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January 20 2012


O Captain! My Captain!

Captains and their ships. The ones who stayed, the ones who fled.

Week In The News: Newt Gains, Keystone Nixed, SOPA Protest

President Obama says no to the Keystone pipeline. Cruise ship disaster. Newt gains ground in South Carolina. Wikipedia goes dark. Our weekly news roundtable dives in.
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January 19 2012


Is It Time For A Wealth Tax?

Mitt Romney says he pays a tax rate near 15 percent. Nice, if you can get it. We’ll look at a controversial proposal to tax the super rich on their income and their wealth.

From Moscow To Vladivostok

6,000 miles along the Trans-Siberian Railway gives you a good, long, look at Russia now. We’re jumping on the Trans-Siberian.

January 18 2012


Caitlin Flanagan On Protecting Girlhood

Caitlin Flanagan says we need to take our daughters back to a more protected childhood. Critics are fuming. We’ll dive in.

SOPA, Internet Piracy And Power

Clash of titans over Internet piracy and power. Wikipedia goes dark in protest. We’ll look at the big debate.

January 17 2012


Pico Iyer On Unplugging

Enough with the “always on” digital world. Pico Iyer is unplugging. He’s with us.

Capitalism And Democracy

Is Democracy up to the challenges of this century? Is Capitalism? We’ll look at two great pillars, and the questions now around them.

January 16 2012


African-Americans And The GOP

African-Americans and the GOP. It’s still a struggle. We’ll ask why.

The Pardons That Shocked Mississippi

Mississippi Republican Governor Haley Barbour pardoned 208 criminals – murderers on down - on his last day in office. We’ll look at what moved Haley Barbour, and the uproar now.

January 13 2012


Actor Sir Ben Kingsley

From Gandhi to Sexy Beast, to filmmaker Georges Méliès in Hugo, acting great Sir Ben Kingsley is with us.

Week In The News: Romney Wins N.H., Killing In Iran, Marines Investigated

Romney on a roll and the charge of “vulture capitalism.” Assassination in Tehran. U.S. Marines in trouble. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

January 12 2012


Actor Viggo Mortensen

We talk with Viggo Mortensen – Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings – about his new role as Sigmund Freud.

The Wired Car

Detroit wants to turn your car into a rolling internet connection. We’ll look at cars as the web on wheels.

January 11 2012


The Importance Of Forgetting

“Just put it out of your mind,” may be better advice than you think: We’ll look at memory and the scientific importance of forgetting.

The GOP Field After New Hampshire

We look at the national debate and GOP field out of New Hampshire, as the GOP contest moves on to South Carolina and Florida.

January 10 2012


How The Granite State Went From Blue To Red

How New Hampshire went from Democratic blue to Republican red and what other sates are swinging in 2012.

Live From The New Hampshire Primary

The nation’s first presidential primary and we’re in New Hampshire with the best political minds for all the action.

January 09 2012


The Troubled Waters Of The Straight Of Hormuz

We go to the Strait of Hormuz, now ground zero in the standoff with Iran and chokepoint for one-fifth of the world’s oil supply.

Not Movin’ On Up

It's the American dream. But upward mobility is falling way behind Europe’s and Canada’s. What’s up?
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