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February 09 2014


Marketing An Architecture Firm with Architect Mona Quinn

Clients lining up out the doors through marketing an architecture firm – this is Mona Quinn’s situation in Wellington, NZ. Mona is the principal of Callidus Architects

January 05 2014


Acoustic architecture

How does music speak to the buildings that house it? Music has always been a conversation with its environment, but from the 15th Century on, the craft became much more deliberate. And acoustic architecture has changed a lot since Dufay and the Gabrielis were composing their choral works for the Basilicas of Italy. Palaces, cathedrals, concert halls all got the bespoke treatment from composers like Bach and Beethoven. But as we reach the 20th Century and the machine-age, a different sonic logic starts to work. While the tradition was still maintained by people like Benjamin Britten, new minds like Edgard Varèse started to see other parallels between architecture and music. By the time we get to Iannis Xenakis, the architect-turned-composer, the idea of music and structure start to merge. And today the disciplines of architecture and music are spawning brand new hybrids—architects design music—musicians perform buildings. So, would you like to live in my song? http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/intothemusic/acoustic-architecture/4969332
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October 15 2013


LASER Podcast - Let's Agree, Science and Engineering are Rad!

July 19 2013


Architect as Juggler

Tags: architecture

That Ah-ha Moment

Tags: architecture

An Architect's Library

Tags: architecture

Eat, Sleep and Breathe It

Tags: architecture

It's Communication Stupid!

Tags: architecture

And Then I'm Very Sad

Tags: architecture

We Kill Your Memories

Tags: architecture

Architects and Egos

Tags: architecture

Everything is Digital

Tags: architecture

Safety Through Architecture

Tags: architecture

The Studio Environment


Permanence in Architecture

Tags: architecture

January 22 2012


Will Self: Stockwell Bus Garage

As part of the lecture series ‘Critic’s Choice: London’s Most Important Building’, author Will Self has proposed the Stockwell Bus Garage designed by Adie, Button and Partners, with the engineer A E Beer for its revolutionary, beautiful and highly utilitarian form. When constructed in 1952 it was the largest area enclosed by a single roof in Europe. The whale-backed roof made of reinforced concrete, shows how shortages - in this case of steel - can produce aesthetic as well as functional solutions. Having passed it everyday he has appreciated it as ‘a working building, integrally connected to London’s public transport’.

January 12 2012


TSN: Perception and the Beholder's Share (Tom Albright)

November 07 2011


Woolsheds - RN By Design - 2 November 2011

Woolsheds represent one of the most iconic forms of Australian vernacular architecture. In our conversation corner today we meet photographer Andrew Chapman, a man who has roamed Australia in search of woolsheds. And for him every one of these buildings has a distinct personality and a story. His new book, simply called Woolsheds, celebrates their place in the landscape and the subtle beauty of old beams and rusting galvanized iron. Guests: Andrew Chapman, Photographer Publications: Title: Woolsheds Author: Andrew Chapman Publisher: The Five Mile Press http://www.abc.net.au/rn/bydesign/stories/2011/3348420.htm

Australian architecture: an encyclopedic look - RN By Design - 2 November 2011

Behind the images of Australian homesteads, beach houses and the sails of the Sydney Opera House lies a rich and enthralling history of how Australians have responded to the natural landscape and urban environments to shape a nation. Now that nation has its first Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture, a massive research project documenting and analysing our built environment from Indigenous beginnings to colonial, modern and contemporary eras. But how did the editors decide what was worthy of inclusion among the one thousand entries and what was not? Guests: Philip Goad, Chair of Architecture, University of Melbourne. Julie Willis, Associate Professor in Architecture, University of Melbourne. Publications: Title: The Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture Author: Philip Goad & Julie Willis Publisher: Cambridge University Press http://www.abc.net.au/rn/bydesign/stories/2011/3348424.htm

September 13 2011


More than a metaphor: Making places with information

Conference: IA Summit 2011 Speaker(s): Andrea Resmini, Andrew Hinton, Jorge Arango Like building architects before them, information architects are creating the spaces in which people meet, transact, communicate, and learn. The spaces that IAs design are where many people will be spending a considerable part of their lives. A heady role! This session will explore relationship between information and architecture, taking seriously the phrase “the design of information spaces”. You’ll learn how place-making works as a design methodology, the importance of context on the design of an information space, and how to explain the value of IA in architectural terms that clients and colleagues can understand more clearly. http://library.iasummit.org/podcasts/more-than-a-metaphor-making-places-with-information/
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