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February 18 2014


January 13 2014


Hello World Podcast - Episode 1: Jeremy Likness

Shawn Wildermuth's Rants and Raves on Technologies - Software Development" name="DESCRIPTION http://wildermuth.com/hwpod/1_Jeremy_Likness

October 13 2013


RC 14 – Chad Fowler Interview – Part 2 — Teach Me To Code

In this episode, Chad discusses how he broke out of a comfortable job as a forklift operator, which ultimately led to him becoming a programmer. He discusses his job, Ruby Central, and the Pragmatic Studio as contributions he makes to http://teachmetocode.com/podcast/rc-14-chad-fowler-interview-part-2/

July 28 2010


07.26.2010 www TopOfMindToday.com

07.26.2010 www TopOfMindToday.com
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