episode of Extended Play, host Lisa Christiansen goes one on one with international best-selling author Douglas Coupland to discuss his new book 'Player One' from CBC Massey Lectures, music and the acceleration of Canadian culture.

July 13 2010


65interview (uncut)

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