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February 27 2014


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February 14 2014


The Journey From Self-Employed To Successful Business Owner – with Derek Sivers – Enchanting Lawyer

To subscribe to the podcast, please use the links below: Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes Click Here to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) If you have a http://www.enchantinglawyer.com/journey-self-employed-successful-business-owner-derek-sivers/

Week In The News: Snowy South, Debt Ceiling, Michael Sam

Sochi medals. A debt-ceiling deal. Monsieur Hollande in Washington. Snowmageddon  in the South. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

Cars are left abandoned along Franklin Street after a winter storm left poor conditions in Chapel Hill, N.C., Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning lasting into Thursday covering 95 of the state's 100 counties. (AP)

Cars are left abandoned along Franklin Street after a winter storm left poor conditions in Chapel Hill, N.C., Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning lasting into Thursday covering 95 of the state’s 100 counties. (AP)


Major Garrett, chief White House correspondent for CBS News. Correspondent-at-Large for National Journal. (@MajorCBS)

Laure Mandeville, U.S. bureau chief and chief White House correspondent for Le Figaro. (@lauremandeville)

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst.

From Tom’s Reading List

Washington Post: The Four Most Notable Nuggets From ‘The Hillary Papers’ – “Republicans are seizing Monday on a report published Sunday titled “The Hillary Papers.” The lengthy piece from the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news Web site, details personal documents from one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s closest friends, Diane Blair, a political science professor who died in 2000.”

CNN: The Southern snow was round one; here comes ice, the heavyweight –” The snow was here, two weeks ago. With just a smattering of white, it wreaked havoc on the South. But it may have been just an opening round. Now, an ice storm is hitting. And matched with snow, it’s the heavyweight of the two. Weather mavens expect up to an inch of ice will give broad swaths of the South a good shellacking. An inch doesn’t sound impressive? A foot of snow may look big and bad, but it’s a bunch of fluff compared to a solid inch of ice.”

Politico: Obamacare finally clears the tower – ”The new report is good enough that it might reset Washington’s expectations: maybe Obamacare isn’t going to be a train wreck after all. Maybe it’ll be more like one of those Metro trains that runs kind of slowly, and sometimes stops in the middle of the tracks for no apparent reason, but eventually gets you where you need to go.”

February 13 2014


5by5 | Home Work #45: Project Management

This week our series on freelancing heads into the realm of project management, and with Dave out sick, professional copywriter and all-around star home-worker Jason Rehmus fills in. We talk about setting up projects, managing expectations, contracts and testimonials. It’s awesome. http://5by5.tv/homework/45

February 12 2014


Interview with Etsy CEO on Marketplace


The Big Business of Bodice Rippers

The best-selling literary genre in the world: romance novels. We’ll look at the red-hot literature of love.


A collection of romance novels on display. (Courtesy RoniLoren / Flickr)

A collection of romance novels on display. (Courtesy RoniLoren / Flickr)


Jesse Barron, editor at Harper’s Magazine.

Wendy Crutcher, librarian at the Orange Country Public Library. Romance Writers of America “Librarian of the Year” in 2011. Blogger at “The Misadventures of Super Librarian.” (@superwendy)

Angela Knight, New York Times-bestselling romance and erotic author. (@AngelaKnight)

From Tom’s Reading List

NPR: Romance Novels Sweep Readers Off Their Feet With Predictability — “One thing that you have understand if you’re gonna get into writing romance is that the things that are valued in that genre are not the same things that are valued when we read something like literary fiction. So you’re gonna want to hone your prose until its extremely clear, it’s very, very fast, the dialogue is funny and the plots are really engaging.”

Huffington Post: The Real Men Who Read Romance Novels — “Romance novels are often dismissed as guilty pleasures and something to be ashamed of by both men and women. In fact, as a woman, I often notice people are surprised to learn that I, with my two English literature degrees, write romance novels. While guys reading ‘girls books’ confounds our gender expectations and may lead to an extra element of surprise and snark, it seems that attitude often just comes with the genre — no matter who is reading it.”

Bangor Daily News: Romance Writers name Old Town woman Librarian of the Year — “When Romance Writers of America announced that Whitten had received the award, she received congratulations from members via email from all over the United States. She will be the guest of honor at the organization’s conference in July in Atlanta, where she will address several thousand people. ‘I’m passionate about the romance genre, a strong proponent of it,’ Whitten said.”


TMS 039: Pitching Your Product to the Press with Dan Frakes | Think, Make, Sell.

Dan Frakes is a senior editor for Macworld and I invited him to talk about what product developers need to know about how the media works. While Dan’s point of view is from within the world of Apple-related products, you should be able to apply his advice to your particular industry. Your browser does not support the audio element. Download as .mp3Subscribe in iTunesSubscribe to podcast directlyListen with Stitcher Takeaway Points Keep in mind that larger news outlets may have a policy of not reviewing beta versions of apps. Smaller personal blogs often like to publish a review of a product on the day it launches. Be sure to contact them well in advance. Contacting the right journalists one by one will get you better results than submitting your press release to PR sites. When you send out a press release via email, make sure your subject line clearly states what the email is about. You can be witty or funny in your press releases, but don’t forget to include all the facts. Sending your press release to the right people within the right media outlets requires some research, but will pay off with better response rates. Don’t send PR email asking of the recipient wants more info. Just send them the info outright. When writing a press release, put a short summary at the top. That way the recipient can quickly decide if he or she is interested. Before sending out review units of your product, check with the recipient first if she’s interested. It will save you money and both your and the journalist’s time. If your product requires a longer time to be reviewed properly, take that into account when you plan your launch. Make sure to thoroughly test the review units before you send them out. A faulty unit or buggy app will delay the review process and possibly result in a bad rating. Don’t send out your press release around big events in your market or industry. These are the busiest times for the media and your chances of getting noticed are slim. Send out your press release well before, but not too long in advance of the launch. Something between a couple of days and 1–2 weeks. If you employ a PR professional, make sure they know your product or service well and can answer any questions that might come up. Set up a press page on your website with high-res product photos, a manual, videos and any info that might be interesting or useful for the media. Don’t call the person you sent your press release to on the phone to ask if they received your email. Where you can find Dan: Dan at Macworld @danfakes Macworld’s contact page IDG editorial team Things mentioned on the show Screencasts Online Mac Gems The Prompt prMac PRWeb Dan’s PR Tips Chris Breen on PR Done Wrong http://thinkmakesell.com/2014/02/tms-039-pitching-your-product-press-dan-frakes/

February 10 2014


Culture, episode 122, - Monocle 24 (Radio) / Shows

Piano virtuoso Nils Frahm explains how he's turned his work into a book. We also get the verdict on the LA Art Book Fair and India Art Fair, as well as reflecting on the impact Kickstarter has had on the film industry. Plus: a Midori House session from analogue obsessives Psapp and a potted history of Iranian film. http://monocle.com/radio/shows/culture/122/
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