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February 15 2014


April 12 2013


On the Wire - Radio Lancs: On The Wire Dub Specials

Moods On the Wire - A Tribute To The Work Of Harry Mudie Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica 1940, Harry Mudie operated his own sound system "Mudies Hi-Fi" in the mid fifties, before moving to the UK to study electronics and photography. Returning to Jamaica, he began producing Jamaican R&B records from the late 1950s. His first production was "Babylon Gone" (1962) by rasta drummer Count Ossie, released in the UK in 1962 on Blue Beat. He was the first producer to use string sections in reggae, starting with John Holt's 1973 album "Time is the Master". From the mid to late 1970s he had his greatest success producing artists such as Gregory Isaacs, The Heptones and Cornel Campbell. Dennis Walks – Drifter - (Moodisc) - (C) Bongo Herman - Car Pound Drifter - (Moodisc) - (C) King Tubby Tubby - Red Red Red Dub - (Cactus) I.Roy -D.J. Drifter - (Moodisc) - (C) Bunny Meloney - I've Been A Loser - (MHA) Big Joe - Drifter In The Ball - (Moodisc) - (C) King Tubby - Drifting Dub - (Moodisc) - (B) Rhythm Rulers - Drifter Bratah - (Moodisc) - (C) Tommy McCook - Drifting With A Flute - (Moodisc) - (C) John Holt - Love is Gone - (Cactus) King Tubby - Dub With A Difference - (Moodisc) - (A) Heptones - Love Without Feeling - (Moodisc) G.G Russell - Who Who Wha - (Moodisc) - (E) I.Roy - Musical Pleasure - (MHA) Shark Wilson - God Is Standing By - (Cactus) King Tubby - Planet Dub - (Moodisc) - (B) The Eternals - Push Me In The Corner - (MHA) John Holt - Time Is The Master - (Cactus) Gladstone Anderson - Portrait of Inga - (Ashanti) - (D) Maria Mudie - Caught You A Lie - (Cactus) King Tubby - Caught You Dubbing - (Moodisc) King Tubby - Jungle Walk Dub - (Moodisc) Ebony Sisters - Let Me Tell You Boy - (Moodisc) - (E) Moodies Allstars - Let Me Tell You Version - (Moodisc) - (E) Jah Wilson - Stand In A Yard & Praise Yah - (MHA) Count Sticky - What Do Yu So - (Moodisc) I.Roy - Let Me Tell You Boy - (Moodisc) Lloyd Jones – Rome - (Moodisc) - (F) Jo Bennett - Leaving Rome - (Moodisc) - (G) Gladstone Anderson - Leaving Rome - (Ashanti) - (D) King Tubby - Roman Dub - (Moodisc) - (A) Dennis Walks - Heart Don't Leap - (Moodisc) - (E) Winston Wright - Musically Red - (Moodisc) I.Roy - Heart Don't Leap - (Moodisc) - (H) King Tubby's - Heart Leap Dub - (Moodisc) - (B) Mundies Allstars - Serious Business - (Moodisc) - (E) Count Ossie - Whispering Drums - (Moodisc) - (E) Gladstone Anderson - The Elected One - (MHA) Lenny Hibbert - Ital Vibes - (Moodisc) King Tubby & Strings - Dub In Rema - (Moodisc) Where Noted The Above Are Also Available On The Albums Listed Below (A) Dub Conference Vol 1 (B) Dub Conference Vol 2 (C) Reggae Bible, Book Of Drifters (D) It May Sound Silly (E) Let Me Tell You Boy (Trojan) (F) Sufferers Choice (Attack) (G) Blow, Mr Hornsman (Trojan) (H) Keep On Coming Through The Door (Trojan) Broadcast on 1st August 1994. Music Selection & Show Production By Steve Barker, with invaluable assistance from Chris Reynolds. Special Thanks to Mike Martin, Tony Derwent, John Wyer http://www.otwradio.blogspot.com.au/2006/07/on-wire-dub-specials.html
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