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February 25 2014


January 01 2014


The Final Straw Radio (AshevilleFM) (May 29, 2011) Green is the New Red: An interview with Will Potter

As the June 11th day of Solidarity with long-term anarchist political prisoners approaches, The Final Straw will be addressing the Green Scare over the next two shows. I’m happy to bring you an interview with Will Potter, author of the new book, “Green is the New Red” and founder of http://www.greenisthenewred.com , a blog where Will follows the suppression of free speech and activists working to end animal cruelty and the destruction of our natural environment. Next week, The Final Straw will bring you an interview with members of the support committees for long-term anarchist political prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid (respectively). Soundtrack for this week’s episode was taken from Filastine’s album, Burn It, which was pressed by CrimethInc to benefit the legal defenses of victims of Operation Backfire and the Green Scare. Free all prisoners! For more info on these shows, check out: http://www.greenisthenewred.org http://www.june11.org http://supporteric.org http://www.supportmariemason.org http://breakthechains.info/
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The Final Straw Radio (AshevilleFM) (August 26, 2010) An interview with some Bay Area hacktivists on political hacking

This weeks show is an interview with Flatline from the Hackbloc collective and Bill Silverfox about internet security, hacking, hacktivism, Anonymous and other topics. In light of recent attacks by Anti-Sec against the Arizona DPS, Anonymous on multiple targets and alleged members’ subsequent arrests, the BART protests, Wikileaks, I thought it’d be good to shed some light on a misunderstood topic. We also discuss the role of hackers in the Arab Spring movement as well as international solidarity to disrupt corrupt government censorship and activity, in the hopes of facilitating a more free flow of information around the world (Malaysia, Australia, the U.S., Morocco, Libya, Egypt, China, Iran…etc). Lots of good introductory information on internet security and history of hacking during this hour-long show. Enjoy. Streaming live on 8/26 @ 1PM EST at www.ashevillefm.org/ Available from 8/27/2011 @ 3AM EST at www.ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw www.hackbloc.org www.eff.org www.anonlg.org www.torproject.org www.noisebridge.net https://hackmeet.org https://zine.riseup.net

December 26 2013


The Final Straw 2013/12/08: Luke O'Donovan; Police Murders coast to coast|A-Infos Radio Project

This week's episode features three, that's right, three whopping conversations. Firstly, we hear from Luke O'Donovan about his case. Luke is an Anarchist in the Atlanta area who defended himself against a queer bashing last New Years at a party. Luke suffered multiple wounds inflicted by knives as well as beating which sent him to the hospital. He's facing 5 charges of aggrivated assault with a deadly weapon for injuring the people attacking him, who'd earlier called him a faggot repeatedly. Each of those 5 charges could carry a twenty year sentence. After that, we'll hear from Rafi, an organizer in Durham North Carolina, about the spate of police murders of young men of color in that city. Particularly we'll talk about the case of Jesus Chuy Huerta, a 17 year old latino man shot in the back of a patrol car while handcuffed that the police are claiming was self-inflicted. Finally, we'll hear from Jess who's been organizing alongside youth in Santa Rosa, california since the shooting death by Sheriff's there of 13 year old Andy Lopez for having a toy gun. The fatal shooting of Andy Lopez fell on October 22nd of this year. For those who don't know, October 22nd is a day when many people in the United States remember those killed and imprisoned by police and protest against police violence. You can find out more about Luke's case at letlukego.com If you'd like to help Jesus "Chuy" Huerta's family out with funeral costs, check out their wepay: https://www.wepay.com/donations/1724861969?fb_action_ids=256657744488775&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582 Some impressive video of kids facing off with the riot cops as referenced by Jess in her portion can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYXqfiiupg0 And here's a song about Andy Lopez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xafj-qvi-d4

The Final Straw 2013/12/03: Queer Resistance and Political Prisoner Medical Justice|A-Infos Radio Project

This week's show features two parts. In the first we present a speech from the recent Carborro Anarchist bookfaire by a collective member at Untorelli Press on queer resistance inside and outside of prisons in the 20th century and what we might take from the experiences of our predecessors. More from Untorelli can be found at http://untorellipress.noblogs.org For more on Men Against Sexism, check out this interview with Ed Mead on Earful of Queer Radio: http://www.mediacoop.ca/audio/ed-mead-and-men-against-sexism-part-one/6910 Secondly we'll hear a presentation by Joe of the North American Anarchist Black Cross Medical Justice Committee. The conversation ranges over a number of topics, but focuses primarily on active and revolutionary solidarity with anarchist and other political prisoners. The original post with contacts can be found here: http://325.nostate.net/?p=9112 A pretty good list of prisoners can be found at Denver Anarchist Black Cross's website: http://denverabc.wordpress.com/prisoners-dabc-supports/political-prisoners-database/

The Final Straw 2013/11/17: Leslie James Pickering on surveillance and radical history|A-Infos Radio Project

This week Bursts spoke to Leslie James Pickering about a range of different subjects. Mr. Pickering worked for the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office (NAELFPO), acting to spread the message and communiques of the ELF, from 1997 to 2002. Obviously, he experienced heavy state oppression during that period of time. And recently, it's become apparent that the state hasn't forgotten him. Leslie James Pickering is no longer allowed to enter Canada (despite no relevant arrests in the last decade and a half) and has found that he's got a "Mail Cover" via the Post Office where his mail is photocopied and tracked by an as yet unidentified Law Enforcement Agency. He's also had friends on the West Coast contacted by the Buffalo (NY) FBI Office and asked if Leslie has enemies or do direct action and business contacts of Leslie's have been subpoenaed to Grand Juries around Burning Books Radical Bookstore. Leslie is an owner of that radical bookstore in Buffalo, which carries books, zines and hosts political events and via which, according to the FBI, Leslie is "stirring up the youth." We spend most of the hour talking about government surveillance in his case in particular and in general in the U.S. and also about the prosecution of Jeremy Hammond. Leslie shares some thoughts on parts the forgotten history of radical resistance in the U.S. In particular, he talks about his recent book on the Evan Mecham Eco Terrorist International Conspiracy (EMETIC), a predecessor to the ELF, as well as his earlier book on a radical, white, working class radical named Sam Melville who bombed government and capital centers in New York and inspired the Weather Underground. Melville, who's the focus of Pickering's book "Mad Bomber Melville", went on to organize at Attica before and die during the Attica Prison uprising in 1971. In Pickering's view, the importance of recognizing and learning from radical history allows us to better strategize for current and future struggles. Lastly, we briefly touch on the story of Martin Sostres, who's ideological journey brought him from Nation of Islam through Black Nationalism to Anarchism. Sostre was framed up on drug charges in order to silence his organizing and shut down his bookstore in Buffalo, NY, in 1967 and served 10 years before having his case overturned. Martin Sostre now lives in New York City. There was a 1974 documentary about his case called "Frame-Up!: The Imprisonment of Martin Sostre" (Pacific Street Films). The film HAS been available for streaming at christiebooks.com, alongside MANY other films in many languages. http://lesliejamespickering.com where you can find news of, updates on and writings/speeches by L.J. Pickering http://burningbooksbuffalo.com/ Episode playlist can be found here: http://www.ashevillefm.org/node/8055 This episode will stream from 11/18/2013 through the 24th, podcasting at radio4all.net, later posted at thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org alongside other interview archives. You can direct questions and suggestions to us at thefinalstrawradio(a T)riseup( do T) net

The Final Straw 2013/10/27: Ben Turk on Insurgent Theatre & Prison Abolition|A-Infos Radio Project

This week's episode is a conversation with Ben Turk. Ben's a co-founder of Insurgent Theatre, the decade-old theater troop that has presented a number of original and refurbished theater workshops and performances around the country. Topics of IT's works have ranged from discussions around Militancy framed through Homer's Odyssey to Administrative Segregation to a Terrorists Fairytale. Insurgent Theatre's current play is called "Know Your Enemy." The play is a one-person presentation based around a community liaison cop with a liberal heart of gold. As the play goes on, the cop begins to question whether he can actually do his job and help the community. A psychological study into the head of the "good cop" and community/cop relations, it also serves as a history of policing in the United States (ala "Our Enemies in Blue" by Kristian Williams) and a discussion of safer practices when interacting with cops (a sort of Know Your Rights presentation). http://insurgenttheatre.org/acab/acab.html "Know Your Enemy" is touring with the second film by D Jones in the "The Great Incarcerator" series. That film, "The Shadow of Lucasville" includes some eye opening just came out and a preview can be found online at: http://darklittlesecretmovie.com/the-great-incarcerator-part-2-the-shadow-of-lucasville/ We also talk a bit during the hour about art and theater in the modern U.S. and how they can and/or do(n't) intersect. He has a theatrical and theoretical project meant to play out his views on the role of art in revolution. http://artscab.net/ Finally, we speak about prison abolition. Ben has been involved in Redbird Prison Abolition, doing support work for and with prisoners (and those in revolt in particular) in Ohio where the project is based. These include the Lucasville Uprising prisoners, Sean Swain and others. http://www.redbirdprisonabolition.org/ This episodes playlist can be found at: http://www.ashevillefm.org/node/7923 Archives of the interview episodes can be found at thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org and music episodes can be found at radio4all.net and archive.org by searching "final straw music". You can email us at thefinalstrawradio(aaaaaat)riseup(dote)net

The Final Straw 2013/09/01: When THE MAN knocks, health in the coal fields of West Virginia & METAL/PUNK!

This week's show features two interviews. The first is a conversation is with Mark of Croatan Earth First! about the recent visits by JTTF/FBI to anti-fracking activists on the East Coast, climate-change activists on the West Coast and and GJ-targetted Anarchist communities in NYC. The second conversation takes place between our friend, Wren Awry (http://www.seamsandstory.org) and Dustin Steele about Dustin's work with the Beards Fork Health Survey (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/beard-s-fork-health-survey) to gather information on the health effects of surface mining in West Virginia with an eye toward mutual aid. The last half of the show features new songs from Bellicose Minds (PDX), Anniversary (D.C.), Wiccans (Denton, TX), Criminal Damage (PDX)... and more! http://www.croatanearthfirst.com http://ccrjustice.org/if-agent-knocks-%28-booklet%29 https://www.nlg.org http://www.jerryresists.net https://nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com/ http://www.sals.info/

The Final Straw 2013/08/11: Crime Thought

This week on the show we interview Bay Area author Alden Wood about his book "Crime Thought; Theorizing CrimethInc." published in 2012 by Little Black Cart. In this interview we discuss the anarchist publishing project CrimethInc., which has been active and extremely prolific since the early 1990's. It serves as an entry point for many people who are just becoming acquainted with anarchism as a political ideology. We discuss CrimethInc.'s successes and shortcomings as a unified front of political analysis, as well as possible jumping off points for people interested in exploring anarchism further. Check out the LBC page for the Alden Wood book at Little Black Cart: http://www.littleblackcart.com/Crime-Thought.html Also, take a look at Crimethinc.'s website where you can find articles, propaganda and their podcast. http://crimethinc.com

The Final Straw: Prisoners who survived the Lucasville Uprising

This week, we spoke with Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan who is facing the death penalty for his role as a negotiator during the prisoner uprising at the SOCF facility in Lucasville in April of 1993. Hasan, as well as 4 other prisoners, are facing the death penalty for participation as "leaders" in the uprising. 4 of them are charged with the death of a prison guard by the name of Bobby Vallandingham as well as 9 inmates considered to be snitches. The riot began as negotiations between Sunni prisoners, of which Hasan was one of the leaders, took guards hostage in hopes of bringing state attention to the problems at the prison. In particular among their concerns was the imposition of a TB test that was in contradiction to their religious beliefs and for which an alternative was readily available. Soon, other prisoners began to take space and control. Fearing a bloody outcome like was seen at Attica in New York, representatives of the Sunni community, the Aryan Brotherhood and the Black Gangster Disciplanes at Lucasville began negotiations with the state to bring a peaceful resolution to the uprising. Graffiti displayed within the prison began speaking of "Convict Race" and "Black and White Unity". After the end of the uprising, the state, under pressure from Vallandingham's family, railroaded the five. The call for blood was great, but since the Lucasville Disturbance, so have been the calls for justice in the case of the prisoners punished in relation to the Lucasville Disturbance. www.lucasvilleamnesty.org/ is a great site listing info on the case and how to help. http://www.redbirdprisonabolition.org/ is a group in Ohio involved in supporting the Lucasville prisoners. http://www.re-examininglucasville.org/ is the website for the conference that happened this year around the case http://darklittlesecretmovie.com/category/projects/ is the website for the recent documentary on the subject, which is touring the country https://secure.pmpress.org/index.php?l=product_detail&p=252 is the Staughton Lynd book out from PM Press Archives of the show can be found on thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org and you can address questions and comments to the show at thefinalstrawradio(aT )riseup(d0t)net

The Final Straw: An Ukrainian Anarchosyndicalist perspective on Euromaidan

In late November of 2013, Kiev and other parts of Ukraine saw the building of spontaneous plaza occupations and street demonstrations against President Yanukovich apparent decision to stall steps towards integrating Ukraine into the European Union. The protests, known as euromaidan or EuroPlaza in Ukrainian, called on the ruling government to move forward with the integration, fearing that the stalling was a sign that the Ukraine was giving in to pressure from the competing Customs Union (made up of Russia, Belarus and Kazhakstan) which had been courting Ukrainian participation. The protests are ongoing, despite the signature of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych into a deal with Russia for promised purchases of billions of dollars of Ukrainian products and a 30% discount on Russian Natural Gas. Euromaidan have been compared in scale, and sadly in lack of critical debate about issues among the populace, to the 2004 Ukrainian Orange revolution which saw the rising to power of those who would become the status quo today. This week on the Final Straw, we'll be speaking with Denys. Denys is an organizer and activist with the Kiev Local of the Autonomous Worker's Union, a Revolutionary Syndicalist turned Anarcho-Syndicalist organizing and propaganda group in the capital of the Ukraine. We'll spend the hour discussing the political system in that country, the spectrum of parties, influence of media and oligarchs and radical groups on the far left and far right. Later on in the hour, Denys will address his philosophy, Anarchosyndicalism via Synthesist Anarchism, and what the AWU in Kiev and elsewhere has been able to achieve. More on the AWU can be found at http://avtonomia.net . We'll also speak briefly about a protest in Kiev in solidarity with struggling workers in Kazakhstan on the anniversary of the Zhanaozen Massacre of December 16, 2011. Archives of this show can be found at thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org and you can contact us at thefinalstrawradio at riseup dot net.
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