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February 24 2014


February 09 2014


QWERTY Love: Typewriters Endure In A Digital Age : NPR

Before the advent of cell phones and texting, typing was done with all 10 fingers — not just two thumbs. Those were the days of clackety machines of communication called typewriters. Those days aren't totally gone. In the heart of California's Silicon Valley, business is still clacking. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=100900163
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January 24 2014


NSA Reform And Resistance | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Reforming the NSA. The President prepares to speak. The whole world is waiting to hear. We’ll go to Washington, Silicon Valley and beyond. The cover story of the February 2014 issue of “WIRED” (shown here) focuses on how NSA push back nearly “killed” public trust in technology. (courtesy WIRED Magazine) Tomorrow, President Barack Obama gives a speech he never wanted to make.  On reforming the National Security Agency – the NSA.  If it weren’t for the storm of revelations from super-leaker Edward Snowden, the NSA’s massive surveillance programs at home and abroad would probably just be rolling on.  But it’s all out there now.  Challenging the constitution.  Challenging Silicon Valley.  Challenging privacy and security.  This hour On Point:  reforming the NSA.  Plus, we’ll look at cheating and drugs in the Air Force officer corps responsible for launching America’s nuclear missiles. – Tom Ashbrook Guests Phil Stewart, Pentagon correspondent for Reuters. (@phildstewart) Siobhan Gorman, terrorism, counter-terrorism and intelligence reporter for The Wall Street Journal. (@Gorman_Siobhan) Steven Levy, senior staffwriter for Wired. Author of “In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives” and “Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government Saving Privacy In the Digital Age.” (@StevenLevy) From Tom’s Reading List Wired: How The N.S.A. Almost Killed The Internet — “If the net were seen as a means of widespread surveillance, the resulting paranoia might affect the way people used it. Nations outraged at US intelligence-gathering practices used the disclosures to justify a push to require data generated in their countries to remain there, where it could not easily be hoovered by American spies. Implementing such a scheme could balkanize the web, destroying its open essence and dramatically raising the cost of doing business. Silicon Valley was reeling, collateral damage in the war on terror. And it was only going to get worse.” The Wall Street Journal: Lawmakers Debate Overhauls to NSA Spying Programs — “The divide Tuesday on Capitol Hill—over just how far changes should go—raises the stakes for President Barack Obama as he prepares a Friday morning speech on his response to a domestic and international furor over disclosures by former NSA contractorEdward Snowden about U.S. surveillance practices. While Mr. Obama isn’t obligated to accept any of his review panel’s recommendations, its report has defined the range of potential changes. Mr. Obama now is in the position of accepting or rejecting each of the recommendations and explaining his decisions to sharply opposed camps.” National Journal: NSA Unleashed, Obama Tells Public, ‘Trust Me’ — “Nearly six months ago, President Obama sought to temper outrage over the nation’s mushrooming surveillance programs by pledging new steps to balance privacy and safety. ‘It’s not enough for me, as president, to have confidence in these programs,’ he said. ‘The American people need to have confidence in them as well.’ In other words, no government, not even one led by a liberal constitutional lawyer, can shield bad policies with empty promises. It’s not enough to say, ‘Trust us,’ while curbing sacred liberties — and yet that still appears to be Obama’s position.” close http://onpoint.wbur.org/2014/01/16/nsa-reform-edward-snowden

November 09 2013


Meet The Man Who Wants To Diversify Silicon Valley By 2040

October 27 2013


Schöne neue Welt? Besuch bei Google | NDR.de - NDR Info - Programm - Sendungen - Das Forum

Der Internetkonzern Google wirbt mit überaus großzügigen Arbeitsbedingungen, um sich die besten Mitarbeiter zu sichern. Wie funktioniert das Google-Imperium? http://www.ndr.de/info/programm/sendungen/forum/audio179207_podcastID-podcast2990.html

October 23 2013


Marketplace: Why Silicon Valley Loves Washington Gridlock

January 28 2011


TummelVision 50: Umair Haque on tummeling our way to a new kind of capitalism | Tummelvision

Umair Haque talks with Heather Gold, Kevin Marks, and Deborah Schultz about his book The New Capitalist Manifesto, the imbalanced state of the union, Silicon Valley's disruption deficit disorder, and much, much more.
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