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February 13 2014


Managing Email with David Sparks: Episode 28Project Management for the Masses

On today's episode of the Project Management for the Masses Podcast I chat with author David Sparks on how to take control of your email. http://pmforthemasses.com/managing-email-david-sparks/

January 31 2014


April 25 2011


January 30 2011


Agile Management Beyond The Single Project

A Spot On Projects with Johanna Rothman: Agile Management Beyond The Single Project “It's not which projects you start, it's which projects you finish” Once you've picked a project and its team, you have the entire Agile arsenal of methods to guide you. Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly. How did you get to pick that project? Of all the things the team could do, why that one? What would you do if a more important undertaking turns up halfway through? Would that be a business decision, a management decision, or a collaborative one? And how do you produce schedules when multiple projects are involved? These are all project portfolio questions, and the Agile community is only beginning to understand how to answer them. They are your questions too, if your development organization works on anything more than a single on-going project. Want some answers? Johanna has them. Johanna is a much sought-after speaker and consultant, working with people to improve how they manage their product development — to maximize management and technical staff productivity and to improve product quality. Johanna is the author of several books: Johanna writes columns on “extreme project management” for Gantthead, and writes two blogs on her website, jrothman.com. She is also a host of the Amplifying Your Effectiveness (AYE) conference. The matters Gil and Johanna will discuss in “Agile Management Beyond the Single Project” include: * balancing keep-the-lights-on projects with growth projects * who's responsible for managing the portfolio, and the qualities they need * politics in portfolio management * making portfolio schedule promises when the underlying projects are Agile via http://www.3pvantage.com/jrothman/opt-in.php?ver=RBL

November 15 2010


Project Management - Part 5 (For Creatives)


Project Management - Part 4 (For Creatives)


Project Management - Part 3 (For Creatives)

November 11 2010


Ben Winter-Giles – Managing agile projects within large organisations | Web Directions

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