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February 14 2014


January 09 2014


The Dork Forest: TDF EP 210 - Corey Olsen

Corey Olsen (@TolkienProf) teaches in the English Department at Washington College (in Maryland). He has a podcast as The Tolkien Professor https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-tolkien-professor/id320513707?mt=2 and we talk about The Hobbit movies v the books. You'll want it to go longer. Me too. We'll do it again.  Happy NEW YEAR! Feel free to donate to The Dork Forest at www.jackiekashian.com or www.dorkforest.com. Order merch from my standup website, check my standup dates and feel free to order from Amazon through the banner there as well. I get a kickback. I know that the intro and ads are still from December... so, sure, STILL go to www.geekiana.com and buy geeky cool stuff. For it IS really great. Go ahead and don't donate this week to TDF, donate to the food bank of your choice instead. Turns out people are still hungry and http://feedingamerica.org/foodbank-results.aspx will still help you find your local foodbank. All Things Comedy is the Podcast network I'm in and they're great. Check it out. www.allthingscomedy.com NOTES:The Tolkien Professor - his podcast, his history and a picture of him in marching bandhttp://www.tolkienprofessor.com/wp/about MYTHGARD Institute! http://www.mythgard.org/ CREDITS:Mike Ruekberg composed and sang the intro song!Patrick Brady fixes the Audio!Vilmos works on the website! http://tdf.libsyn.com/tdf-ep-210-corey-olsen

December 23 2013


Druids And Celts From A Real ‘Middle Earth’

Hobbitmania returns, and we look at the real legacy of druids and celts in the “Middle Earth” of Iron Age Western Europe.

A druid watches the sunrise by the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge, in southern England, as access to the site is given to druids, New Age followers and members of the public on the annual Winter Solstice, Friday, Dec. 21, 2012.

A druid watches the sunrise by the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge, in southern England, as access to the site is given to druids, New Age followers and members of the public on the annual Winter Solstice, Friday, Dec. 21, 2012.


Graham Robb, British author and historian. Author of the “The Discovery Of Middle Earth: Mapping the Lost World of the Celts.” Also author of “The Discovery of France,” “Parisians: An Adventure History Of Paris,” “Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century” and several biographies.

From Tom’s Reading List

The Prospect: What did the Druids ever do for us? An interview with Graham Robb — “We tend to think of the efficient transmission of information as a feature of our own society. But one of the things that seems to have amazed the Romans is the way that the different [Celtic] tribes could form alliances at very short notice over huge distances.”

The Christian-Science Monitor: The Discovery Of Middle Earth — “At the heart of ‘The Discovery of Middle Earth’ is a profound meditation on the nature of knowledge itself: not just its discovery or intrinsic value, but also (and perhaps centrally) how susceptible it is to being lost or corrupted. The  Via Heraklea may be the example that Robb picks apart in detail, but other examples dance like flames throughout the pages of the book: the Antikythera Mechanism, a gear-driven mechanical ‘hand-held computer’ from the 2nd Century BC that acted as a complex calendar and navigation aid; the immense loss of ancient Druidic scholarship, which lived and eventually died through oral memory; and the burning of the Library of Alexandria, one of the great tragedies of the ancient world.”

Los Angeles Times: Graham Robb’s ‘Discovery of Middle Earth’ offers a new look at Celts — “Indeed, although the Druids were the learned elite of the ancient Celts, they are better known today as the inspiration for such flaky goings on as the gathering at Stonehenge of ersatz Druids in white robes celebrating the summer solstice. (Stonehenge actually antedates the Druids by millenniums.) They seem an odd subject for the critically praised biographer of Balzac, Hugo and Rimbaud, a historian whose previous works seldom look back further than the French Revolution.”

Read An Excerpt Of “The Discovery Of Middle Earth” By Graham Robb

March 02 2011


Listen: The Motion/Captured Podcast kicks off season two with special guest Michel Gondry - HitFix.com

The Motion/Captured Podcast is a place to discuss whats new in movie theaters, on home video, and in the mind of HitFix Film Editor Drew McWeeny. This week, Michel Gondry joins us to discuss his new film, The Green Hornet http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/motion-captured/posts/listen-the-motion-captured-podcast-kicks-off-season-two-with-special-guest-michel-gondry
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