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February 17 2014


February 16 2014


February 15 2014


February 08 2014


John Cage At 100: Remembering A Revolutionary Composer : NPR

September marked the centennial of the birth of composer John Cage and celebrations are being held around the world in his honor. His compositions include spoken texts, radios, toys and the sounds of vegetables being chopped. Cage died in 1992. Fresh Air listens back to an interview with Cage from 1982. http://www.npr.org/2012/10/26/163713450/john-cage-at-100-remembering-a-revolutionary-composer

January 31 2014


5by5 | On Taking Pictures #92: The Analogy of the Sphere

This week, we chime in on a recent NY Times article that questions the new definition of photography. http://5by5.tv/otp/92

5by5 | On Taking Pictures #91: Isn’t That The Fun Of It?

This week, a discussion about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty gets us talking about art http://5by5.tv/otp/91

January 23 2014


Ideas from the Trenches - The Living Dead

Tom Howell and Nicola Luksic follow the work of PhD student Myriam Nafte, who studies the circulation and use of human remains in Western society. And they find unexpected connections between the living and the dead.

January 18 2014


The Arcade: Episode 14, A Bloodless Coup

This Week...We tour cartoonist Michael DeForge’s studio and learn about his new graphic novel, Ant Colony. Starts 09:41 Canadian artists Shary Boyle, Aminah Sheikh, Petra Collins, and Vanessa Dunn talk art and feminism, in the 21st century, at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Starts 20:16 We hear a new track from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew. Starts 28:54 Wild Swans author Jung Chang reveals the secret reformist past of the Empress Dowager Cixi, the royal concubine who would eventually rule China. Starts 32:40  Plus: The Hazlitt Radio Players perform a dramatic reading of Adam Sternbergh’s new novel, Shovel Ready. http://www.randomhouse.ca/hazlitt/podcast/arcade-episode-14-bloodless-coup

January 17 2014


David Byrne's PowerPoint Art : NPR

PowerPoint, Microsoft’s ubiquitous slideshow program, has become part of our culture — and a way to keep folks awake during long business meetings. Now former Talking Heads musician David Byrne is using it to create art. See examples from his DVD-book project, Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1595838

January 13 2014


The Pandrogyne: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge | Love Radio

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is the founding fa/mo/ther of Industrial music, a performance artist, and a very, very, very devoted husband. Produced by Nick van der Kolk and Brendan Baker, with sound design by Brendan Baker. http://loveandradio.org/2013/12/the-pandrogyne/

January 05 2014


Acoustic architecture

How does music speak to the buildings that house it? Music has always been a conversation with its environment, but from the 15th Century on, the craft became much more deliberate. And acoustic architecture has changed a lot since Dufay and the Gabrielis were composing their choral works for the Basilicas of Italy. Palaces, cathedrals, concert halls all got the bespoke treatment from composers like Bach and Beethoven. But as we reach the 20th Century and the machine-age, a different sonic logic starts to work. While the tradition was still maintained by people like Benjamin Britten, new minds like Edgard Varèse started to see other parallels between architecture and music. By the time we get to Iannis Xenakis, the architect-turned-composer, the idea of music and structure start to merge. And today the disciplines of architecture and music are spawning brand new hybrids—architects design music—musicians perform buildings. So, would you like to live in my song? http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/intothemusic/acoustic-architecture/4969332

January 04 2014


The Vent: Lucas Ihlein

Today's Vent is Lucas Ihlein, artist and environmental auditor. So, as you can imagine his Vent is about the monitoring of the cost of climate change -- and he asks particularly, what about the environmental damage of art? http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/artworks/the-vent-lucas-ihlein/2974540

December 19 2013


The Comic Shack #22: Heaven Looks a Lot Like Queens

SPOILERS ABOUND! Moisés and Dan are joined by "The Incomparable" Jason Snell (host of 5by5's The Incomparable!) to discuss the Spiderverse-shaking events contained in Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Avenging Spider-Man #15.1. We start spoilers early and often http://5by5.tv/comicshack/22

December 12 2013


Junk Music: redundant technology and detourned devices as instruments

Thursday 3 October 2013, 7:30pm at West Space. Featuring: Ernie Althoff, Joanne Cannon, Rod Cooper, Bent Leather Band. Moderated by Clinton Green. Three of Australia’s most respected experimental instrument makers discuss the ideas, techniques and inspirations behind their use of recycled materials and redundant technologies to create new instruments and sonic situations. From gutted laser printers to gramophones and cooking pots, the discussion promises to be a veritable trash’n'treasure of musical innovation. http://www.moretalk.org/archives/

Jim Woodring | Inkstuds Radio

Jim Woodring joined me to talk about his work including most recent books, Fran and Congress of Animals. Jim’s work is full of life and imagination and highly respected among his cartoonist peers. http://www.inkstuds.org/jim-woodring/

December 10 2013


5by5 | Giant Size #32: No Better Than Boomerang

Villains show! We dig into Forever Evil/Villains Month from DC, the Thanos Rising/Infinity/Hunger trio and Nick Spencer's outstanding work on both Superior Foes of Spider-Man and Bedlam. We close with a look at DC classic Underworld Unleashed. http://5by5.tv/giantsize/32

December 04 2013


5by5 | Giant Size #35: Neal Adams on The Shallow Seas

Neal Adams has a lengthy career in writing and drawing loads of great comics and crusading for creators' rights. Moisés and John give an introduction to his work, leading into a recent Dallas Comic Con interview where Adams offers theories about the unive http://5by5.tv/giantsize/35

November 20 2013


My Love for You Podcast - Steve 'ESPO' Powers

I recently sat down with graffiti writer and artist Steve ESPO Powers in a noisy bar in the heart of the Mission in San Francisco as he prepared for an upcoming show. We cover a wide range of topics from his youth in Philadelphia to his feelings around graffiti as a crime to having community as an artist. http://myloveforyou.typepad.com/my_love_for_you/2011/07/new-podcast-series-steve-espo-powers.html

November 13 2013


William Irwin Thompson, (Planetary Culture and New Image of Humanity, Summer Conference 1974)

The founder of Lindisfarne gives the introductory talk on the re-visioning of art, science, and religion for a new planetary culture and a new image of humanity.
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