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February 23 2014


February 21 2014

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February 13 2014


5by5 | Bionic #79: Prison Island

Matt and Myke start two new ventures today — an app design sweat shop and an advertising company. They also discuss Sochi, give a podcasting masterclass and Matt plays with Scotch tape. http://5by5.tv/bionic/79

February 09 2014


5by5 | Bionic #61: Such A Bad Episode

This week Matt and Myke discuss the rebranding of Bang with Friends, a little about American politics and Wikihow—before conducting a critical review of the show. http://5by5.tv/bionic/61

January 07 2014


5by5 | Bionic #74: Funderwear or Thunderwear

In the second instalment of this week's CES coverage Matt and Myke delve deep in to wearables and tearaway the veil of secrecy surrounding Vlcnr.app. http://5by5.tv/bionic/74

January 06 2014


5by5 | Bionic #73: Live from CES, “How is your CES?”

LIVE FROM CES Matt and Myke discuss the amazing technology they’ve seen on the showfloor, the internet connectivity of their air travel, the Vlcnr Summit of 2013 and Ashley Judd. http://5by5.tv/bionic/73

December 17 2013


5by5 | Bionic #72: Birthday Consultants

This week Matt and Myke launch their Birthday Consultancy firm, their upcoming christmas plans and power user email triage. http://5by5.tv/bionic/72

December 16 2013


5by5 | Bionic #51: United Queendom

Matt and Myke do not know what they have done here. There was some discussion about Moto X and some other small topics—but it's mixed in between absolute insanity. Enjoy! http://5by5.tv/bionic/51

5by5 | Bionic #57: Every Entrance Becomes A Trap

Matt and Myke return to discuss self-help books and advice and the ever-changing plans Vlcnr. http://5by5.tv/bionic/57

December 15 2013


5by5 | Bionic #66: Crossover Event

This week – with Matt on a secret Vlcnr mission – Myke is joined by Merlin Mann. They discuss the fact that Matt is probably on witness protection, the movies of Edgar wright, a little about Comic books and Blackberry in the enterprise. http://5by5.tv/bionic/66

December 14 2013


5by5 | Bionic #70: 4 Hour Power Play

This week Matt and Myke talk about doxxing, how to automate suspense accents, drones, comics and movies—before practice their URL reading. http://5by5.tv/bionic/70

December 12 2013


5by5 | Bionic #71: The Leather Door / Trowzers

This week Matt and Myke explore the gamification of fitness, the importance of leather doors, and Magman’s origin story. http://5by5.tv/bionic/71

October 09 2013


5by5 | Bionic #62: Disregard My Ferrari, We’re The same

This week Matt and Myke address some of the happenings in the tech world that relate to their Volcano-based start-up. They then discuss Microsoft losing their Youtube-ability, people's questionable Twitter bios, cuddly toys and who Tim Cook follows on Twi http://5by5.tv/bionic/62

August 23 2013


5by5 | Bionic #56: Different Shades Of Beige

This week we welcome Matthew back from Las Vegas and discuss Colonel Sanders, Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft, Ben Affleck as Batman, the Gold iPhone and check in on the CEO Volcano. http://5by5.tv/bionic/56

August 08 2013


5by5 | Bionic #54: Protesting You As A Human

This week Myke and Matt take a look at their Klout scores, discuss Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post and Matt's upcoming visit to Las Vegas. http://5by5.tv/bionic/54

July 26 2013


Bionic #52: Inspired Vocally By Captains

This week Myke and Matthew discuss what Google announced this week and the true usage of toy fruit for toddlers. http://5by5.tv/bionic/52

June 26 2013


Bionic #48: Right Next To My Klout Score

This week Matt and Myke scream at each other for 30 minutes about Microsoft's Xbox One policy reversal, before changing pace to calmly discuss Instagram video.

June 12 2013


5by5 | Bionic #46: Consumption is Changing

This week Matt and Myke discuss how they ways we consume information are changing and how these changes aren’t always chosen by us. http://5by5.tv/bionic/46

May 10 2013


Bionic #38: A Sensory Boat Tour

This week Myke and Matt are joined by Stephen Hackett. They talk about Stephen's experience with the Blackberry Z10, cross-platform messaging systems and an update on Myke's life with Android. http://5by5.tv/bionic/38

Bionic #35: The Switch

This week's show features Myke's impressions of his new Nexus 4, how Android is shaping up on the device and the start of an interesting experiment. http://5by5.tv/bionic/35
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