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February 17 2014


Tags: agile

January 20 2014


Agile Toolkit Podcast : Agile 2012 - Diana Larsen and James Shore - Agile Fluency

Agile Toolkit with James Shore
Tags: agile
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August 19 2013


Personal Kanban with Jim Benson

Jim Benson is CEO of Modus Cooperandi, a collaborative management consultancy in Seattle, Washington. After being steeped in Agile for many years, Jim started working with Kanban and Lean thinking in 2005. In 2008, he started taking this idea further with Personal Kanban, which brings flow based work to the individual and team. Since then he has been integrating Agile and Lean into his work with his own software company, as well as clients like the United Nations, British Telecom, NBC Universal, and the World Bank. In this episode our guest host Marcel van Hove talks with Jim about Personal Kanban, about which Jim has recently co-authored a book together with Tonianne DeMaria Barry
Tags: agile lean kanban

August 06 2013


Episode 2: Hacking Agile (or What’s the Difference?) | Scrum and Villainy

Thanks for waiting; someone will be right with you. Scrum and Villainy lives! In the long-awaited Episode 2, well-known UX designer Austin Govella shares his unusual perspective on the way we define and/or deify the process. Expect unexpected views, jarring stops, the usual small child in the background, and a bag of questions to take home. Part 1 of 2. Dedicated to my father, Dominick J. Brunone Jr, who actually *did* work on the Space Shuttle software.

June 26 2013


The Pragmatic Bookshelf | The Developer's Code (audio book)

Books, screencasts, forums, articles, and more, all aimed at helping software developers get better and have more fun. Our titles are available on paper and electronically, and all our ebooks are DRM-free. Enjoy! http://pragprog.com/audio_books/kcdc/the-developers-code

June 11 2013


Jeff Gothelf – Lean UX: Escaping Product Requirement Hell » UIE Brain Sparks

June 01 2013


August 09 2012


Rubiverse Podcast — Zed Shaw on Leaving Ruby

Zed Shaw created quite a stir in the Ruby and Rails communities recently with the release of his rant Rails Is A Ghetto. Zed was the primary driving force behind Mongrel, the web server written in Ruby (and C) that is used by many to run their Ruby on Rails sites. He also spoke at RubyConf 2006 about security and another library he wrote: RFuzz. So why would such a valued contributor turn on the community in such a public way? It turns out Zed has his reasons. In this podcast we talk about Zed's rant and the affect it had on him and those in the community. We also discuss his thoughts about subjects from what he wants to see from conferences to how to "fix" Ruby to sacrificing golden cows. Zed is always interesting to listen to, and I'm glad he was gracious enough to talk with me. Zed has some points to make and does so with much colorful language. I normally bleep out expletives, but with Zed it didn't feel right (and there are so many it would have taken a long time). If you are offended by potty language, you may want to skip this one.

September 03 2011


Career Innovation - Manifesto Podcast

There are still many deeply embedded perceptions and practices that inhibit the agility that companies demand, and the flexibility for which workers yearn. There seems to be a missing link; the link between organisational agility and individual flexibility. The Ci Group’s 2005 Agile Resourcing programme set out to identify the ideal employment deals for tomorrow’s diverse workforce, together with evidence of how companies can increase scalability, versatility and flexibility. It included a new global survey of knowledge workers. The resulting "Manifesto for the New Agile Workplace" distils the outputs from the programme and seeks to challenge some of the assumptions about work that are preventing companies and individuals from achieving the kind of workplace each desires. The “Manifesto for the New Agile Workplace” reveals ways companies can create an enterprising results-based culture. http://www.careerinnovation.com/viewreport.asp?ReportID=6

June 16 2011


audio podcast

May 06 2011


The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Chad Fowler on the Passionate Programmer

Books, screencasts, forums, articles, and more, all aimed at helping software developers get better and have more fun. Our titles are available on paper and electronically, and all our ebooks are DRM-free. Enjoy! http://www.pragprog.com/podcasts/show/26

April 06 2011


Pivotal Labs: Talks

Discipline. Collaboration. Results. Pivotal Labs creates great software. We've done it for leading companies, and we can do it for you. We've developed products for multi-billion dollar companies and for early-stage startups. We've worked with the sharpest entrepreneurs and the top VCs. We build industrial strength code from Day One, which is why the biggest names in the web world have sought our expertise. Working together, we develop applications and institute development practices that enable them to scale their businesses to meet rapidly increasing consumer demand. We bring that same level of expertise and joint development to every project we work on, and we can bring it to your product as well. http://pivotallabs.com/talks/103-agile-the-pivotal-way

March 16 2011


The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Ward Cunningham Interview

Books, screencasts, forums, articles, and more, all aimed at helping software developers get better and have more fun. Our titles are available on paper and electronically, and all our ebooks are DRM-free. Enjoy! http://www.pragprog.com/podcasts/show/36

January 30 2011


Agile Management Beyond The Single Project

A Spot On Projects with Johanna Rothman: Agile Management Beyond The Single Project “It's not which projects you start, it's which projects you finish” Once you've picked a project and its team, you have the entire Agile arsenal of methods to guide you. Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly. How did you get to pick that project? Of all the things the team could do, why that one? What would you do if a more important undertaking turns up halfway through? Would that be a business decision, a management decision, or a collaborative one? And how do you produce schedules when multiple projects are involved? These are all project portfolio questions, and the Agile community is only beginning to understand how to answer them. They are your questions too, if your development organization works on anything more than a single on-going project. Want some answers? Johanna has them. Johanna is a much sought-after speaker and consultant, working with people to improve how they manage their product development — to maximize management and technical staff productivity and to improve product quality. Johanna is the author of several books: Johanna writes columns on “extreme project management” for Gantthead, and writes two blogs on her website, jrothman.com. She is also a host of the Amplifying Your Effectiveness (AYE) conference. The matters Gil and Johanna will discuss in “Agile Management Beyond the Single Project” include: * balancing keep-the-lights-on projects with growth projects * who's responsible for managing the portfolio, and the qualities they need * politics in portfolio management * making portfolio schedule promises when the underlying projects are Agile via http://www.3pvantage.com/jrothman/opt-in.php?ver=RBL

November 11 2010


Ben Winter-Giles – Managing agile projects within large organisations | Web Directions

November 09 2010


Agile acceptance tests

This talk is about how we use Agile Acceptance Tests. These tests are a mix of a function test and an acceptance test. First the developers complete the UI layouts from the UI Guidelines and Wireframes. Then the UI is tested using the test scripts that have been created from the user stories. I am a technical communicator and user experience designer, so I have seen the good and the bad. I love working with people, sorting out large content, and putting the user experience first in web design.
Tags: ux agile testing

September 15 2010


TechGrumps 7: Tired Of Agile? Hire Old Guy For Some HOT COBOL ACTION!

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